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 From the photo files of Georgia Farwell

Columbia (Russell) Haddock is the lady in the rocker on the left. She was the daughter of Milo and Nicey (Haddock) Russell who settled on what is now the Roaring River State Park. Nicey was Zachariah Haddock's daughter.

Sitting in the rocker by her is Boon Haddock [in debate]. Sitting to right in the chairs are Richard Elam and his wife Alice (Haddock) Elam who was Boon and Columbia's only living child. They had twins that died. Boon Haddock was the son of Charles Haddock, Jr. and his 1st wife, Sarah Collins. 

On the right first lady standing is unknown, lady in white blouse is Emma (Burris) (Cole) Garrett, white blouse turned side ways is Beulah (Farell) Taggart, Black Blouse white stripes is Lula Farwell. Next in white blouse Eliza Jane Farwell.  The lady standing behind Columbia and Boone in the white dress holding a child may be Minnie Haddock Thompson.  The child is probably Gerald Thompson her oldest child. Minnie and her husband Clarence Jefferson "Jeff" Thompson lived just down the road from Boone and Columbia all their married lives.

You can hardly see in this photo but there is a man between the tree in back and the peak of the barn who has a white beard, Georgia has identified as Tinker Wilson. The tall man next to him with black coat and white shirt is Albert Moors Farwell, probably son of Albert Moors Farwell, Jr.  Bill Reed is next. Then unknown, then Lon Taggart, Beulah Farwell's husband.   They ran the store at Eagle Rock. Unknown man, then Ike (Isaac) Keith. Isaac D. Kieth raised Pheabe Cooper.  He is buried in the Whttington Cemetery.  He was in Company D, 9th Kansas Cavalry in the Civil War.  Pheabe Cooper was Julia Whittington Cooper's daughter.  Unknown man and then man is light jacket is Rev. James Carter, Georgia's grandfather. The rest are unidentified but the second man from the right in back may be a Curry.

It is a shame more weren't identified but Georgia did her best as she took it to Henry Easley to help identify what is here. We really appreciate Georgia doing that and passing it on to Darla and her help in getting the information to us.

The photo was taken at the Old Haddock House at Eagle Rock. Darla says that she's had been told there was a large barn and a blacksmith shop across the road in front of the house and you can see them here.  It looks like a third building on the top left too.   In a diary kept by one of Columbia's nieces who had lived with them for a few years, she mentions that they had a store. 

Research Note: Boon was bald so the man pictured next to Columbia is probably her brother. Also Darla Marbut and I wonder if this photo could have taken the day of Boon's funeral. The man pictured that was said to be Boon is probably Columbia's brother and a Russell.

Boon Haddock's name was spelled both Boon and Boone.


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