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Campbell Descendants of SC


Liscomb (Haddock) & Archibald Campbell - Marion Co., SC

Liscomb was born sometime around 1767 and so that alone dates her as a child of John & Liscomb (Taylor) Haddock. She was their last child. Liscomb, her mother, was around age 45 or 46 when she was born. Occasionally, records are located where children are born after the mother reaches age 50 but it's rare and usually where the mother has had a long line of child bearing years.

Archibald Campbell moved to South Carolina and lived in Marion Co., SC, for a while, and located there sometime between 1800 and 1810. It was there that he killed a man for tearing down his widowed mother's fish traps and then fled to Georgia around 1800. [Research Note: It must have been between 1800 and 1810 that this happened because Archibald, the younger, was still in Pitt in 1800.]  The Campbell family later removed to Nassau County, FL.

Document: In 1807, Liscomb was mentioned in a deed by her father, John Haddock, Sr. The brothers of Archibald and Liscomb, Admiral Haddock and Richard Campbell witnessed the document. In abstract, it reads: Dated, Mar 1 of 1807, John Haddock, Sr., grantor to William Campbell, grantee, for 200 acres. In that deed, he reserved timber rights. It was for 100 lbs. and adj. to Joshua Pitnall. Witnesses were Richard Campbell and Admiral Haddock. [Ref: Pitt County, NC, Deed Book DD page 175] Jan 12, 1826. Archibald Campbell, Liskomb and Archibald for timber and to William at their death; $100. [Ref: Recorded in Pitt County, NC, in Deed Book R., page 57]

Archibald Campbell and Liskomb Campbell [sic] were the parents of William Campbell. Liskomb inherited land from her father, John Haddock, Sr., Abraham Cox. Wit: Joel Tucker, Joel Paramore.

In 1807 John Haddock, Sr. was still living. During this time period, John Haddock, Sr. deeded land to several of his grandchildren and before they were of age. It must have been a way of keeping the parents from selling the property and maybe also to keep them from moving away. Several deeds to grandchildren from John Sr. were located in the Pitt County deed books.

Editor's Note: These deeds and many more documents and several pages about this family are located in the book, Haddock Heritage. There are also a number photos included, which always enhance the history of the family. Donna Haddock Cooper


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