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All these families listed are my direct family lines - my ancestors - (my grandparents). 

From the files of Donna Haddock Cooper



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 My Father's Family Line

Grandmother's Family - My Father's Family Line

Samuel Sanders & Gertrude (Addington) Haddock   [Died in Barry Co., MO] 

Bertie Lee & Melvina Carolina "Carrie" (Long)  Addington  [He died in OK & she died in MO]

Elihu & Eliza (Branson) Addington [Quakers] 

Joseph & Selah (Townsend) Addington [Quakers] 

John & Elizabeth (Heaton) Addington [He was born Bucks Co., PA, died Richmond, Chester Co., IN. Quakers]

Joseph & Elizabeth (Smith) Heaton [Of Bukingham MM, Bucks Co., PA, died Bush River MM, Newberry District, SC - Quakers]

William & Mary (Crossdale) Smith [Quakers from Burt, Yorkshire, England - died Bucks Co., PA. She is buried Falls Creek MM, Bucks Co., PA] [He came on the ship "Welcome" with William Penn] [She shares tree with President Theodore Roosevelt]

Thomas & Agnes (Hawthornthwaite) Crossdale [Quakers from Waddington, Yorkshire, England, died Bucks County, PA]  [They are also the ancestors of President Theodore Roosevelt]

William & Jane (Wilberfoss) Smith [Quakers of Yorkshire, England]

Robert & Alice Heaton [From Settle MM in England, died Middletown Twp., Bucks County, PA - Quakers]  

Henry & Elizabeth Sarah (Burson) Addington [Born Bucks Co., PA, died Union Co., SC. Henry was a Quaker. His brother William Addington was a Rev War Soldier and the ancestor of Maybelle (Addington) Carter and June (Carter) Cash.]

John and Elizabeth Addington [Parents of William and Henry Addington]

John Dake & Lavina (Bellah) Long [Bushwhachers may have murdered him. She was Irish descent & from Randolph Co., AR.]

Hiram & Anna (Lakey) Long [Bushwhachers murdered him] [She descended from Quakers. He was German descent]

Simon & Ruth (Dobbins) Lakey  [Irish & English Quakers]

Thomas & Anna (Hadley) Lakey [Married in Surry Co., NC. Quakers. She has an English royal line.] 

Jacob & Ann (Marshill) Dobbins [They died in Surry Co., NC, and were Quakers.]

John & Ruth (Hadley) Dobbins [He was from Tyrone Co., Ireland, and died Cane Creek MM, Chatham Co., NC. Quakers]

Joshua & Mary (Rowland) Hadley [He was born in Kings County, Ireland and died at Hadley in Chatham Co., NC. Quakers]

Simon & Ruth (Miller) Hadley [They were born County West Meath, Ireland. They died in New Castle Co., Delaware - Quakers - His linage goes back to the royal families of England.]

Simon & Katherine (Talbort) Hadley [They died in County West Meath, Ireland.]

Simon & Briget (Foote) Hadley [They were born at Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle, Chester Co., Delaware. He died at Deep Creek MM, Surry Co., NC. Quakers]

Esquire Jeremiah James & Jane (Roswell) Hadley  [He was born Dublin, Kings Co., Ireland and she was born Perthshire, Scotland - He has linage back to the royal families of England.]

Alexander & Elizabeth (Maynard) Leakey  [Irish & English Quakers]

George & Sarah (Smith) Long  [Civil War Soldier - Union] [This Smith family is not  related to the Smith family mentioned above.] 

Giles Ira & Sarah (Singleton) Smith  [He was born in South Carolina. Bushwhachers ran him out of MO.] 

Charles & Nancy (Jacobs) Smith [They were of Union Co., SC. He died in Baton Rouge, LA, &  she died near Purdy in Barry Co., MO. He was soldier of the Florida War and died in LA.]

James Smith of Fauquier Co., VA [They died in Rhea Co., TN]

Mathew & Martha Smith [They were of Fauquier Co., VA]

Augustine & Ann (Marshall) Smith [Rev War Soldier.  Of Fauquier Co., VA. She born Washington Parish, Westmorland, VA] 

John & Mary Ann (Adkins) Smith [He was born in Bristol, England, was of Fauquier Co., VA. Died Mattox Creek, Westmoreland, VA]

My Father's Family Line

Grandfather's Family - My Father's Family Line

Samuel Sanders & Gertrude (Addington) Haddock   [Died in Barry Co., MO] 

Charles & Sarah (Collins) Haddock, Jr.  [Bushwhachers murdered him in AR, but he is buried in New Site Cemetery, Barry Co., MO.]

William & Elizabeth (Graham) Collins  [Died in Barry Co., MO] [He descended from a Rev. War soldier]

Green & Rachel (Cline) Graham  [They died Allen Co., KY.] [Green's sister Sarah married William Franklin Easley and was the ancestor of that Missouri family line. Their descendants married into the Haddock family.]

Edward Graham [May have died Allen Co., KY - His son Green was the ancestor of the Collins family. His dt Sarah was the ancestor of the Missouri Easley families.]

William & Sarah (Wright) Collins  [He was born in York Co., PA, and died in Lafayette Co., MO] [Rev. War Soldier]

Thomas & Rosanna (Dobbs) Collins  [He was born in Yorkshire, England, and died in Spartanburg Co., SC]

Noah & Harriett (Crumley) Haddock  [He was a Private, a Confederate, a Civil War Soldier, and at the Battle of Pea Ridge. His brothers Charles Marion Haddock and Boon Haddock served in the same regiment and also as privates. They all served under Lt. Michael Weeks Berryhill.]

Thomas & Susan (Terrell) Crumley  [Died in Barry Co., MO] [She may have had some mix of Cherokee blood.]

Thomas & Ruth (Morgan) Crumley  [Quakers] [Rev. War Soldier] 

John & Hannah (Falconer) Crumley  [Quakers]

Charles & Penelope (Mills) Haddock, Sr.  [Died in Bourbon Co., KS] [Soldier of the War 1812]

John & Liscomb (Taylor) Haddock  [Died in Pitt Co., NC] [Plantation owner and slave owner]

John & Rhoda (Taylor) Haddock  [Died in Jones Co., Georgia]

William & Liscomb (Jones) Taylor, Sr.   [Died in Pitt Co., NC] [Plantation and slave owner]

William & Dinah (Deale) Taylor, Jr.  [Died in Pitt Co., NC]  [Plantation and slave owner]

Richard Taylor [Lived Norfolk Co., VA]

John Taylor  [Came from England and lived Norfolk Co., VA]

Andrew & Ann (Jordan) Taylor  [He  left will in Norfolk Co., VA]

Rev. Walter & Miss (Lincombe or Linscombe?) Jones  [Died in Pitt Co., NC] [Church of England Missionary sent from Maryland to VA and NC.]

Walter & Alice (Bishop) Jones, Sr.  [Of Talbort Co., MD, he was born in Ludlow, Shropshire, England] 

Robert & Sarah Jones  [Of St Mary's Co., MD. He was born in Ludlow, Shropshire, England]

Thomas & Ruth (Morgan) Crumley [He died in Habersham County, Georgia]

Henry & Deborah (Poole) Morgan [He was born in New Castle Co., Delaware & died Spartanburg, SC. Quakers] 

Col. Morgan & Catherine (Garretson) Morgan  [Died Bunker Hill, Frederick Co., VA] [He was educated at Cambridge University - Went to Delaware as a Crown Council] 

Charles & Susan Morgan [His brother Sir Henry Morgan was a famous pirate.]

John & Rebecca (Smith) Morgan [Welsh]

Sir William & Henrietta (Stuart) Morgan  [Welsh]

Anthony Mills [He was of Craven Co., NC.]

Nasby & Mary (Wherry) Mills [They lived in Craven Co., NC]

Anthony & Sarah (Harmon) Wherry [He was born in Crediton, Devonshire, England & died in Perquimans Precinct, Old Albemarle, NC.]

Robert & Elizabeth (Freeman) Harmon [Lived in Old Albemarle - Perquimans Co., NC.]

Jeremy Wherry [He lived and died in Crediton, Devonshire, England.]

John Williamson & Hannah (Doty) Freeman [He came from England and died in Norfolk Co., VA.]

Robert Mills  [He came from Maryland to NC. His sons were mentioned in his brother's will.]

John & Mary (O'Luinie?) Mills   [In his will, he named some of his grandchildren who were living in NC.]

William & Tabitha (Wight) Mills  [He was born in Cratfield, Suffolk, England - left a will naming his sons.]

Samuel & Joan (Mingy) Mills  [He was christened to his parents and married in Cratfield, Suffolk, England.]

John & Emma (Chapman) Mills  [He was christened to his parents and married in Cratfield, Suffolk, England.]

John & Olive (Nunn) Mills [He married Cratfield, Suffolk, England.]

John & Elizabeth (Abell) Haddock [He was born in England and died in Maryland. His son John was named in his estate.]

Admiral Sir Richard & Elizabeth (Wilkinson) Haddock  [He became the Comptroller of the British Navy. Buried Haddock Family Tomb, Leigh-on-the Sea, Essex, England.]

Admiral William & Mary Ann (Goodlad) Haddock  [He was an Admiral in the Royal Navy. They are buried Leigh-on-the Sea, Essex, England.]

Richard & Frances (Morgan) Haddock  [Buried Leigh-on-the Sea, Essex, England.]

Richard & Margery (Chaplen) Haddock  [Buried Leigh-on-the Sea, Essex, England.]

Robert & Margaret (Powell) Haddock  [Buried Leigh-on-the Sea, Essex, England.]

Richard & Margaret Haddock, Jr.  [Buried Leigh-on-the Sea, Essex, England.]

Richard & Christine Haddock, Sr. [Buried Leigh-on-the Sea, Essex, England.]

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My Notes

I have about 85,000 documented files so there are a lot of them that aren't posted and that I have not mentioned here on these web pages. And also all of my Revolutionary War soldiers aren't mentioned here. There are a few more. But most of these family lines that I have listed above I have back to the immigrant ancestor. 

When you take the family information that I have posted here and claim it for your own, please be kind enough to remember where you received it and who did the research.

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