Houston Co., Georgia Haddock Families

Houston Co., GA Haddock Families

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John Haddock & Liscomb (Taylor) HADDOCK

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  Charles & Amy (Adams) Haddock's descendants in Houston Co., GA

1838 - 115 Fifth District, fourth Section, Cherokee - Charles Haddock - Barrow's, Houston County, granted previous to the first day of January, 1838. [Research Note: This data states previous to - but gives no exact date.]

Houston County, GA, Marriage records of the Haddock family are listed to follow:
Brooks, Ivy married Haddock, Mary, Apr 18, 1850
Cross, Dickson T. and Haddock, Martha, Aug 29, 1833
Haddock, James and Taylor, Catharine, May 31, 1840
Haddock, Solomon M. and Parr, Heneretta, Feb 5, 1846
Haddock, William and Soorington, [Lovington] Mary Ann, Apr 4, 1844
Haddock, William L. and Baskin, Mary J., Nov 1, 1846
Ham, Milton M. and Haddock, Mary ,Feb 10, 1833
Salter, Richard L. and Haddock, Amy, May 19, 1836
West, John C. and Haddock, Nancy A. E., Sep 3, 1846
Tain, William and Haddock, Elizabeth, Mar 4, 1836.

William & Martha Jane (Taylor) Haddock's son William B. Haddock

Descendants of William B. Haddock

1 William B. Haddock b: April 04, 1790 in Pitt County, North Carolina d: May 09, 1848 in Houston Co., GA Burial: Haddock Cemetery, Kathleen, Houston County, Georgia +Mary b: August 22, 1804 in North Carolina m: Abt. 1819 in Georgia d: September 03, 1857 in Houston County, Georgia Burial: Haddock Cemetery, Kathleen, Houston County, Georgia

2 Martha Evelyn Haddock b: Abt. 1820 in Georgia +David M. Holmes b: Abt. 1820 in Georgia m: 1840 in Georgia

2 William L. Haddock b: July 30, 1823 in Houston Co., Georgia d: January 05, 1849 in Houston Co., Georgia +Mary Jane Baskin b: July 08, 1825 in Houston Co., Georgia m: November 01, 1846 in Houston Co., GA d: February 02, 1896 in Houston Co., Georgia

2 Solomon Monroe Haddock b: March 18, 1826 in Houston Co., Georgia d: June 23, 1872 in Jessup, Wayne Co., Georgia +Henerietta Oliver Jeannetta Parr b: October 16, 1829 in Georgia m: February 12, 1846 in Houston Co., GA d: July 15, 1881 in Jessup, Wayne Co., Georgia

2 Redding J. Haddock b: September 03, 1827 in Georgia

2 Mary Ann Haddock b: November 03, 1828 in Georgia d: Bet. 1828 - 1830 in Georgia

2 James Rouse Haddock b: Abt. 1830 in Georgia d: Bet. 1869 - 1870 in Fort Valley, Houston County, Georgia +Georgia Camilla Hamilton b: Abt. 1832 in Georgia m: 1852 in Clinton, Jones Co., Georgia d: Aft. 1880 in Fort Valley, Houston County, Georgia

2 Nancy Ann E. Haddock b: 1832 in Georgia +John C. West b: 1822 in North Carolina m: September 03, 1846 in Houston County, GA

2 Michael W. Haddock b: November 29, 1833 in Georgia

2 Mary A. Haddock b: April 15, 1835 in Georgia

2 Rebecca Haddock b: Abt. 1837 in Georgia

2 Elias C. Haddock b: 1840 in Georgia

2 Chloe E. Haddock b: April 19, 1841 in Georgia

2 Ailsey Haddock aka: Amy b: 1843 in Georgia

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