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Woolum, Clay County, KY 1928, from the photo and research files of June Bright Delph

View left to right

Back Row  - Virgil Burnette, Levi Burnette, Perl Delph, Bill Burnette THomas Delph, Owen Brichman Teacher

Second Row  - Charlie Jones, Cleo Cobb , Grace Bundy, Prudie Burnette, Sandlive Cobb, Ellen Delph

Third Row - Dewey Bundy, Joseph Delph, Shafter Sprinkles, Homer Haskins, Mae White, Bertha Haskins, Delia Hawkins

Fourth Row - Edna Bundy , Lucy Burnette, Myrtle Sprinkles, Amanda Sprinkles, Matt Cobb, Charles Cobb, Berchel Delph

Fifth Row - Dale Haskins, Charlie Bundy, Jewell Cobb, Parlee Sprinkles, Helen Cobb, Lawrence Haskins, Oscar Burnette

Sixth Row - Georgia Delph, John Haskins, Nell Cobb, Parlee Cobb, Junior Cobb, Woordow Haskins, Arnold Delph



Front Row left to right - Whitley Bright, H. T. Mills, James Lee Broughton, Preston Jordan, Shirley Smith, Edith Smith, Thelma Smith, Oliver Smith, Anna Mae Mills, LeRoy Bright, Nadine Broughton, Fern Jordan, Olen Broughton, Beulah Mae Broughton, Kathleen Broughton, Edna Mae Broughton, Ernest May, Wilma Jean Bright, Axie Mills, Gustie Hinkle, Elizabeth Mills, Opal Kinningham (Teacher), Oren Grubb, and Lincoln Grubb

This photo was taken about 1949.  It is from the photo files June Bright Delph, and the owner is Dennis Broughton.

The number of names don't seem to match with the number of children. Can anyone help?

From the photo files of June Bright Delph

Jeff's Creek was the last one room School house to be closed in Knox County, KY.

Salt Gum School, Knox Co., KY

From the photo files of June Bright Delph

This photo is from the Michael Mills Collection of photos in Knox County, KY.


Road Fork School about 1938 - This school photo was taken in Hammond, KY and is in the ownership of Delmar Bright

Back Row - Linzie Grubb

3rd Row - left to right - Rosa Jane Butler, Easter Butler, Homer Warren, Lester Wilson, William Hinkle, Peter "Rabbitt" Broughton, Eva Hinkle, Eugene Gambrel, and Mona Butler

2nd Row - left to right - Rosa Broughton , Nora Grubb, Mattie Bright, Gracie Hinkle, Richard Broughton, Leeman Broughton, Delmer Bright, Hershel Mills, and Houston Broughton 

1st Row - left to right - Mills?, Edith Merida, Gusta Hinkle, Margaret Ann Broughton, Joe Broughton, Marvin Mills, Irene Broughton, and Cecil Warren

Mills Creek School and Church

From the photo files of June Bright Delph, Wilma Bright is the owner.

Hinkle Branch - Stinking Creek, Knox Co., KY, 1921

Charles Garland, teacher, Hinkle Branch School, Knox County, KY 1921

Front Row: seated are Hascal Mills and Charles Miller, standing are Rosa Smith, Roosevelt Taylor, Edna Taylor, Mary Mills, Hannah Mills, Martha Jane Mills, Lena Townsley, and Sudie Bingham.

Second Row: Ada Taylor, Nancy Merida, Alice Mills, Lucy Taylor, Ethel Hammons, and Miriah Mills.

Third Row: Mitchell Mills, Charlies Smith, Jim Mills, Sally Carnes, Etta Garland, Alice Smith, Julia Mills, and Rose Garland.

Fourth Row: Laura Belle Taylor, Kitty Carnes, Alice Carnes, Loyd Townsley, Jim Matt Jordan, Boyd Townsley, Sawyer Smith, Cecil Hubbard, Arthur Mills, James Townsley, Rev. Lewis Townsley, and Clark Mills.

Fifth Row: Hubert Mills, and teacher Charles Garland. Picture and names were furnished by Mrs. Rose Cole of Dewitt.

From the photo files of June Bright Delph - from the Michael Mills Collection, and the owner is Rose Cole


 Jeff's Creek School, 1911

Front Row: from left - Enis Mills, William "Will" Messer, and Thomas G. Mills

Second Row: Walter Messer, Leonard Mills, Cordie Mills, Alice Mills, Rosa Mills, Flem Hubbard, Dannie Smith, James Monroe Gambrel, and William Hubbard

Third Row: Charlie Mills, Milton Hubbard, Victor "Peter" Mills, Allie Mills, Verna Hubbard, Nancy Baker, George Messer and Greenberry Mills

Fourth Row: Louisa Mills, Lillie Mills, Chanie Mills, Sallie Messer, Jeff Mills, Mrs. Julie Mills (With baby Rachel), Nancy Jordan Mills, Mr. and Mrs. Allie F. Mills, and Victor Mills (with baby Haze Mills)

Fifth Row: in doorway - John D. Mills and Kitty Carnes

The photo is in the ownership of Phyliss Mills.  From the photo files of June Bright Delph - From the Michael Mills Collection

Macroe School, 1910, Knox Co., KY

Nicy Smith, Teacher

First Row: Charlie Mills, Loyd Mills, Homer Mills, Tommy J. Mills, and Tip Mills

Second Row: Oddie Scalf, Ethel Gambrell, Mosie Scalf, General Jackson, Denver Mills, Jim Mills, Post Mills, and Asbury Jackson

Third Row: Martha Mills, Ceoda Mills, Lee Jackson, Tip Scalf, and Mary Mills

Fourth Row: Dora Mills, Otie Scratch, Lester Mills, Nabe Mills, Dewey Hubbard, Mosie Bargo, Lizzie Mills, and Violet Murphy

Fifth Row: Chester Mills, Dora Scalf, Lizie Jackson, Pearlie Hammons, Ada Baker, Dora Carnes, and Louis Jackson

Picture and names were furnished by Oda Baker, and this photo is from the Michael Mills collection by way of June Bright Delph.  

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