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Edward and Mary (Russell) Easley

From the photo files of Darla Marbut


Jean Ball Curry's records of post masters from My Easleys, Published in 1972, by Darla Marbut

The Eagle Rock Post Office was first called the Roaring River Post Office which was established April 25, 1854 with Thomas Ruble appointed as the first Postmaster.   

Thomas Ruble April 25, 1854
William Weathers May 6, 1856
Stephen Holmesby Dec 4, 1856
Nathan B. Allen Dec 5, 1857
Albert M. Farwell (Sr.) April 19, 1860

The Post Office was discontinued March 7, 1864 and reestablished May 16, 1871.
Henry Burris May 16, 1871
Joseph B. Munsey Nov 18, 1872
Mary E. Munsey Oct 16, 1877
Clark Cornell Oct 29, 1878 [Married Haddock descendant]
Albert M. Farwell, Jr. June 25, 1881
The Roaring River Post Office was changed to be called the Eagle Rock Post Office on May 1, 1886 when it was moved down river to Eagle Rock. Old timers told that it was named because of the eagles nesting on a hill about half mile from the present post office.

Albert M. Farwell, JR May 1, 1886
Francis Larecy Feb 18, 1888
John C. Whittington Jan 21, 1890
Thomas H. King April 13, 1892
William H. Holman Oct 29, 1892
William T. Ayres Oct 2, 1894
Richard W. Whittington Feb 25, 1905
Elmer Skelton Dec 14, 1914
Noel Curry Jul 7, 1917
Mrs. Elsie Whittington Sep 28, 1918
Richard W. Whittington May 1, 1922
Miss Alma J. Stockton April 11, 1924
Mrs. Jean Curry Oct 15, 1925
Jean Ball Curry (Mrs. Noel) has served continuously until mandatory retirement March 31, 1971.

Eagle Rock, Barry Co., MO

This is Eagle Rock in 1886. L-R: Man with horse is Newt Dell, Samuel Huston Maloney (Darla Marbut's Great Grandfather), William Farwell, Albert Moors Farwell, unidentified, Gertrude Farwell who married Charley Bradford, little girl is Esta Farwell, the first of Albert and Eliza Jane's children, Eliza Jane Farwell, Lilly May Farwell, unidentified, unidentified. According to my records Albert M. Farwell, Jr. was Eagle Rock Postmaster May 1, 1886.                                       

  Photo is from the files of Darla Marbut

From the text of Haddock Heritage, Third Edition, published Jan 2004, by Donna Haddock Cooper: Township 21, Range 26 W. is the description of the area around Eagle Rock, includes the Munsey Cemetery and South of Eagle Rock the land were the Haddock family first came on the White River. At first the area was in what was called Sugar Creek Township, then later it was divided up and Roaring River Township came into being. It is called Roaring River Township in the 1909 Atlas. The Haddock families - meaning Charles Haddock, Senior and Charles Haddock, Junior were living there together for a time. Just as William and Sarah Graham Easley were with Green Berry Easley for a time. Neither Charles Haddock, Sr. nor William Easley was in the 1850 Barry Co., MO. Federal Census. There were other Haddock families that were living there as well, such as William Haddock whose son Alexander was born in Barry Co., MO, in 1835. Zachariah Haddock was there who was a brother to Charles Haddock, Sr.; and Green Berry Easley's son Christopher Columbus Easley who was born in 1838. Green Berry Easley's sister Elizabeth "Betsy" Easley who had married Jacob Hickam [sic] was with the group and their child Sarah Hickam [sic] who was born in 1839 in Barry Co., MO.  

From the text of Haddock Heritage, Third Edition, published Jan 2004, by Donna Haddock Cooper:  In 1850 Zachariah Haddock had already died, but the following gives some insight as to where everyone was located in around that area. [Ref: Goodspeed's History, 1888] Township 21, Range 26, was offered for sale Jan 14, 1850. J. M. Smith section 3 (this may be the John Smith that married Sarah Tucker), in March, that same year; Jesse Brown on Section 5 in 1858; Joseph B. Munsey on Section 6 in 1852; (were Munsey Cemetery is located) John Tucker on Section 7 in 1854; Thomas Ruble on Section 9 in 1853, James Weathers in 1854; Richard Tucker on Section 10 in 1850; Nicholas R. Smith on Section 11 in 1850; William Haddock on Section 13 same year (Section 13 has some of White River in it.) Green B. Easley on Section 14, When Green Berry died he owned 600 acres in the area. His homestead was where Roaring River runs into White River (now the lake). James McDowell and Augustus Todd on Section 15 in 1850, the later pre-empting in 1841; J. W. Roberts on Section 21 in 1857; P. Moyers on Section 22 in 1850 (Susanna Moyers' father was Phillip Moyers, she was the 2nd wife of Charles Haddock, Jr.]; and Michael Wisdom on Section 28 in 1852.


Haddock Research Project

It took literally took hundreds of rolls of microfilm to document the Haddock files for the Haddock Research project. Almost every Haddock family that had ever been counted was included in this detailed study. Some were included for every year that they had been counted. All the abstracted census, wills, deeds, marriages, cemetery records, Bible records, family lore items, and photos added up to almost a thousand pages - in small print. And the third edition exceeds 1100 pages. [Had thought that it would exceed 1300 pages.]

Below are a few samples of some of the readings that were abstracted from Haddock Heritage, Second Edition, Pub 2003, by Donna Haddock Cooper.

1880 Federal Population Schedules, US Census, Cowan, Wayne, Missouri, page 200 A, Thomas Haddock, age 36, born in IN, and mother and father born in IN, Nancy E., age 23, born in MO, father born in IN and mother born in MO. Cady born in MO, age 3, Alfonso, age 1, born in MO. Thomas Jr., age 3 mos., and Miranda Abernathy, age 10, born in MO, servant, single. [Family History Library Film # 1254740. National Archives film # T9-0740]

1880 Federal Population Schedules, US Census, Cowan, Wayne, Missouri, page 200A, listed Clay Haddock, age 34, born in IN, and mother and father were both born in IN. In the house was a black servant named Rhoda McGhee and she was 45 born in MO, keeping house and both her parents were born in NC. [Family History Library Film # 1254740 and National Archives Film # T9-0740]

1880 Roaring River Twp, Barry County, Missouri Federal Population Schedules, US Census, house # 3, Family #3: Haddock, Boon (male) age 36, born in MO and left blank where his parents were born. His wife was listed as Columbia age 36, (female) born in MO and both of her parents were born in MO; and a daughter, Alice, was age 12, (female) born in MO. They lived next door to James Nicholas.

1880 Federal Population Schedules, US Census, Capps Creek, Barry, Missouri, listed on page 213A, W. M. Carlin, age 42 born in VA, and a farmer. He listed that both of his parents were born in VA. Nancy, his wife, was age 43, and born in MO. She was keeping house and listed that her parents were born in MO. Children listed in the house were all born in MO. They were Lafayette, age 20; Charley, age 18; Sherman age 15; Samantha, age 12; Thomas, age 9; John, age 8; Britty, age 6; Pleasant, age 4; and Luther, 9 mos old. [Family History Library Film 1254672]

1900 Federal Population Schedules, US Census: Barry County, MO, Shoal Creek, Franklin Haddock, born Nov 1839, age 60 born in MO, father born in NC, mother in MO. Emily, his wife, was age 61 born Feb 1835 in Arkansas and both of her parents were born in AR. In the house was a grandson, Claude W. Yocum, age 19, born in AR, born October 1881; Hattie B., age 16, born Nov 1882, a grand daughter born in AR, Catie V. Yocum born June 1889, grand daughter, age 5, born in Indian Territory; and Earl C. Moore, age 7, a grand son born in AR, born April 1882.

1850 Federal Population Schedules, US Census, Barry Co., MO, House # 355, Allen Haddock, age 26, wife Frances, age 22, born in KY, William, age 3, born in MO, and Sarah E., age 1, born in MO. Living next door was William Montgomery, age 37, born in NC, wih wife Mahala, age 28, born in TN, in house # 354. And in house # 356 was W. L. Th. Frasier, age 36, born in TN, and wife Sarah, born in KY, age 34.

In 1860, Federal Population Schedules, US Census, Barry Co., MO. Barry County, MO, Allen Haddock was listed as a male, farmer, age 37, born in MO, in house # 141 in Barry County, MO, with wife Francis, age 35, born in MO, W. H., age 13, born in MO. Sarah E., age 11, born in MO, Joel H., age 9, born in MO, James A., age 7, born in MO, Charles E., age 5, born in MO, John T., age 4, born in MO, and George O., age 2, born in MO.

In 1860 and 1861 Allen Hadock [sic] paid taxes in Barry Co., MO.

1870 Federal Population Schedules, US Census, Union, Lincoln, Missouri, post office of Auburn, listed Allen Haddock, age 45, born in MO, farmer. His wife, Franke, was age 40, born in MO. Children were given as Joel, was age 17, born in MO; James, age 16, born in MO; Edward, age 14, born in MO; Thomas, age 12, born in MO; George, age 10, born in MO; Lafayette, age 9, born in MO; Riller J., age 6, born in MO; and Phillip, age 3, born in MO. [Roll M593 788, Page 179]

1880 Federal Population Schedules, US Census, Union, Lincoln, Missouri, page 358A, listed head of the household as Allen Haddock, widower, age 58, born in MO, a farmer who listed that both of his parents were born in NC. His daughter-in-law, a widow, named Pollie was living in the house and she was age 35, and born in MO. She was listed as keeping house and that both of her parents were born in KY. Children listed were Charles E., age 25, born in MO, a laborer. He listed his father born in MO and his mother in KY as did all of the other children in the household. Other children listed were Lafayatt, age 18, and he was listed as assisting his father and born in MO; Relda J. was a laborer and born in MO and age 16; James A. was a grand son, and age 13, born in MO; and John E., was a grand son, and age 10 and he was born in MO. Family History Library Film # 1254699.

1930 Federal Population Schedules, Wright County, Mountain Grove, Missouri, District 11, listed in house # 222 and family # 244, head of household, Hugh M. Haddock, age 47, born in MO. His father was born in the US and his mother was born in TN. Christina, his wife, was age 38, born in MO. She listed her father born in TN and her mother in the US. Children were born in Merle, age 14, born in MO and Billy, age 6, born in MO. Hugh was a renter and first married at age 30, and his wife was first married at age 19.  

Darla Marbut's Notes: "I was told that Grandpa Joe Prier bought the Munsey home.   The story goes that Grandma Mary's brother, Jack Shull bought the land from the Munseys, then Grandpa Joe traded his farm near Prudy, Mo (Gunter community) for Munseys (Shull) on Roaring River.

Grandpa Joe and Grandma Mary had to moved by wagon.  They made a trip and Grandpa left Grandma and the children there while he returned for another load. It got dark and Grandma said she only had a candle and in a strange place with the children she felt uneasy.

All that is left of the old home site is the garage Grandpa Joe built for his new car and think that might have been in the 1940's.   I guess it was his first and last car.   Also, the old "well house" is still there.  

If you standing looking North toward the old home site, you'll see what old timers called "Tator Mountain". I think it's official name is "Chute Mountain"."

1904 Cassville Republican's Busy Rusters Newspaper Item reprinted on page 40 of Ancestor's Unlimited, May 2003 issue:

                        EAGLE ROCK
"We are having some nice weather.
CHARLEY EASLEY is slowly improving.
Farmers are very busy plowing for wheat.
One of MOSE SHRUM's children is very sick.
JOHN SHRUM is seen going up Roaring river every Sunday.
GEORGE DELL and ALBERT FARWELL visited the river Sunday.
NOAH ADAMS and ALBERT SKELTON are drilling a well for FINES EASLEY.
FRANK LARCEY is arranging to put in a $1,000 stock of goods at this place.
MISS MOLLIE EASLEY had a severe spell of heart failure Monday of last week.
FRANK SMITH and wife visited the laters parents, Mr and Mrs ARCHER, recently."

Darla Marbut's Family Research Files include this story: "Martha Horner Curry told this story: "Martha and a friend heard a man calling for help. He had been shot by a bushwhacker and when they finally located him he was too far gone. They went after night fall and loaded him in a wheelbarrow. They took him to a cemetery near their home and buried him. They had no idea who he was. He was on the Smith land near the 'Old Reading Place' when they found him. Martha was around 14 or 15 when this incident happened."  (This is the same story told to me by Charles Curry a descendant of Frank and Martha Horner Curry.)

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