Haddock & Campbell Families of Florida

The Haddock & Campbell Families of Florida

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Zachariah & Amey Haddock's families of Nassau Co., FL

Liscomb (Haddock) & Archibald Campbell's families of Nassau Co., FL

 Liscomb (Haddock) & Archibald Campbell's descendants in Wayne Co. GA 

Haddock, Charles Ellis - Charles was married four times. He married Julia Ann Dooly Haddock on March 30, 1871, Mary Reynolds on March 09, 1883, Sarah Mariah Cone, December 17, 1885, Mary Frankie Roddenberry on November 04, 1906.

Charles Haddock is buried at Haddock Cemetery. Harold M. Haddock provided this photo.

George Washington & Virginia Bell (Haddock) Libby are buried at Haddock Cemetery in Nassau Co., FL. George was born June 27, 1849 and died October 15, 1892. Virginia Bell was born June 21, 1847 and died April 06, 1924. He was the son of Samuel Benjamin Libby & Elizabeth Haddock, She was the daughter of  Zachariah Haddock and Theresa D. Colson. Photo from the files of Annie Bennett.

This is a photo of the Brickyard Community Cemetery - burial site of many Nassau Co., FL Haddock family members. From the files of Annie Bennett. John Clark Campbell is thought to be buried there. Go to Wayne Co., GA and Marion Co., SC for more information on the Campbell family.

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