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The Haddock family is displayed in detail in the book, Haddock Heritage, Second Edition. The thousand-page text took almost forty years of collecting and studying to write. These web pages contain a little of the information that was printed in the book.  The text is indexed, footnoted, and has 144 pages of photos.


Many people submitted their family photos so that their families could become a part of this book. It was a join effort of the Haddock family to record our Haddock family history. So - my thanks goes out to all of you who made this project possible!


As mentioned - the Haddock research project was a massive collection that came into being as a book. The project had another fifteen hundred pages or more that was not printed in the book.  A lot of the unpublished data will appear on these web pages. 


Some of the photos that were not used and also some that were used will also appear on these web pages.  I had over 4,000 photos submitted and have had some come in since the book was published. There were a few duplicates and a lot of recent photos that could not be used but most of the old ones were published.


We are not finished researching and we are not finished collecting - so if you want to add your family data, just drop me a note and I'll work with you to get it ready to add. 


Your Haddock Cousin, Donna Haddock Cooper, 2003


I love to hear from Haddock cousins.



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