Tucker Families of Benton County, AR

Tucker Families of Benton Co., AR

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 James & Catherine (Bradley) Tucker

 Charles & Sarah (Collins) Haddock, Jr.  

Charles & Susan (Meyers/Moyers) (Rumbaugh) Haddock, Jr.  

Charles & "Penny" (Mills) Haddock 's Descendants





The Tucker family of Benton Co., AR

 From the photo files of Joy Guentert

Pictured are Nora Bell (Haddock) & Charles Kennion Tucker of Benton Co., AR and family. Nora Bell was the daughter of Richard Ransom Haddock and his wife Sarah Browning. She was the grand daughter of Charles and Susan (Meyers) Rumbaugh Haddock

 Descendants of Charles Kennion Tucker

1 Charles Kennion Tucker b: January 31, 1879 in Eagle Rock, Barry, Missouri d: August 17, 1962 in Gravette, Benton Co., Arkansas Burial: Maysville Cemetery, Benton Co., AR  +Nora Bell Haddock b: September 22, 1882 in Barry Co., Missouri m: October 22, 1899 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Missouri d: May 03, 1960 in Gravette, Benton Co., Arkansas Burial: Maysville Cemetery, Benton Co., AR

2 Raymond Kennion Tucker b: August 21, 1900 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Missouri d: December 04, 1987 in Benton Co., AR +Nell Marie Bougher b: August 23, 1902 m: December 16, 1922 in Jay, Delaware Co., Oklahoma d: May 08, 1982 in Benton Co., AR

2 Sarah Ella Tucker b: March 28, 1902 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Missouri d: May 17, 1967 in Fort Smith, Sebastain Co., Arkansas +Robert Pierce Wardlaw b: Abt. 1902 m: December 09, 1924 in Pineville, McDonald Co., Missouri d: in Maysville, Benton Co., Arkansas

2 Richard Ranson Tucker b: March 31, 1904 in Seligman, Barry County, MO d: November 06, 1988 in Citrus Heights, Sacramento County, CA Burial: Slyvan Cemetery, Sacramento Co., Citrus Heights, California +Gertie May b: December 26, 1908 in Barry County, Missouri m: August 10, 1929 in Exeter, Barry County, Missouri d: February 02, 1998 in Roseville, Placer County, California Burial: Slyvan Cemetery, Sacramento Co., Citrus Heights, California

2 Christopher Tucker b: January 26, 1906 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Missouri d: January 10, 1996 in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn Co., Indiana +Ruby Strother b: Abt. 1906 m: September 05, 1931 in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn Co., Indiana d: in Indiana

2 Paul Alfred Tucker b: October 25, 1907 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Missouri d: December 02, 1986 in Gentry, Benton Co., AR  +Cora Belle Truitt b: November 29, 1911 in Gravette, Benton Co., Arkansas m: September 13, 1930 in Bentonville, Benton Co., Arkansas d: July 23, 2000 in Siloam Springs, Benton Co., AR

2 Anna Rebecca Tucker b: October 02, 1909 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Missouri d: September 22, 2003 in Simi Valley, California +Joseph Highfull Hayes b: Abt. 1909 m: August 05, 1929 in Bentonville, Benton Co., Arkansas d: 1966

2 Lucy Gladys Tucker b: October 13, 1911 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Missouri d: May 03, 2001 in Barry County, Missouri Burial: May 05, 2001 Monett IOOF Cemetery, Monett, Barry Co., Missouri +Orbin May b: December 14, 1914 m: September 10, 1933 in Exeter, Barry County, Missouri d: December 28, 1982 in Barry County, Missouri Burial: Monett IOOF Cemetery, Monett, Barry Co., Missouri

2 Maude May Tucker b: May 07, 1913 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Missouri d: May 21, 1999 +William Kenneth Guss b: June 02, 1909 in Decatur, Benton Co., Arkansas m: March 30, 1930 in Bentonville, Benton Co., Arkansas d: December 01, 1985

2 Robert Franklin Tucker b: March 05, 1915 in Maysville, Benton Co., AR d: March 25, 1997 in Benton Co., AR +Leta Ann Dill b: May 20, 1916 in Benton Co., AR m: July 06, 1936 in Pineville, McDonald Co., MO d: June 26, 1996 in Benton Co., AR

2 Carrie Ethel Tucker b: January 05, 1917 in Roaring River, Barry Co., Missouri d: February 27, 1990 in Gravette, Benton Co., AR +Denver Elroy Ford b: June 05, 1913 m: August 11, 1937 in Bentonville, Benton Co., Arkansas d: January 18, 1978 in Benton Co., AR

2 Charles Ralph Tucker b: March 11, 1919 in Maysville, Benton Co., AR +Barbara Helen Brown b: Abt. 1919 m: July 15, 1941 in Bentonville, Benton Co., Arkansas

2 Roy Lee Tucker b: January 04, 1921 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Missouri  +Billie Lou Marsh b: Abt. 1926 m: June 08, 1946 in Bentonville, Benton Co., Arkansas

2 Luther Henry Tucker b: May 30, 1923 in Gravette, Benton Co., AR d: June 23, 1996 in Gravette, Benton Co., AR +Katheirne Elizabeth Vandiver b: November 26, 1922 in Picher, OK m: February 15, 1944 in Jay, Delaware Co., OK

2 James David Tucker b: December 20, 1929 in Gravette, Benton Co., AR +Betty Jean Bergen b: Abt. 1929 m: June 27, 1951 in Carthage, Jasper Co., MO   

The Tucker house was located between Gravette and Maysville, Arkansas in Benton County.  From the photo and research files of Joy Guentert.

Maysville" A Heritage to Remember, by Marge Hadley Published 1986, Gravette News Herald Press Gravette, Arkansas

"Charles Kenyon Tucker married Nora Bell Haddock in 1899 at Eagle Rock, Missouri. Eight children were born to them in Missouri: Ella, Raymond, Richard, Paul, Chris, Annie, Lucy and Maudie. In the spring of 1912 C. K., his brother Bob, and C. K. 's two young sons, Raymond and Dick, brought a covered wagon with household furnishings and a herd of horses to Maysville. Nora and the six younger children followed later on the train into Gravette. There C. K. met them and took them to the new home in Maysville. It was the Newt Thomason place just east of town four miles. Six children were born there. In that house two of their sons and families would live at different times and the last would be their grandson, Jack, and his young family. The old house was torn down in 1960 and Bob Tucker and his wife, Leta (Dill) Tucker, live on the homestead today."


"Raymond, the oldest child, was only eleven years old when he came in a covered wagon. In 1912 Raymond married Nell (Boughers) Tucker (1902-1982). Nell was the daughter of Bill and Ada (Long) Boughers, who owned the mill south of town. When Raymond and Nell were first married they lived on the old Brown place 11/2 miles northeast of Maysville. From there they moved to what is now the John Lukens place and then into town on the Scott Trone place, where his grandnephew, Cortney Tucker, now lives."


"In the late 30's Raymond helped his father-in-law, Bill Boughers, and Bill "Wicker" Boughers tear the second story off the mill and build Bill a house. Bobbie Woods lives on the Boughers' property today. A few years ago he tore down the old house. In 1918 Raymond had finished school at Jaybird and Fred Evans was having the graduates put on a play. "There was a shortage of girls," Raymond remembers well. Mastin Thomason and Lenley Saunders were in the play. Raymond played the black girl, "Sally." To this day most people still call him "Sally". Another person with a nickname that has followed them through their life." 


"Bob Tucker, with the help of Elmer "Red" Black and Frank Haddock, built his and Leta (Dill) Tucker's home in 1960. They tore down the old Thomason place that had been the Tucker homestead when C. K. brought his family to Maysville. In 1960 C. K. and Nora had sold the homestead to Bob and moved into Gravette, where they finished out their days. They had fourteen children and fifty-six grandchildren.


"Bob and Leta were married in 1936 and bought the B. Cooper farm southeast of Maysville. Their four daughters were born there. Bob and Leta remember finding a large hole that was ash lined. They didn't know what it could have been. When Bob and Leta moved there it was hard times and Bob had spent nearly all they had for furniture. $3.00 bought all their things. Bob paid "Dad" Henry Stephen Brown one whole dollar to move the things to the farm."


"In 1930 C. K. had lumber to build a barn but no money to saw it up. At that time Dr. Harold Lee had left medical practice and was running a saw mill on the edge of the Oklahoma line. Roy Tucker can remember his Daddy trading Dr. Lee a pair of mules to get the lumber sawed up. Doc used the mules to haul logs. He'd only had them a short time and one fell and broke a leg and had to be destroyed."


"Besides farming, C. K. had planted a large orchard. He wanted a vineyard and in 1926 he had his sons, Raymond and Chris, set out twenty acres of grapes. Grapes and apples were the basis of the economy around Maysville during the depression years. After World War II, broilers soon replaced them. Roy Tucker, the eleventh child of C. K. and Nora Tucker, married Billie Mae Marsh in 1946. Billie is the daughter of John and Lillie Marsh. Roy and Billie bought the house in 1955 where Billie's three younger sisters had been born. Her parents had built the home in 1930. Here Roy and Billie's younger sons were born."


"J.D. (Jim) Abercrombie had a blacksmith shop in Maysville. In 1927 Jim's son, Lee "Wink" Abercrombie, added onto the blacksmith an auto repair shop. Wink retired and in 1968 Billy Lovell bought the garage. Billy ran the garage for several years and then it sat empty. Roy Tucker bought it in 1982 and the first thing he did was to build a new front "inside" the garage before he tore down the old front. The new front sat back ten feet to allow room for cars to pull in off the street. It was Friday night and Roy and two of his sons, Johnny and Cortney, were tired. All that remained was to tear down the overhang of the old front, when they quit for the weekend. It was a windy weekend and the winds tore the overhang down. Monday morning they had a mess to clean up. While Johnny was cleaning. The mess he turned over a plank and noticed a small match box. Apparently it had been hidden some years before in the rafters of the old garage. Johnny looked in the box and then stuck it in his shirt. Roy and Cortney wanted to know what he had found and for some time Johnny teased them, not saying. Finally he showed them forty-three silver certificate dollar bills each rolled individually and stuffed in the little match box. Johnny sold it to his Dad for cash dollars. Roy admits that from there on they looked at everything carefully, hoping to find more. But that's all that was found."


"Robert Jackson "Jack" Tucker is the son of Raymond, the first child of C. K. and Nora Tucker. Jack married a Maysville girl, Sylvia Black, daughter of Elmer "Red" Black and Ina Black. Red lived south of Maysville in the Coats school district before he moved to Maysville with his family in 1945. Red had from 1940 to 1945 farmed the King place. Sylvia remembers it was 1949 when they got electricity. Until then they had no refrigeration. Ina Black's (1913-1981) last babies were twins, Earl Eugene Black and Murel (Black) Morris, born in 1946. They were the only set of twins born in the Maysville hospital. Earl married Brenda Fought and they live in Maysville. Murel is married to Jim Morris and lives in Gravette. Elmer "Red" Black still lives just a miles east of Maysville on Hwy. 72. Sylvia Black Tucker went to school at Coats and in the second grade Maurice Loux was her teacher, in 1943. When Sylvia was in the sixth and seventh grades at the old Maysville school Maurice Loux was again her teacher and when the new Maysville school opened and Sylvia was in the eighth grade Mr. Loux was her teacher. Fred Evans was teaching but Sylvia never had him. Jack and Sylvia were married in 1952 and for the first few years lived in several places. One was the old Levi Killion place. Today, their son, Carroll Raymond Tucker, and his wife, Malinda (Poor) Tucker, live there."


"Of C. K.'s children, three sons, Bob, Roy and Luther, still live in Maysville and seven grandchildren are living in the Maysville area: Jack, the son of Raymond; Cortney, Johnny and Don, the sons of Roy; Arthur Wardlow, the son of Ella (Tucker) Wardlow; Mrs. Robin (Judy) Bishop and Mrs. Chester Walker, daughters of Bob Tucker." 


"Luther Tucker (b. 1923) married Katherine Vandiver (b. 1923), daughter of Dewey and Emily Vandiver of Bentonville. They moved to Maysville in 1941. Luther, the thirteenth child of Charles and Nora Tucker, married Katherine in 1944. He served in the Army during World WW II. After they married, they moved to California and then back to Maysville a couple of times before they settled in 1947 in the house they live in today. Lawn Payne of Decatur had built the house sometime in the late 1910's. Luther's daddy had horses and Luther remembers that Dr. Powell had the first car around the Maysville area. He drove over to the Tucker farm one day and scared the horses so bad they broke through the fence and ran away. "Can you imagine trying to catch runaway horses?" But one of Luther's funniest memories is the day his daddy loaded the car with apples to take to town. They were loaded clear up to the door tops, the doors having no windows back in 1929. Luther had on a new pair of overalls and C. K.  sat his young son atop the apples as they drove into Maysville. It had rained a lot and the road was one mud rut after another. Young Luther slipped off the apples, over the car door, and into the mud. C. K.  didn't notice and he drove on. Max James came by and picked Luther up out of the mud. What bothered Luther was his new overalls were all muddy. Max took him into Maysville and started yelling, "C. K. , you lost one." The men loved to tease C. K.  about his large family. All fourteen children were hard workers and not one ever got into trouble with the law."


"And then there was the day that Nora took some of the children to visit an aunt. Nora took extra clothes in case her children got dirty and needed a change. But the aunt's goat had other ideas and ate Luther's rompers (knee pants) that had been left in the car. Nora Haddock Tucker was a sister to George Haddick [sic] of Missouri. George's two sons settled in Maysville. Frank was both Constable and switchboard operator in Maysville. He married Eunice Bougher and his brother Ernest married Eunice's sister."

Tucker Road, Maysville, AR

From the photo files of Darla Marbut

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