Whittington Families - Barry Co., MO



The Whittington Family of Southwest MO

by Darla Ball Marbut

There are 4 generations of Whittington women descendants in this photo and Lucinda Whittington Maloney is in photo.

Front Row L-R: Amanda (baby) Medlin and Julia Medlin

Middle Row L-R: John Medlin, Lucinda Whittington Maloney (John’s), Delila Whittington Medlin, Margery Maloney Whittington, Margie Medlin.

Back row L-R: Ben Whittington, John Whittington and Lidia Medlin (Benjamin b. 1866 and is John and Margery’s son).

Norma Moore is the owner of this photo and it was shared with permission by Darla Marbut.

1 John Whittington 1848 - b: January 1848 in MO +Margery Ann Maloney 1842 - 1898 d: December 19, 1898 m: Bef. 1861 b: June 14, 1842 in Barry Co., MO
2 Delilia Catherine Whittington 1861 - 1952 d: August 31, 1952 b: September 26, 1861 in MO +Alfred M. Medlin 1850 - 1900 d: Bet. 1900 - 1903 m: December 28, 1880 in Stone Co., MO b: January 1850 in Alabama or TN *2nd Husband of Delilia Catherine Whittington: +Levi W. Thompson 1860 - 1939 d: December 27, 1939 m: December 27, 1903 in Grant County, OR b: March 12, 1860 in Gardner, Oregon
2 Benjamin Houston Whittington 1866 - 1931 d: December 09, 1931 b: August 24, 1866 in Barry Co., MO or Greene Co., MO +Lucy Caroline Simmons 1872 - 1962 d: January 27, 1962 m: November 30, 1891 in Pioneer, Barry Co., MO, married by John Oliver, MG b: January 30, 1872 in Pioneer, Barry Co., MO
2 John C. Whittington 1868 - 1890 d: Bef. 1890 b: 1868 in Barry Co., MO +Sarah Jane Easley 1870 - 1891 d: July 23, 1891 m: August 30, 1885 in 292 b: April 24, 1870 in Barry Co., MO
2 James Cloud Whittington 1870 - 1953 d: October 13, 1953
b: February 1870 in Kings Prairie, Barry Co., MO +Elsie Evelyn McQuire 1877 - 1948 d: January 06, 1948 m: January 02, 1895 in Vila, Barry Co., MO, at the residence of Ja, Es W. Mcguire b: July 16, 1877 in Horner, Barry Co., MO
2 Leroy Whittington 1878 - 1936 d: August 20, 1936 b: February 28, 1878 in Barry Co., MO +Melissa Hall 1872 - 1950 d: January 21, 1950 m: November 1892 in Barry Co., MO, married by William Whittington b: February 18, 1872 in Barry Co., MO
2 Lucinda Whittington 1875 - b: 1875 +Isaac T. Tucker 1876 - m: February 23, 1896 in Barry Co., MO, married by Edward Chappell b: Abt. 1876 in Barry Co., MO
2 Wm Ford Whittington 1877 - b: 1877 in Kings Prairie, Barry Co., MO +Eliz Tague 1882 - b: November 1882
*2nd Wife of John Whittington: +Sarah Tague m: Aft. 1877

John lived in Boise, Idaho after leaving the old home in Missouri, then moved to Union, Oregon, from whence his sons, now married, went their separate ways. John returned to Boise, Idaho. Ref: Pfander page 39: Mrs. Edward Whittington, in house 112 was listed John Whittington and his wife Mary.

John Whittington, age 22, b. in MO
Mary, age 29 (Maybe Marge), born in MO
Their children:
Delilia, age 5, MO
Benjamin, age 3, MO
John 2, age, MO
James, age 4 months, MO, born Jan, MO

1880 still in King's Prairie Twp., was J. Whittington and his wife Margie. He was still living next door to George Baget as he was in 1870. All the children were born in MO.
J. Whittington, age 33, MO
Marge, age 36, MO
Their children:
Benjamin, age 13
John, age 10
James, age 8
Leroy, age 6
Lucinda, age 4
William F., age 2

In 1870 Mary was given as 7 years older than John and in 1880 Marge was given as 4 years older than her husband.

This would indicate that Mary was the first wife. Family descendants list Margery Maloney as wife of John and mother of these children. In the1880 census Margery was listed as Marge. Researcher Margaret Michelson thinks this that these two listing are for the same person. After Margery died in 1898, there may have been another marriage. That one to Sarah Tague. 

John Whittington was living in Jasper Co., MO in the 1900 census next to his daughter Dilila Medlin and her family. Listed with him is Aliza, 17 (1883) and Katy 5 months old. They were listed as Grand daughters.

Ancestors Unlimited Vol. 12 #1 Feb 2001: Cassville Republican dated Dec 27, 1900: J. W. Whittington says he would not care for carrying the mail if it was not for holidays.

Dec 1896 - Boon Haddock, J. N. Skelton, S.F. Scott and John Whittington and Pruitt were on a committee to get John Whittington to furnish framing to rebuild the Roaring River Baptist Church house and exchange lots.

John Whittington ran the mill at Eagle Rock and lived near by, probably in the Dam area were the church was built.

John was excluded from Roaring River Baptist Church for unchristian like conduct in Dec 1899 (same times as his daughter Delilia).

There was a John Whittington from Eagle Rock in Com B 2d KS Cav. in the Civil War.

Notes for Margery:  Margery Whittington was appointed to be on a committee in the Roaring River Baptist Church March 1890.

A new church role was worked on May 1898 and beside Margery's name was written "died".

I wonder why Margery was buried in the Easley Cemetery near Eagle Rock, MO. Margaret Michelson's has the theory that Margery and John's son, John married Sarah Easley. He died between 1885 and 1890 and possibly Sarah wanted him to be buried in the Easley Cemetery. If so, when Margery died they may have decided to bury her close to her son.

This John's father was Benjamin W. Whittington son of John and Catherine Whittington (early Missouri settlers).

Margery Maloney was the daughter of John and Lucinda (Whittington) Maloney.

Thus the John in the photo was a cousin to his wife, Margery Maloney.

1 John Wesley Whittington d: April 06, 1862 b: Abt. 1799 in Clark Co., KY +Catherine David 1803 - 1885 d: February 15, 1885 m: November 15, 1819 in Corydon, Harrison Co., IN b: Abt. 1803 in Hardin Co., KY
2 Benjamin W. Whittington d: 1893 b: March 27, 1821 in Hardin Co., KY +Harriet Stringer 1824 - 1869 d: November 11, 1869 m: Bef. 1841 b: 1824 in Tennessee [Son married into the Maloney family.] *2nd Wife of Benjamin W. Whittington: +Susan Jane Thomas 1839 - 1931 d: January 19, 1931 m: April 28, 1870 in Barry Co., MO, married by William W. Lee, MG, b: April 04, 1839 in Alabama or TN
2 Lucinda Whittington 1827 - 1899 d: December 04, 1899 b: May 27, 1827 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana
 +John Maloney 1814 - 1860 d: Bet. 1860 - 1870 m: Bef. 1842 b: 1814 in KY (Darla Ball Marbut's great great Grandparents)  *2nd Husband of Lucinda Whittington:  +Isaac Southerland 1827 - m: Aft. 1860 b: September 01, 1827
2 Sarah Whittington 1829 - 1856 d: 1856 b: Abt. 1829 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana  +James Parker Ince 1828 - 1906 d: March 24, 1906 m: February 19, 1848 in Barry Co., MO, married by E. Fly JP b: March 28, 1828 in Overton, TN
2 Julianna Whittington 1828 - b: Abt. 1828 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana  +Leroy Pope Stringer 1821 - 1889 d: 1889 m: August 13, 1846 in Barry Co., MO, married by W.R. Sooter, JP, b: Abt. 1821 in TN
2 John Whittington, Jr., b: February 28, 1832 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana +Martha Jane Fly 1831 - 1917 d: December 18, 1917 m: January 01, 1852 in Barry Co., MO b: February 28, 1831 in Green Co., AR

2 Franklin Whittington  b: Abt. 1834 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana +Narcissa Pruet/Priutt 1836 - m: November 02, 1854 in Barry Co., MO b: Abt. 1836 in VA  *2nd Wife of Franklin Whittington: +Catherine Maloney 1844 - m: March 01, 1863 in Lawrence Co b: February 27, 1844 in Barry Co., MO
2 Edward W. Whittington d: June 24, 1897 b: April 08, 1837 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana +Elizabeth S. ? 1834 - 1876 d: August 10, 1876 m: Bef. 1863 b: Bet. 1834 - 1837 in TN  *2nd Wife of Edward W. Whittington:  +Mary Jane Hart 1851 - 1928 d: April 25, 1928 m: April 26, 1878 b: January 04, 1851 in MO
2 Henry Clay Whittington d: May 22, 1914 b: June 1840 in Taney Co., MO +Mary J. Jordan 1837 - m: March 11, 1860 in Barry Co., MO b: Abt. 1837 in MO
2 William Whittington 1844 - 1897 d: August 18, 1897 b: January 23, 1844 in Taney Co., MO, [Richard William Whittington's parents.]  +Nancy Jane Medlin 1837 - 1929 d: December 11, 1929 m: July 14, 1869 in Lawrence Co., MO b: January 25, 1837 in Alabama
2 George Washington Whittington 1848 - b: Abt. 1848 in Barry Co., MO +Matilda J. Blankenship 1846 - m: November 16, 1863 in Barry Co., MO, married by Wm. W. Lee, MG, b: Abt. 1846 in VA
2 James H. Whittington 1841 - 1862 d: 1862 b: Abt. 1841 in Taney Co., MO
2 Henry C. Whittington 1838 - b: 1838  +Mary 1839 - b: 1839 in Tennessee


In 1860, in Capps Creek Twp., Barry County, MO

John Whittington Capps Creek, Barry, MO, 60, Kentucky, Male
Catharine Whittington Capps Creek, Barry, MO, 57, Kentucky, Female
Jas H Whittington Capps Creek, Barry, MO, 17, Missouri, Male
William Whittington Capps Creek, Barry, MO, 16, Missouri, Male
George W Whittington Capps Creek, Barry, MO, 13, Missouri, Male


1860 McDowell, Barry Co., MO
Bengmin Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 39 Kentucky Male
Harriet Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 36 Tennessee Female
Lousinda Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 16 Missouri Female
Sarah Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 14 Missouri Female
John Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 12 Missouri
Frances C Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 10 Missouri Female
Melvina E Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 8  Missouri Female
Martha L Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 5  Missouri Female
Rhodney Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 3 Missouri Female
George Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 7.12 Missouri Male

John Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 29  Indiana Male
Martha J Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 28 Tennessee Female
Zilphia Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 6 Missouri Female
James H Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 5  Missouri Male

Franklin Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 25  Indiana Male
Narsisey Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 24 Iowa Female
Henry N Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 3  Texas Male
Mary E Whittington McDowell, Barry, MO 1  Missouri Female


1860 Shoal Creek, Barry Co., MO
In Shoal Creek Twp, in the William Jorden household was Mary J. Whittington, age 23, born in MO


1850 Barry Co., MO

John W. Whitington District 5, Barry, MO, abt 1799, Kentucky
Cathrine Whitington District 5, Barry, MO, abt 1805, Kentucky
John Whitington District 5, Barry, MO, abt 1832, Indiana
Franklin Whitington District 5, Barry, MO, abt 1834, Indiana
Edward Whitington District 5, Barry, MO, abt 1836, Indiana
Henry C Whitington District 5, Barry, MO, abt 1838, Missouri
James H Whitington District 5, Barry, MO, abt 1840, Missouri
William Whitington District 5, Barry, MO, abt 1842, Missouri
George W Whitington District 5, Barry, MO, abt 1845, Missouri


by Darla Marbut, May 23, 2000

“John W. Whittington, son of Benjamin Whittington was born in eastern Kentucky in 1799. John was married to Catherine David on November 15, 1819, at Corydon, County Seat of Harrison County, Indiana, by Andrew Breman, Minister of the Gospel. In this same ceremony, John’s sister, Mary Elizabeth (Polly) Whittington was married to Catherine David’s brother, Edward David. Winona found the original documents in the basement of County Court House at Corydon. They were stored on shelves so high that it was necessary to use a high ladder to reach them.. These papers were copied and sent to the Genealogical Department of the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis. John and Catherine lived in Brown Co., Indiana, which had been part of Bartholomew County, Ind.” (From the notes of Winona Pfander.)

From Margaret Michelson’s Outline: “John was in Hardin Co., KY in 1820, Bartholomew Co., Indiana in 1830, Taney Co., MO in 1840 and Barry Co., MO in 1850 and 1860.

Their children:

Benjamin Whittington was born March 27, 1821 in Hardin Co., KY
Lucinda Whittington born May 27, 1827 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana
Sarah Whittington born about 1829 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana
Juliann Whittington born 1828- 1830 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana
John Whittington born Feb 28, 1832 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana
Franklin Whittington born about 1834 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana
Edward W. Whittington born April 8, 1837 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana
Henry Clay Whittington born June 1840 in Taney Co., MO
James H. Whittington born about 1841 in Taney Co., MO
William Whittington born Jan 23, 1944 in Taney or Barry Co., MO
George W. Whittington born about 1845 – 1849 in Taney or Barry Co., MO

By Oct 1, 1850 John, Catherine and sons: John, Franklin, Edward, Henry C., James H., William, and George were in Barry Co., Kings Prairie Twp., MO.”

The Ohio River is the border for Indiana. Brown and Bartholomew Counties are north of there. There is a river system that could have been used to reach the Mississippi from Indiana, come down the Mississippi to the Missouri, to the Gasconade River, which would lead close to the Taney Co., area. John and Catherine moved to Missouri 1837 to1840 as shown by the children’s births above. There probably weren’t many roads to Taney Co., MO. The village of Springfield, MO was settled in 1830. It is said there was a trail from St. Louis to Springfield There were old Indian traces that became roads. One of the most famous early roads in this area was the Old Wire Road, also known as the Telegraph Road. Earlier the Butterfield Stage Coach used this road. Many early pioneers traveled this road to Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas. Early settlers often built their homes near this road. When family members died they were buried in cemeteries near the road. The Old Wire Road that was built along several sections of an older trail known as the Old Indian Trace, extended from the Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, Missouri down to Fort Smith Arkansas. “

According to the Missouri Historical Review the first white man in the southwest Missouri region was a native of Tennessee who was known as Edmund Jennings. After 15 year of living with the Indians and roaming the Indian hunting grounds of this area, Mr. Jennings returned to his native land in the 1820’s. The tales of adventure in this new land of promise, as related by Mr. Jennings, must have been very enticing to those struggling, hard-working pioneers from over the Cumberland Mountains. In a few years they came across the states of Tennessee and Kentucky, ferried the Mississippi River in flat boats and, with great difficulties, followed the trails and river routes that led to this area.

One of the trails was the well-known Ozark Trail that was the route of the Butterfield Overland Mail coach in 1858 was subsequently known as the “Old Wire Road” when the first telegraph line was erected in 1859. By 1837 the early pioneers had advanced to the point that a few roads had been built, a small number of cabins could be seen in clearings in the woods, and scattered farms were being cultivated.

In the years 1845-46 Shields and Harris surveyed the unsectionized part of Barry Co., MO and in the fall of 1846 the government land officers at Springfield notified the settlers on government lands, to come and prove up their pre-emptions, which was done in few cases. The majority waited some weeks, then went to the land office and entered as far as their money would allow. In order to get papers on their land, a settler had to make improvements and live on the land ten years.

The Whittington family lived on Kings Prairie until the Civil War disrupted their lives. In a letter written July 5, 1945 by Richard Whittington (son of William above) to Winona Pfander: “My Grandfather, John W. Whittington, was killed during the Civil War. The records show a Deed to some land in Barry County, Missouri in 1844, which I think was his.”…..”George W. the youngest son was 17 years old when his father was killed during the Civil War. He was standing by, and Grandmother told him to run or they would kill him too, and as he ran they shot his arm off.”…. I think my folks were from Tennessee and Kentucky.”…”Grandfather had a brother Henry, and others whom I don’t know.”
There has always been a story in the family about raiders coming to John Whittington’s and killing him in front of his family. Samuel Houston Maloney (Lucinda Whittington Maloney’s son) was suppose to have been with George when they ran for cover. It was told they hid under the porch. As John had sons fighting for the Union, it would stand to reason these were Confederate raiders but it is said they were Union Raiders.

Goodspeed’s History of Southwest MO, published 1888, Barry County, reprinted edition, page 75: John Whittington, who lived four miles west of McDonald, on King’s Prairie, was killed by the Federals. It is supposed that a foraging squad went to his house to rob him, but he showing fight and was shot down. His son, a minor, received wounds, which necessitated the amputation of the arm. Benjamin, his son, was in the State Militia."  From Goodspeed's History, 1880, Lawrence Co., MO: "Asa Wormington was killed in 1865 or 1866, on the charge of having served the Confederacy in the bush. Among the crimes attributed was roasting old man Whittington’s feet, in Barry County, to extract some information."

From: The First Century of Seligman, MO 1881-1981. "During the Civil War, the country about Seligman was divided – Union and Confederate – mostly Confederate. The area was infested with bushwhackers – groups of men, riding horse back and attaching defenseless men and women in their homes – some supported by the Union Army. One group of bushwhackers was supported by a Union captain stationed at Cassville for the purpose of robbing the people of food stuff so they couldn’t help feed the Confederate army. One great target was to confiscate the grist mills in the area, causing flour to go as high as $300 a barrel. Some bushwhackers resorted to torture and murder to obtain information as to where people might have gold or silver buried. Another bushwhacker tactic was to set neighbor against neighbor.“ With thousands of soldiers to feed, it was a starve or steal situation. If a person was reluctant to give what property the foraging parties wanted, they were dealt with harshly. From the notes of Margaret Michelson, Barry Co., MO was held by both the North and the South at different times during the Civil War and it didn’t take much for people to be shot and killed.

John W. Whittington was listed in 1850 Census as owning Real Estate worth $800. Then 10 years later in the Census of 1860, he increased the value of his real estate to $1000, but his personal property was now valued at $1800. This might indicate that he had opened a general store on this farm, just as he had done in Indiana.

From Our Easleys, page 140, John Whittington, Sr. died before March 1864 – his estate papers have that date. His estate was worth $2,341.42. the sales bill was dated April 15, 1864. Margaret Michelson: John was killed by Union raiders Apr 6, 1862 and is buried in Bethel Cemetery, Kings Prairie Township, Barry Co., MO.

Catharine was listed in the Barry Co., MO., Capps Creek Township August 6, 1870 census as living with Edward Whittington and she was 64 years old.

Margaret Michelson: Catherine died Feb 15, 1885 and is buried in Bethel Cemetery with her husband.

1 William Whittington 1844 - 1897 d: August 18, 1897 b: January 23, 1844 in Taney Co., MO  +Nancy Jane Medlin 1837 - 1929 d: December 11, 1929 m: July 14, 1869 in Lawrence Co., MO b: January 25, 1837 in Alabama
 2 Mary Elizabeth Whittington 1864 - b: 1864 +Benjamin J. Betterton 1859 - m: October 06, 1879 b: January 04, 1859
 2 Lucinda Verona Whittington 1870 - 1924 d: April 08, 1924 b: April 21, 1870 in MO +John Eli Pendergrass 1863 - 1945 d: May 06, 1945 m: April 24, 1884 b: April 24, 1863 in Tennessee
 2 Richard William Whittington* [Ones in the photo] 1872 - 1965 d: 1965 b: August 22, 1872 in Barry Co., MO
+Elca Elsie McDougald 1880 - 1962 d: 1962 m: October 14, 1894 in Barry Co., MO by L. M. Smallwood MG b: 1880
 2 Catherine Whittington 1874 - 1875 d: October 15, 1875 b: December 06, 1874
 2 Julia Belle Whittington 1876 - 1908 d: August 26, 1908 b: July 28, 1876 in Barry Co., MO +Henry Clay Cooper 1866 - 1933 d: September 1933 m: December 08, 1895 in Barry Co., MO, married by George Reed, JP b: October 07, 1866 in Kansas Territory
 2 Artelia E. Whittington 1878 - 1963 d: May 28, 1963 b: March 18, 1878 in MO, +James Shaffer 1876 - m: November 14, 1894 in Barry Co., MO by F. M. Smallwood MG b: September 1876
 2 Alzadia Alzada L. Whittington 1882 - 1919 d: July 09, 1919 b: December 07, 1882 +Elia L. Lockwood 1871 - 1917 d: 1917 m: December 24, 1899 b: 1871  *2nd Husband of Alzadia Alzada L. Whittington: +Monroe Lee Betterton 1872 - 1920 d: July 09, 1920 m: Aft. 1910 b: March 24, 1872 in Barry Co., MO Monroe murdered Alzadia.

Retta (Richard's daughter) told Margaret Michelson the story of the murder and said thought it was Alzadia and that she was putting on her hat to leave on the train. Margaret thought maybe she was leaving Betterton and that is why he killed her. Retta also said that her father said it was wrong to hate but he couldn't help hating Betterton for killing his sister. Retta indicated that Alzadia's children were present at the shooting.

Also: Monroe Betteron murdered Alzadia July 9, 1919. She was preparing to leave on the train. He shot her while she was standing beside a mirror to put on her hat. In 1897 Monroe was sentenced to life in the Missouri Penitentiary for killing Rosie Hudson during a drunken brawl on the road between Pierce City and Monett. He was pardoned in April 1919. In November 1919 he was convicted of murdering his wife in Vinita, OK, and was executed in July 1920 at the prison at McAlester, OK. Note from Jerri McCoy

Richard and Elsie when young. They lived at Eagle Rock and owned the stone Eagle Rock store. They are buried at Munsey Cemetery, located near Eagle Rock, and just below Roaring River. 


1 Richard William Whittington 1872 - 1965 d: 1965 b: August 22, 1872 in Barry Co., MO +Elca Elsie McDougald 1880 - 1962 d: 1962 m: October 14, 1894 in Barry Co., MO, married by L. M. Smallwood, MG b: 1880
2 Elva W. Whittington 1895 - 1895 d: December 04, 1895 b: October 20, 1895
2 Albert Claude Whittington 1896 - 1972 d: May 27, 1972 b: April 29, 1896 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., MO, +Nancy Rozetta Kelley 1894 - 1970 d: July 16, 1970 m: July 27, 1914 in Barry Co., MO, married by M. W. Coons b: November 24, 1894 *2nd Wife of Albert Claude Whittington: +Margaret Linley 1908 - 1954 d: 1954 m: Aft. 1920 b: 1908 *3rd Wife of Albert Claude Whittington: +Ruth 1896 - 1972 d: March 03, 1972 m: Aft. 1954 b: November 14, 1896
2 Claribell Maud Whittington 1899 - b: September 18, 1899
2 Retta Jane Whittington 1902 - b: February 08, 1902 +McNabb *2nd Husband of Retta Jane Whittington:
+Fred James m: July 06, 1918
2 George Alvah Whittington 1907 - 1909 d: June 28, 1909 b: December 01, 1907

Richard and Elsie when older when they lived on the Hall Place across Roaring River from Eagle Rock and the old Mill site. Photo owner is Mary Johnson, used with permission from Darla Marbut.

This photo is from the photo files of Darla Marbut and is of Claude Whittington, Rosetta Kelly, Charley Bradford, Nora Schaffer

1 Christopher Greenup Kelley 1840 - 1916 d: January 19, 1916 b: January 01, 1840 in Johnson Co., IL, +Kitty Noble 1844 - m: 1856 b: Abt. 1844 in Johnson Co., IL, *2nd Wife of Christopher Greenup Kelley: +Cordelia Howard 1840 - 1887 d: April 09, 1887 m: October 06, 1862 in Lincoln Co., MO b: Abt. 1840 in Wheeling, Ohio Co., WV
2 Mary Ladona Kelley 1864 - 1943 d: March 20, 1943 b: September 18, 1864 in Barry Co., MO +Henry Clay Skelton 1853 - 1904 d: March 20, 1904 m: September 22, 1883 in 250 b: May 23, 1853 in Barry Co., MO
2 Sylvester Marion Kelley 1867 - 1954 d: March 01, 1954 b: July 19, 1867 in Barry Co., MO +Delilah Loduska Lough - 1954 d: 1954 m: August 04, 1889 in MO
2 Rosa Leuna Kelley 1870 - 1952 d: July 1952 b: October 14, 1870 +Noah Adams m: April 18, 1889 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., MO
2 Cordelia Christiana "Tenie" Kelley 1872 - 1955 d: December 12, 1955 b: November 11, 1872 in Barry Co., MO +Elisha Mailton/Hamelton Hyde m: March 28, 1900 in MO
2 John Hiram Kelley 1875 - 1956 d: May 03, 1956 b: June 09, 1875 in Barry Co., MO +Emma Josephine Whittington 1883 - m: January 27, 1898 in Mano, Barry Co., MO b: May 16, 1883 in Barry Co., MO *3rd Wife of Christopher Greenup Kelley: +Violet Elvira Pringle Weaver 1859 - 1915 d: February 16, 1915 m: November 05, 1879 in Council Grove, Morris Co., KS b: February 01, 1859 in Paducah, McCracken Co., KY
2 Daisy Mabel Kelley 1880 - 1928 d: May 28, 1928 b: July 28, 1880 in Barry Co., MO +Charlie Davis 1877 - m: Abt. January 1897 in Barry Co., MO b: Abt. 1877
2 Madora Alice Kelley 1882 - 1952 d: November 28, 1952 b: April 23, 1882
2 Vesta Pearl Kelley 1884 - 1965 d: November 25, 1965 b: February 24, 1884
2 Kathyrn Elvira Kelley 1886 - 1970 d: March 18, 1970 b: February 12, 1886 +Leroy Luce Stryker
2 Nanetta Kelley 1888 - b: 1888
2 Rozetta Kelley 1888 - b: 1888
2 Grace Cardin Kelley 1889 - 1918 d: November 03, 1918 b: July 24, 1889
2 Joseph Benjamin Kelley 1892 - 1953 d: September 04, 1953 b: October 19, 1892
2 Nancy Rozetta Kelley 1894 - 1970 d: July 16, 1970 b: November 24, 1894 +Albert Claude Whittington 1896 - 1972 d: May 27, 1972 m: July 27, 1914 in Barry Co., MO, married by M. W. Coons b: April 29, 1896 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., MO
2 William Orson Kelley 1896 - 1952 d: May 03, 1952 b: May 16, 1896
2 Christopher Cornelius Kelley 1899 - 1948 d: December 25, 1948 b: September 29, 1899 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., MO +Jeanette Leora Preddy m: August 06, 1921 in Ellsworth, KS
2 Leonard Kelley 1901 - 1901 d: 1901 b: 1901 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., MO

Descendants of Jonah Casper Bradford

1 Jonah Casper Bradford aka: Cap, b: May 1867 in Indiana d: 1937 in Barry Co., Missouri Burial: Munsey Cemetery, Barry Co., MO +Elizabeth Parish aka: Lizzie b: September 29, 1873 in Barry Co., Missouri m: February 10, 1892 in Barry Co., MO d: February 26, 1958 in Barry Co., Missouri Burial: Munsey Cemetery, Barry Co., MO

2 Charles Albert Bradford b: March 15, 1893 in Barry Co., Missouri d: April 04, 1966 in VA Hospital, Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR Burial: Munsey Cemetery, Barry Co., MO + name unknown,  m: Abt. 1913  *2nd Wife of Charles Albert Bradford: +Ola A. Hoover b: 1899 m: Aft. 1930 in Barry Co., MO d: 1981 in Barry Co., Missouri Burial: Munsey Cemetery, Barry Co., MO

2 Gertrude Bradford b: May 1894 in Barry Co., Missouri  + James Albert Easley - aka: Ab, b: June 05, 1889 in Barry Co., Missouri m: in Barry Co., Missouri d: October 02, 1949 *2nd Husband of Gertrude Bradford: +Jess Lynch b: Abt. 1894  

2 Bessie Ellen Bradford b: February 11, 1896 in Barry Co., Missouri d: February 09, 1982 in Mano, Barry Co., Missouri +Homer Shrum b: Abt. 1891 in Barry Co., Missouri m: November 26, 1911 in Barry Co., MO d: September 05, 1982 in Mano, Barry Co., Missouri

2 Evert W. Bradford b: August 22, 1898 in Barry Co., Missouri d: September 14, 1950 in Barry Co., Missouri  +Olive Ruth Montgomery b: December 29, 1899 in Barry Co., Missouri d: October 16, 1982 in Barry Co., Missouri

2 Earl Bradford b: June 13, 1904 in Barry Co., Missouri d: March 05, 1990 in Barry Co., Missouri +Nadine Jordon b: July 03, 1914 in Barry Co., Missouri

2 Jewell Bradford b: September 14, 1907 in Barry County, Missouri d: October 19, 1985 in Barry County, Missouri  +Herman Russell Ball   b: April 29, 1905 in Barry County, Missouri m: September 08, 1928 in Exeter, Barry Co., MO d: April 29, 1981 in Barry County, Missouri

2 Olive Wilson Bradford aka: Jake, b: July 09, 1913 in Barry Co., Missouri  +Charlene Bertha Bowen  *2nd Wife of Olive Wilson Bradford:  +Charlene Williamson


Elizabeth Bradford, Eagle Rock, MO, Roaring River Twp., born Barry County, MO, Sept 29, 1873, age 84, widowed. Husband was J. C. "Cap" Bradford, and her closest relative was given as Mrs. Herman Ball, Seligman, MO. Father was listed as George Parrish and mother was given as Mary Yates. She died Feb 26, 1958, and was a housewife, and her funeral was March 2, 1958 at the Eagle Rock Baptist Church, burial at Munsey Cemetery. Culver's Chapel, Vol. 8, page 11, T & I Enterprises

1900 Federal Population Schedules, Barry Co., MO, Roaring River, Twp., house #87, family # 87 listed Jasper Bradford, age 33, born May 1867, in Indiana, with Indiana born parents. He had been married 8 years. His wife was given as Elizabeth, age 26, born in MO, Sept 1874. She listed that both of her parents were born in MO. She had been married 8 years and had given birth to 4 children and had 4 living children. Children were given as Charles A., born Mar 1893, age 7, born in MO; Gertrude F., May 1894,  age 6, born in MO;  Bessie E., age 4, born Feb 1896, in MO. Only 3 of their 4 children were listed. Living next door was George and Mary Parish. George was born Jan 1845 and was 55 years old and was born in IN, with IN born parents. Mary was born August 1866, and was age 33, and was born in MO with MO born parents. They had been married 4 years. Mary had given birth to 6 children and had 5 children living. Living in the household were the Knee step-children.

1910 Federal Population Schedules, Barry Co., MO, Roaring River Twp., household 3, family 3, listed was Jonah C. Bradford, farmer, doing general farming, age 40, married 18 years, and married one time. He was born in Iowa and listed that he had Indiana born parents. Lizzie, his wife was age 34, born in Missouri, and listed that her father was born in Indiana and her mother was born in Kansas. She had been married 18 years, and had given birth to 6 children and had 6 living children. They were listed as Charley, 17; Gertie, 15; Bessie, 13; Curt, 11; Earl, 6; and Jewel, 2. All were born in MO. Living in the household was Mary Parish, mother-in-law, age 60. She was divorced and reported that she was born in Kansas, and that her father was born in KY and her mother born in OH. They lived between Finas M. Ball and Walter Pendergraft. Also in the neighborhood was William H. Burris and family and Thomas R. Garrett and family.


In 1880 George and Mary Parish were living in Barry Co., MO.  They lived in Roaring River Twp., and were located just two doors away from Sidney and Margaret Russell.  George was age 49, born in IN, and listed his father born in NY and his mother in VA. Mary F. Parish, was age 38, born in IL, but did not list where her parents were born. Children were given as Hester, age 15; Lotta, age 11; Cara, age 9; William, age 8; Lizzie, age 6; and Burton, age 3. All the children were born in Kansas.  [Family History Library Film 1254672, NA Film Number T9-0672, Page Number 330D]

Living next door was Mary Parish, widow, age 70, born in NY, and she reported that her parents were born in Ireland. Children in the house are given as grandchildren and are listed as Thomas Hud, grandson, age 15, born in KS, father born in PA, mother in IN, and William Hud, grandson, age 13, born in KS, father born in PA, and mother in IN.

1 Elias C. Shaffer, Jr 1872 - b: April 1872 in Logan Co., OH +Jennie Smallwood 1876 - m: July 04, 1895 in Barry Co., MO b: Abt.1876 in MO
2 Rosa B. Shaffer 1896 - b: March 1896
2 Bertha Mae Shaffer 1898 - 1993 d: June 03, 1993 b: October 01, 1898 +Ola Farwell 1894 - 1988 d: September 06, 1988 m: 1919 b:
September 19, 1894 in Roach, Barry Co., MO
2 Augusta Shaffer 1901 - b: Abt. 1901
2 Gertrude Shaffer 1901 - b: Abt. 1901
2 Neva Shaffer 1906 - b: Abt. 1906
2 Harold Shaffer 1909 - b: Abt. 1909


Margaret Michelson’s Whittington Outline.
Winona Whittington Pfander’s book entitled Brown – Whittington
Darla Ball Marbut’s book, Our Easleys
Roaring River Realities by Wanda Eve Brewer
Goodspeed’s History of Southwest MO, published 1888, Barry County
A variety of newspaper stories
Family stories

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William Simpson was born in Warrick Co., IN, died because they lived near where she lived when she was first married.  William H. & Louisa (Bristow) Simpson  Louisa was the third wife of Alfred Reed, who was the father of the above mentioned George Reed. Louisa's husband had died in MO, and so she went back to Warrick County after his death and there married Alfred Reed and they moved to Barry County where he'd already been living. He was her second husband. After Alfred Reed died, Louisa moved to Van Buren County, AR and married a Mr. Allred. He was her third husband. After he died she moved to LeFlore Co., OK where she died. Her burial place is unknown but her probable burial spot is in Hontubby Cemetery, next to her son William Green Simpson. Living also in LeFlore County were several of the Reed children as well as some of the Simpson children. Her daughter America Simpson and her husband Elijah Bailey were also there in LeFlore.

Another page that has more on the Tucker family and their connection to the Haddock family is this one: Tucker Families of Benton County, AR - Listed are Nora Bell (Haddock) & Charles Kennion Tucker of Benton Co., AR and family. Nora Bell was the daughter of Richard Ransom Haddock and his wife Sarah Browning. She was the grand daughter of Charles and Susan (Meyers) Rumbaugh Haddock.

The Easley Family of Eagle Rock, Barry Co., MO, and their connection to many of the early families of that area. The Easley family had many connections to the early settlers of Barry County, especially to the Eagle Rock, Roaring River, and Munsey areas of Barry County. Darla Marbut's work on this area is without a doubt far above what is usually seen in genealogy publications.

The Tucker Families of Barry Co., MO They were a large family and had many connections to the Eagle Rock area as well as to Roaring River and Munsey areas. Darla Marbut's excellent work on the Tucker family brings them into being for all of us. Her photos of this family are certainly a treasure, too.

Eagle Rock, Barry Co., MO, Study - This page has a lot of data about Eagle Rock in the early days and also mentions the Easley family connections to other families in the area. Darla Marbut's study on Eagle Rock is a vital part of what we know and understand about that part of Barry County, MO.

Barry County Stories - Page One  - by Darla Marbut - There is some Easley data on this page.

Ball families of Barry County MO, and their connection to the Reed family.

The Maloney family of Eagle Rock and Roaring River, along with their family connections.

Barry County, MO Newspaper Items



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