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Zachariah & Chloe (Albritton) Haddock's descendants and

  David C. Haddock's Descendants in GA

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John Lavador & Elizabeth (Haddock) Ledford's descendants

Lucy Ledford: Lucy was born September 09, 1889 and she died August 20, 1952 at Milledgeville, Baldwin County, GA. She was married to Harry Monroe Howard on April 24, 1904 at Dalton, Whitfield Co., GA. She married Albert V. Toney, Sr. on September 08, 1915.  Lucy was a railroad widow and had a freepass to anywhere, anytime. This was one of the main reasons why she did so much work on the family tree in the 1930s and 1940s. Lucy fell and broke her hip and was not found for 4 or 5 days. She never really recovered. Ref: From the family research files of Jacquelyn Sue (Lochridge) DeFoor.

Lucy Ledford Howard Toney was working on family history long before most people thought of such things. She was a "railroad widow" and had a railroad pass, she could go anywhere and she went everywhere. When she died her son Ralph Howard had the bulk of her work. What happened to it after his death is unknown. From the family research files of Jacquelyn Sue (Lochridge) DeFoor.

David Crenshaw Haddock, Sr. & wife Lydia Longley [Langley?]

David Crenshaw Haddock arrived with his family in Georgia in the 1840's, residing first in Catoosa Co. then on to Whitfield Co, residing in Hamilton Co., TN, and Alabama for periods in between his Georgia stays. David was married to Elizabeth Ault about 1828, in TN, with whom he had nine children. It is believed that Elizabeth died in childbirth, as her death date is the same as the birth date of her daughter, Elizabeth.

David married a second time to Selena Bayliss and produced a son named Horace, born abt 1851. His wife died soon after childbirth and the maternal grandparents raised the little boy that was named Horace. He is located in the Federal Population Schedules, US Census records by the name of Horace Bayliss.

David's next marriage was to Lydia Longley/Langley. They had seven children, the first four were born in Hamilton Co., TN, and the last three born in Whitfield Co., GA. [Ref: From the files of Judy Haddock Swan]

The photo of David and Lydia Haddock is from the files of Jackie DeFloor, Haddock researcher, and descendant of Zachariah and Chloe (Albritton) Haddock.

In 1930 Elizabeth (Haddock) Ledford was living with her daughter in Fulton County, GA. She was age 82 and a widow.

In 1930 Lucy was 41 years old and living with her was her mother-in-law Elizabeth. That census record reads: 1930 Federal Population Schedules, US Census, Buckhead Twp., District 146, Fulton County, Georgia, Albert V. Toney, was listed as the head of household, age 48, born in Georgia. He first married at age 24. His parents were born in Georgia and he was an inspector for the rail road. His wife, Lucy, was age 41, born in GA. She first married at age 17. She listed that her parents were born in GA. Children were listed as Ralph, age 22, born in GA. He listed that both of his parents were born in GA. And his name was not listed as Ralph Howard but as Ralph Toney. He was an auto mechanic. Albert, was age 14, born in GA. And living in the house was Elizabeth Ledford, mother-in-law, age 82, widower, born in GA. She listed that her parent's birth place was GA.

John L. and Elizabeth (Haddock) Ledford are buried at West Hill Cemetery, section E, in Dalton, Georgia. Their daughter Josephine and her family as well as Elizabeth’s brother Henry Haddock and his family are all buried in the this same Cemetery lot. Ref: From the family research files of Jacquelyn Sue (Lochridge) DeFoor.

In 1920 John Lockridge was 39 years old and his son Earl was age 7. That record reads: 1920 Federal Population Schedules, US Census, Whitfield County, Dalton, ED# 198 listed as head of household, John Lockridge, age 39, born in GA. He listed both of his parents as born in GA. His wife was listed as Josie, age 37, born in GA. She listed that both of her parents were born in GA. Children listed were Max, son, age 16, born in GA; Clara, daughter, age 11, born in GA; and their son Earl, age 7, born in GA. he lived between Jessie Calloway and John W. Collum.

John Lewis Lochridge was a Fireman on a work train. On June 19, 1924 a switchman made a fatal error and turned a passenger train from Atlanta head on into the work train. John jumped clear with his railroad watch in his hand, when the trains hit, his engine crushed him to death. Josie was on the passenger train. The indentions from John’s fingers stayed in the watchcase, which his son Earl carried for many years. In the 1960’s Earl took the watch to be cleaned and the watch repairman thinking to do him a favor took the dents out of the case. Lucky for him the dents came right back! The watch is now owned by John L. Lochridge’s Great Grandson John Patrick Austin O’Daniel of Calhoun, GA. Ref: From the family research files of Jacquelyn Sue (Lochridge) DeFoor.



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