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HAND COUNTY SOUTH DAKOTA - Genealogy & Family Research Center
It's an unusual family that has neither a lady of the evening nor a thief.
If you're searching for family in central South Dakota, you've come to the right place!
I would like to believe when I die that I have given myself away like a tree that sows seed every spring and never counts the loss, because it is not loss, it is adding to future life. It is the tree's way of being. Strongly rooted perhaps, but spilling out its treasure on the wind."
--- May Sarton, 1912-95
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This site contains a ton of SURNAMES
dates, places & photos!!
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1930's-40's HC rural & town school boards & teachers - HC History - 1913 8th grade grads - maps, inc. townships; owners
1950-1963 Class Photos
Yearbook Indexes
Old Yearbook Photos & Indexes
Miller Hi-Lite articles
Vol 1-1928 Rustler yearbook
1927 50th reunion photo (1977)
Updated by Carolyn S. Rosemore 26 Jan 2010
Planning to add excerpts from old Ree Heights Review paper and vintage photos.
Ree Heights
Transcriptions, photos, & plot maps: St. Lawrence, Miller GAR, Hillcrest, & St. Ann's,  Beulah, Buffalo, Burdette, Cedar, Holden, Howell, Rose Hill, Wessington.
Hold cursor over the What's New?  to view the latest additions!
Redfield, Tulare, Frankfort, Northville, Conde, Doland, Turton & Mellette vintage photos.
Buffalo & St. John's cemeteries.
RHS 1940 grads & 1930 Yrbk
Bingham  -  Siegling
Kenyon   -   Mast
Wessington - WHS Alumni
Twp. Maps, Links, Town photos, 1958 Yrbk, Reconst. 1913 Times  newspaper. .Cemetery!
Rosemore           Heinmann
Stonefield           Boardman
What's New?
1886 SL Census - Pioneer list - Dr. J.B. Taylor - Vintage  Photos
1936-44 Sr photos; 1945-1962 Yearbook Indexes - Stu & Fac Photos;  Early Census; Reunion photos - Alumni obits
Pioneer St.Lawrence newspaper. Locals & Personals, Business & Professional Ads, Dakota State News! Check SURNAMES!
1883 Businesses + Index
Old Town Photos
1901 Bus & Prof Men Photos
1926 &1940's HHS Yearbook Indexes &  Photos - Vintage Highmore photos - Hyde Co Cemetery Resources 
In Loving Memory
Tributes in photos, music &  obits
1641 Birth Records 1881-1904
2 Sorts:Child's Surname &  Mother's Maiden Name!
1905 HC Births added!
Hand County, South Dakota
Genealogy & Family Research Center
With a peek into Beadle, Hyde, & Spink!
Old Ree Heights Review (by decades), HC News,  Obits by years, & Misc. obits (to 1995). New MISC obits

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Music Memories

1905-1962 Midis

Hit songs your ancestor's listened or danced to.
New tunes added.
Karen Hammer-Seeman
Hand Co.  info. Check  her site too!
Links to other helpful sites.
  Should you see anything on this site, such as names,  photos, pieces of your own research, or any other item (including articles you may have written) that you feel should not be shown, please E-Mail,  describing such items, along with verification of who you are and how such items relate to you. Determination will be made as to it's removal.
  A site to benefit all
is desired. CSR
My Father's words to me in 1975 still ring in my ears. "Girl, you have a million dollars worth of information." He was referring to the St. Lawrence Alumni material I'd compiled; bios, family photos, Senior photos (1936-1962), SLHS yearbooks (1945, 1947-1962),  Student Life papers (1934-1943), school censuses  and more! My original mission was to preserve the memory of the St. Lawrence School and those who attended until it closed in 1962. I am now doing the same for the Ree Heights School which closed in 1963. (1950-1963 photos & yearbook indexes, and more!

Miller High School is alive and well.  Old yearbook photos and Miller Hi-Lite  excerpts are being added. Stop in and read the new Morrie's Stories by 1953 graduate, Maurice Karst.

Read the early
Hand County News reconstructed newpapers, obits, photos, bios, history !

Hand County birth records (1640) to 1904 plus 1905, sorted & online. Search by father & child's surname OR mother's maiden!

HC 1912 Township (showing landowners) range maps. All 40! Plus surname index.

Hand County Cemeteries, Tombstone Inscriptions & Photos are being added! Plus two in
Spink County !

Old Highmore business ads and town photos are posted! Most 1940's Highmore High School yearbooks are indexed. Senior photos and other classes are being added. 1927 ('26 Seniors) HHS yearbook photos!

Enjoy a trip back in time with a pictorial review of Redfield and other Spink County towns, including Tulare, Frankfort, Northville, Conde, Doland,  Mellette & Turton.  Buffalo Cemetery is online. I hope to complete St. John's.

Wessington site!  Includes township range maps, town & cemetery photos (Wessington Cemetery is across line into Hand County), & links.  1958 WHS Warrior Yearbook is online!  ** On a sad note, May 14, 2004... last day for the Wessington school.  It was voted to close it.  Kids will now be attending either Wolsey (Beadle Co.) or Miller (Hand Co.) schools.  Like St. Lawrence & Ree Heights, I hope Wessington  can be remembered.  None of these schools should ever be forgotten .  Hang on to those yearbooks!!  csr

Neither Dad nor I envisioned an"Information Super Highway", but I'm sure my compulsion to rescue and treasure all this "stuff" was in preparation for this site.  Many are looking for missing puzzle pieces, so please consider this a Research Center for "Everyone's Family", including mine: Bingham, Kenyon, Siegling, and Mast. Enjoy!! CSR
Cemetery:  A marble orchard not to be taken for granite.
This site is entirely my own labor of love, and not a part of the SD GenWeb Hand County site!

Carolyn S. Rosemore
Webmaster - Photographer
(c) 2004
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