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From "St. Lawrence - Then and Now" - 1989 compiled by Phyllis (Winsell) Resel

FUGATE, George and Nancy Ann (Davis)
Submitted by Barbara Alley (Mrs. James Alley - s/o Clifford and Hazel Alley)

George Fugate, son of Stephen and Margaret Fugate was born in Coles County, Illinois February 8, 1879.  He married Nancy Ann Davis on February 28, 1900.  Nancy was born in Moultrie County, Illinois on August 4, 1881.  After marriage they resided in Illinois, until they moved to Hand County, South Dakota in  1909.  They moved to a farm south of
Miller.  The family moved household goods and horses and stock in a boxcar. 

The family came by railroad with children:  Frances (b. 1901), George (b. 1903), Hazel (b. 1906).  Helen (b. 1910), Lee (b. 1912), Wayne (b. 1916), and Marvin (b. 1922-died at 2 mos.) [*1] were born in Hand County.

After several years of dry weather and poor crops, they bought the general store in St. Lawrence from F.A. Altenow.  The Fugate family moved to St. Lawrence in December 1911. 

George Fugate was Fuel Administrator for Hand County during World War I.  He was also appointed Postmaster for St. Lawrence by President Wilson.  Fugate was a Democrat.

The depression came in the 1920's to South Dakota with State Bank failures.  He had a financial interest in a bank that failed.  He moved the family to Miller, and after 1925 he went to Idaho to find work and located near his son, George.

Nancy Ann worked at the Miller hospital from 1926 to 1932.  George and Nancy were divorced in 1930.

Nancy was married in 1932 to Samuel Alley, son of Elihu and Lois Alley, an uncle of her son-in-law, Clifford Alley.

George Fugate died of a stroke at Idaho Falls, Idaho on January 28, 1952 and was buried there. 

Nancy Ann (Davis) Fugate-Alley died of heart failure at her daughter, Helen's home in North Dakota on September 28, 1970 and was buried in IOOF Cemetery in St. Lawrence, South Dakota.

[*1] - Year of births from back of Nancy's tombstone. - Marvin was not listed in Barbara's bio.
[*2] - Added "son of Elihu and Lois Alley" from Alley info in "Bring On The Pioneers" 1978 by Scott Heidpriem.

Tombstone Photos by Carolyn S. Rosemore - Miller, SD
Clifford 1902-1988 
Hazel 1906-1987
Miller G.A.R. Cemetery
Sigrid E. 1912 - ______ Davis Lee 1912 - 1983 
St. Lawrence IOOF Cemetery
Nancy Davis Fugate-Alley Plot
Nancy, Davis Lee, Wayne, Marvin
St. Lawrence IOOF Cemetery
Frances 1901, Geo Jr. 1905, Hazel 1906, Helen 1910, Lee 1912, Wayne 1916, Marvin 1922
St. Lawrence IOOF Cemetery
Nancy Anna (Davis) Fugate Alley 1881 - 1970
St. Lawrence IOOF Cemetery
Wayne Patrick 
June 23, 1916 - August 8, 1990
St. Lawrence IOOF Cemetery
Hazel (Fugate) & Clifford Alley
50th Anniversary 1984
Married Dec. 10, 1934
Geo. Fugate General Store
L-R: Fred Barnes, George Fugate, Don Beals, Opal Wilson, Hazel Fugate - 1919
Click here for larger "close-up" 
Click here for large photo showing full interior of store from which the above was cropped.
St. Lawrence, South Dakota
Frances (Fugate) 1901-1991 
Charles Everand Reeves
St. Lawrence IOOF Cemetery
Marvin Eugene
Oct. 16, 1922 - Dec. 13, 1922
St. Lawrence IOOF Cemetery
Frances (Fugate) Reeves
Charles Everand Reeves 
c. 1968
The Fugate Girls
Fugate Sisters 1979
Hazel, Helen, Frances
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