USGS Cemetery Index for Hand County, South Dakota

      17 Feature records have been selected from GNIS.*
Feature Name              St County   Type Latitude Longitude USGS

      Alden Cemetery            SD Hand cemetery 444039N 0990713W Ree Heights NE
Beulah Cemetery           SD Hand cemetery 443622N 0984822W Miller NE
Burdette Cemetery         SD Hand cemetery 444201N 0984713W Burdette
      Calvary Cemetery          SD Hand cemetery 444658N 0990635W Polo
Cedar Cemetery            SD Hand cemetery 441639N 0991326W Miller Dale Colony SW
      Ebenezer Baptist Cemetery SD Hand cemetery 441238N 0985420W Mittelstedt Slough
G A R Cemetery            SD Hand cemetery 443028N 0985909W Miller
Howell Cemetery           SD Hand cemetery 444633N 0985836W Rockham SW
I.O.O.F. Hillcrest        SD Hand cemetery                  Miller
    * Mondamin Cemetery         SD Hand cemetery Mondamin Twp. 109 N 69 W Sec. 27

      Morningside Cemetery      SD Hand cemetery 443053N 0991125W Ree Heights
      New Zion Cemetery         SD Hand cemetery 441216N 0984914W Cottonwood Lake
      Orient-Prairieview Cem.   SD Hand cemetery 445250N 0990520W Orient
      Rosehill Cemetery         SD Hand cemetery 441753N 0984623W Vayland SE
Saint Anns Cemetery       SD Hand cemetery 443120N 0985824W Miller
Saint Lawrence Cemetery   SD Hand cemetery 443145N 0985556W Miller
      Saint Michaels Cemetery   SD Hand cemetery 444949N 0990638W Polo
Holden Sunbeam Cemetery   SD Hand cemetery 444040N 0985027W Burdette
Wessington(Beadle Co)Cem  SD Hand cemetery 442725N 0984237W Wessington

St. Mary's Catholic Cem - Zell, SD is on south side of hwy 212 in HAND COUNTY, altho town of Zell is located in FAULK COUNTY on north side of hwy 212. 1930's WPS project list.

02-14-2003 Cemeteries in bold are either completed & online, transcribed & photographed and headed online, or have been partially done.
I would like to locate any tiny, abandoned homestead or pasture burial plots.  If you know of such in Hand Co., please let me know. Thanks. CSR
  * not listed on GNIS