Cemetery Resources - Highmore, Hyde County, South Dakota
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Highmore, Hyde County, South Dakota
Cemetery Resources
Last updated by Carolyn S. Rosemore 24 Jul 2003

Latitude 443027 N   0992511 W Longitude
~ Driving Directions to St. Mary's Catholic & Highmore City Cemeteries ~

From Hwy 14 - driving from the west:
1 mile east of Highmore gas stations to mile marker 279 (locals know this as "the Jennings road". (mile marker is on west side of turn).  There is also an electrical substation on the northeast corner at turn.  Turn south 1 mile to stop sign.  Cross road and continue south 1/2 mile to St. Mary's & Highmore City cemeteries.

From Hwy 14 - driving from the east:  Watch for
mile marker 279, one mile before you reach Highmore! Turn south - 1 1/2 miles.

From within town of Highmore: (main street is Hwy 47 or Iowa Ave - no markers out of town).  Go to
south edge of townAt watertower, turn east on 8th street.; go 1 mile east (from watertower).  Turn south on first road --- go 1/2 miles to St. Mary's cemetery on west side of road or Highmore City Cemetery on east side of road.

Note:  It appears that Catholic Cemetery is in Highmore Township, while to the east, the City Cemetery is in Bramhall township.

Thanks to Marla Blaseg McGeorge for driving directions!  csr
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5 feature records have been selected from GNIS.
Feature Name                  Latitude  Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
Bohemian Cemetery         444736N 0991955W Rezac Lake

Highmore Cemetery          443027N 0992511W Highmore
St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery is directly west of City Cemetery

Immaculate Conception    451439N 0992721W Onaka
Pleasant View Cemetery  444409N 0992928W Mitchell Lake
Spring Lake Cemetery      444739N 0993340W Thomas Lake

Highmore City Cemetery Plot Map
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