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Encouraged by his daughter, Michelle, to put on paper the stories he's told of growing up in Miller, South Dakota, 1953 MHS graduate and 20-year career Navy man, Maurice Karst has agreed to share a number of these stories of  family and friends and "small-town America". 

If you are or were from Miller, SD, you'll recognize many of the people and events. Maybe you were "there at the time".  If you aren't from this area, but grew up in a small town, you'll "relate"!.

Those of you who served in the
Navy with Morrie aren't exempt from his stories either!

FYI: Our own Hand County story-teller,  Maurice D. Karst, CPO Ret.,  is included in the recently published book, Guardians of the Eagle, by John D. Messer, Retired Chief Petty Officer.
I've read this, and cover-to-cover, it's a "2-thumbs up" book! 
If you haven't read yet, what are you waiting for? 
Now, enjoy a trip down memory lane.
Window Peekers
The Carnival
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No fish tales here .... everything is true!   Morrie

Old Geezers
(Not written by Morrie...but a favorite of his.)

The Pike
The Early Years
Small Town America
Time Goes By
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Navy Daze
Memories of Michelle
Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to
fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day!
Inside every old man is a young man wondering, "What the hell happened?"
Info as to the whereabouts of Phil (?) "Beertruck" Boutwell.
The Old Catfish would like to make contact. If anyone knows, please email Morrie! 
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** Just Published... **
Congrats Morrie on your new book!
These and more stories are now available in book form. I'm not sure who's more thrilled and excited....Morrie, me, or his family, friends, and many fans.  This book would be a wonderful gift for our "older parents" who may not have computer access.  I'm sure our Hand County story-teller has more stories to tell....we'll have to push him for a sequel.

* pub by iUniverse -  also listed with B&N & others.

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New for 2006!!
Is this the start of the sequel?