Wanted: John T. Nelson - $25 Reward - 1911 postcard to Hand Co., SD Sheriff
$25 RewarD John T. Nelson
Genealogy & Family Research Center
The following postcard, addressed to Sheriff Miller, SD, offering a $25 reward for John T. Nelson, 19, and mailed by C.E. Coyne, Sheriff of Sully County, SD on January 27, 1911 at Fort Pierre, was shared by Cathy Banning.  Thank you. 

She wrote:
I have this old postcard, addressed to "Sheriff:" Miller SD that I thought might be interesting for your web page.  My mothers Uncle, Steve Murphy and his family lived in Miller until they passed away. Cathy Banning
I wonder if Mr. Nelson was ever caught?  Just think how many days could have passed between the time it was known he had "skipped out" with Milt Young's belongings, the sheriff would have been notified, the newspaper publisher would probably have been the one to have printed the postcards, the sheriff still had to hand address them to all the South Dakota county sheriffs, mail them, and have them received by those sheriffs.  Not your modern-day APB, is it? <g>  ...csr