SLHS 1945 Freshmen Class - St. Lawrence, (Hand Co.) South Dakota
SLHS 1945 Freshmen Class
St. Lawrence High School
St . Lawrence,  South Dakota

From the first SLHS Yearbook
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~ 1945 St. Lawrence High School Freshmen Class
Top to Bottom:

Vincent Moon - Wallace Verdugt - Donald Cotton - Kenneth VanZee - Clyde Fanning - Kentner Hudson

Junior Oligmueller * - Robert Templeton - Wayne Hurlbut - Wayne VanDenBerg - Russell Fischer - Miss ____ Pierce, advisor **

Doris Parks - Maxine Philips - Shirley Ehrich - Anne Fanning - Elvina Becker - Florence Marshall
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* Herman Oligmueller, Jr. AKA "Junior"
** No first name in yearbook for Miss Pierce
From Freshmen yearbook page:
At the beginning of the year there were nineteen enrolled in our class.  About two months later we lost two of our members, Charles Jones and Gene McCue.