1958 SLHS Intermediate 4th, 5th, 6th Classes - St. Lawrence, (Hand Co., ) South Dakota
1958 SLHS Intermediate Grades Photo
4th, 5th and 6th grade classes
St . Lawrence,  South Dakota
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1958 SLHS Yearbook
Intermediate Class
4th, 5th,  and 6th Grades - St. Lawrence, South Dakota

Front row:  Denny Fanning, Robert King, Dennis Kulm, Dennis Johnson, Nicky Carter.

Second row:  Carol Davis, Ned Nelson, Diana Dague, John Vitters, Peggy Nelson, Anita Gortmaker, Kathy Hall.

Third row:  Shirley Gortmaker, Maxon Conkey, Jerry Vitters, Coralee Rediger, Duane Hargens, Ethel Duncan, Mike Klapperich, Jim Aalbers, Betty Mohn.

Fourth row:  Twyla Conkey, Gary Sessions, Tommy Cotton, David Glanzer, Scottie Kane, Curtis Westby, Diane Chalcraft, Mrs. Helen (E.A.) Andersen.