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Spink County, South Dakota
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25 Feature records have been selected from GNIS
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Feature Name      St County USGS 7.5' Map              
      Ashton Cemetery         SD Spink 445929N   0983121W  Redfield North
      Baldwin Cemetery        SD Spink 450647N   0982021W  Brentford SE
Buffalo Cemetery        SD Spink 444131N   0984107W  Tulare NW
      Calvary Cemetery        SD Spink 450956N   0982937W  Mellette
      Clifton Cemetery        SD Spink 450038N   0981911W  Brentford SE
      Crandon Cemetery        SD Spink 444657N   0982637W  Frankfort SW
      Doland Cemetery         SD Spink 445358N   0980458W  Doland
      Ebenezer Cemetery       SD Spink 444537N   0981047W  Doland SW
      Fairview Cemetery       SD Spink 450936N   0983503W  Northville
      Garfield Cemetery       SD Spink 443944N   0983313W  Tulare
      Graceland Cemetery      SD Spink 444453N   0982310W  Hitchcock
      Greenlawn Cemetery      SD Spink 445309N   0983059W  Redfield North
      Guttenberg Cemetery     SD Spink 444914N   0981750W  Glendale Colony
      Hillestad Cemetery      SD Spink 444140N   0981535W  Spink Colony
      Irving Cemetery         SD Spink 444455N   0981155W  Lake Byron NW
      Mount Hope Cemetery     SD Spink 445241N   0981746W  Frankfort
      Plainview Cemetery      SD Spink 451042N   0982055W  Brentford
      Roe Cemetery            SD Spink 444449N   0980215W  Bloomfield
      Saint Anne Cemetery     SD Spink 445256N   0981810W  Frankfort
      Saint Bernard Cemetery  SD Spink 445309N   0983050W  Redfield North
Saint Johns Cemetery    SD Spink 444313N   0983936W  Tulare NW
      Saint Marys Cemetery    SD Spink 450142N   0983537W  Athol
      Tulare Cemetery         SD Spink 444455N   0982932W  Hitchcock
      Union Cemetery          SD Spink 444033N   0975948W  Carpenter
      Verdon Cemetery         SD Spink 451400N   0980504W  Conde

U.S. Department of the Interior || U.S. Geological Survey

St. John's Cemetery is not completed as yet.
It may have to wait until Spring of 2002. csr
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