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Spink County, South Dakota
Genealogy & Family Research

Part of HAND COUNTY, SD Family Research Center
~ Redfield Street Scenes ~
Various streets, locations, & years

   Humboldt Ave business area 
   Main Street east & west sides,
     from north & south

   North Burns St.
   Holmes & Humbolt Aves
   City Park; Flood 1910

More to come
~ Redfield Churches ~
Several views &  years

Congregational Church
St. Bernard Catholic Church
Methodist Church

~ Redfield Buildings ~
Several views; various years
   Spink County Courthouse
   Courthouse & Jail
   Public Library & Irving Street 1907
     sent by Dorothy Bingham
   Redfield Post Office
- 2 photos
   Masonic Building

   E.C. Issenhuth Building
    plus bio & other info links

   Railroad Depot - Then & Now
   Railroad Yards & Train
   Redfield Flouring Mills
   Law Building

~ Redfield Schools - College - Institutions ~
Several photos of each

Redfield College - circa 1910 - colorized
Redfield College History - 1904
Merger with Wilton German English College

Northern Hospital for the Feeble Minded
Custodian Building - School for the Feeble Minded
State School and Home - circa 1940 ?

Redfield Public Schools

~ Cemetery Photos & Transcriptions ~

Buffalo Cemetery - Buffalo township - 16 burials
St. John's Cemetery - not completed - yet!
(temp url: You can view photo of cemetery entrance - plus other cemeteries I'm working on or have completed)
Be patient while pages load.
Town photos are from vintage postcards. There's more than the examples below.  Click a town to go to photo album links.
Buffalo Cemetery is online .
I've only begun to transcribe & photograph St. John's cemetery. Both are near Hand County line, with a Tulare address.

~ Redfield Misc. Photos ~
    Breaking the speed limit - Redfield
       2 unidentified boys

   Wilson Motel - Redfield  1950's cars
Camp Hagman SDNG 1916 
  Redfield, SD
Camp Hagman SDNG Troops 1916
Baldwin Community Hospital
and Nurse Edna Stone
- 1929

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More Research Help
Spink County Township Map - 8 SW townships
( includes locations of Buffalo & St. John's cemeteries
Spink County Cemetery Locations - 25 listed!

Newspaper article:  16th Annual Convention of Retail Dealers Meets At Redifield May 20-22, 1913 - *several surnames*
Redfield Press May 30, 1940:  1940 RHS Graduation, Awards, Baccalaureate.
Separate Grad Photos Page:  1940 Refield High School Graduates.

~ Off-site Links ~
SD GenWeb Spink County Genealogy
SD GenWeb County Archives Selection
SD Gen Web - South Dakota Genealogy Site
Spink County, SD Queries
Spink County SD Land Tracts (J. Huber) - index to first land owners
Spink County SD - history, list of current towns, local interest, city &  couthouse offices - info and phone/fax
Redfield Press (newspaper online) - current news
Redfield, South Dakota - town website - click on History link too!
Tulare, South Dakota - town website - click on History link too!

~ Neighboring Counties ~
SD Gen Web Faulk County Genealogy - Mary Buchholz, coord.
Mary Clarkston Buchholz Family Pages - Spink/Hand/Faulk connections

~ More Spink County, SD Towns ~
Click side bar for each town's main page & photo links.
New towns & their vintage photos added as found.

~ Tulare, South Dakota ~
~ Conde, South Dakota ~

~ Doland, South Dakota ~
~ Frankfort, South Dakota ~
~ Mellette, South Dakota ~
~ Northville, South Dakota ~
~ Turton, South Dakota ~

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Carolyn S.  Rosemore - Webmaster
~ Rural Redfield ~
   Heading Wheat
   Steam Plowing
   Gasoline Engine Plowing
Frank Cronk's Prize Herd - circa 1910?
A virtual tour of Redfield and other Spink County towns as they appeared nearly 100 years ago!!
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~ Redfield Residences ~

    C.E. Stutenroth - residence - 1907       sent by  Dorothy Bingham
    F.W. Bruell - residence
      sent 1907 by Dorothy Bingham
     Several unidentified
    Eastern Star Home - Redfield
    Filmore Sanitarium - Redfield

      no date; private home??

UPDATED INFO on Filmore San.
Click to play
1930 RHS Pheasant
Yearbook - photos

1940 Redfield Grads
Redfield Press
News Article
Photo Page
Newspaper article:  Retail Convention held in Redfield, May 20-22, 1913. Check surnames!