Early Hand County Pioneers
Abbott          Mr. ,Sr.                             [Frank A.]?
Abbott          Mrs. ,Sr.
Altenow         F.A.                    1882/05/15   Blacksmith & Merchant
Altenow         Mrs. F.A.               1886/04/??
Baldwin         John
Baldwin         Mrs. Nellie
Bingham         Mrs.[John J.Hulda A.]   [1883-with husband-my great grandparents]
Butterfield     E.R.
Butterfield     Mrs. E.R.
Calkins         F.P
Calkins         Mrs. F.P.
Callsen         C.F.                    1882/06/??
Callsen         Mrs. Fred               1884/03/??
Carr            E.W.                    1882/03/22
Carr            Mrs. E.W.               1883/03/10
Childs          Mr.
Childs          Mrs.
Clayton         Ted
Clayton         Mrs. Ted
Clegg           H.
Clegg           Mrs. H.
Conkey          David                   1884/04/03
Conkey          Mrs. David              1884/04/03
Costain         Mr.
Costain         Mrs.
Cotton          W.W.                    1883/04/14
Cotton          Mrs. W.W.               1885/05/??
Cuthbertson     John
Cuthbertson     Mrs. John
Danburg         John                    1882/03/??
Danburg         Mrs. John               1882/03/??
Davey           J.W.                    1882/??/??
Davey           Mrs. J.W.               1883/05/??
Dougherty       Mrs.                    1883/??/??
Drew            Mrs.
Dwyer           Charles
Dwyer           Mrs. Charles
Elliott         Mr.
Elliott         Mrs.
Ellis           Mr.
Ellis           Mrs.
Ferree          Mrs. C.L.               1883/03/??
Flint           Lewis
Flint           Mrs. Lewis
Fredricks       Mrs. Grant              1882/06/??
Gerhard         Fred
Gerhard         Mrs. Fred
Goyke           L.                      1883/04/14
Goyke           Mrs. L.                 1883/04/14
Harman          A.R.
Harman          Mrs. A.R.
Harris          Levi
Hartman         Peter                   1896/??/??
Hartman         Mrs. Peter              1896/??/??
Hoover          J.R.                    1883/03/29
Hoover          Mrs. J.R.               1885/04/25
Hoskins         H.J.
Hoskins         Mrs. H.J.
Ives            B.F.
Ives            Mrs. B.F.
Jones           Allen
Jones           Mrs. Allen
Jones, Sr.      Mr.
Jones, Sr.      Mrs.
Kelley          John
Kelley          Thomas                  1882/04/11
Kelley          Mrs. Thomas             1882/04/11
Kenyon          Harry  [my great uncle]
Kenyon          Mrs. Harry
King            J.M.                    1881/06/06   Farmer
King            May P.                  1883/01/12
Kintigh         Thomas                  1884/??/??
Kintigh         Mrs. Thomas             1884/??/??
Lewis           John                    1882/Fall
Lewis           Mrs. John               1882/Fall
Loomis          Mrs, Hannah             1880/10/18
Loomis          J.A.                    1884/04/12
Lovell          A.L.
Manning         Mrs. A.A.
McCool          J.C.
McCullen        Mrs. Meda               1882/04/25
McPhail         Mrs. Christina          1887/07/21
McVay           J.C.                    1883/??/??
McVay           Maude                   1883/??/??
Pace            Levi
Roberts         S.S.                    1882/04/18
Roberts         Mrs. S.S.               1882/06/??
Scoville        Mrs. Louise                          [Scovil] ?
Sedam           R.B.                    1882/03/29
Sedam           R.T.                    1882/04/08
Sedam           Mrs. R.T.               1882/04/08
Sedam           Mrs. Bert               1884/10/01
Sedam           Fred
Shaul           John
Sheldon         E.T.
Sheldon         Mrs. E.T.
Shepard         Charles                 1880/10/18   [Shephard]?
Shepard         Mrs. Charles            1880/10/18   [Shephard]?
Shepard         R.S.                    1880/10/18   [Shephard]?
Shepard         Mrs. R.S.               1884/03/30   [Shephard]?
Smith           Osmyn
Smith           Mrs. Osmyn
Strickling      Mr.
Strickling      Mrs.
Swab            L.A.                    1881/12/??
Swab            Mrs. L.A.               1885/07/26
Taylor          James Bemas,MD
Taylor          Mrs. James B.
Thorne          L.L. & Mother           1883/05/14
VanBrunt        T.J.                    1882/04-05
VanBrunt        Mrs. T.J.               1882/04-05
VanHise         Mrs.
Weeks           Dayton                  1882/08/??
Weeks           Mrs. Dayton             1882/08/??
Wharton         Albert
Wharton         Mrs. Albert
Williams        Mrs. Flora              1882/05/??
Williams        C.H.                    1883/05/01
Early Hand County Pioneers
 The following names were found on the back of a World War I call for nurses poster.
 They were printed in the book, St. Lawrence Then and Now 1880-1889, and printed  to the best of the transcriber's ability to read them. Info between brackets added by CSR.
~ NOTE ~
Most of these surnames are found within the cemetery listings.  Tombstone photos are included.  csr