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1958 WHS Yearbook
WHS Fight Song
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We're loyal to you
We're Orange and Black
We'll back you to stand
Against the best in the land
For we know you will stand


So crack out that ball
We're backing you all
Our team is the fame protector
On Boys/Girls
For we expect a victory from you
Wessington Genealogy & Family Research
Wessington, Beadle County, South Dakota

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(With a sneak peek into Hyde, Spink, & Beadle  counties)
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Wessington School
Alumni Resources
Wessington Cemetery
Although Wessington is in Beadle County, the cemetery is located to the west of town, across the N/S county-line road into Hand County. The cemetery is also in two sections, divided by an E/W township road....putting the south half of the cemetery in Hulbert township and the north half in Grand township, both in Hand County. You're confused now, too?

I've begun to transcribe & photograph this cemetery.   Please be patient.  This is a big job!

APRIL 6th UPDATE!! The 45 photos I have so far are now online! Click on the Tombstone & Cemetery Index link below and scroll list to Wessington Cemetery..

Tombstone & Cemetery Index - (Hand & Spink Co.)
HAND: Wessington, St. Lawrence, Miller (2), Burdette, Beulah, SPINK: Buffalo, St. Johns

Times-Enterprise - Feb. 28, 1913  local news, reconstructed.
  *paper orig belonged to Inez Christian Huestis*

1958 Area businesses -  1958 WHS yearbook sponsors

Partial Beadle County Township Map Ranges 64 W & 65 W
(10 western Beadle Co. townships, plus  Hand Co map)

Beadle Co. Cemeteries - GNIS list - latitude & longitude

~ ~ ~ Vintage Photos ~ ~ ~

Page 1 -Wessington Main St. Then & Now -1906-2001
Page 2 - Early Farming - Wessington area - 1908-09
Page 3 - Early Businesses - Lumber Yard - Grain Elevators
Page 4 - Grain Elevators - Railroad  - Multi-View Greeting
Page 5 - Birdseye View of town - Home (unidentified) dates ?
Page 6 - Community Church - Auditorium - dates unknown
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1906 Plat Map Index - Beadle County SD (A. Smith)
1913 Plat Map Index - Beadle County SD (A. Smith)
Marie's Yakkers  - Sutton and Younkin Genealogy & more
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