DEEMER Genealogy
DEEMER Genealogy

 Last Updated:
18 Jan 2021

Henry Deemer, 2021

It has taken 40 years to break through the "brick wall" of my Deemer ancestry!  I knew much of my great-grandfather, Aaron Deemer.  My father grew up "at his knee" hearing his Civil War stories.  But he learned little of Aaron's ancestry.  I was able to locate Aaron's parents and siblings in census records, but beyond that if was a dead end.  Then a received not one, but four DNA links to 5th and 6th cousins, all linking back to our common ancestor, John Peter Deemer, and his father Andreas Diemer.

Now it's time to share what I've learned with anyone interested. It's my hope that this page will serve as a source and inspiration for others interested in the same family names that I am, that others will join me in sharing information, and that we can use this incredible resource called the internet to further our knowledge of our ancestry. As with everything on the web, this page is continuously under construction!

-- Henry (Hank) Deemer

A note about the background of this page: Immediately after the Civil War my great-grandfather, Aaron Deemer, learned to be a stone cutter. The marble in the background is his handiwork.