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Griffith JOHN: Ancestors and Descendants

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17 jan 2021

Henry Deemer, 2021
On February 11, 1709, two brothers, Griffith and Samuel JOHN, set foot in Philadelphia after a hard voyage from Wales. They became pioneer settlers in the Welsh Tract of William Penn's Holy Experiment. Nearly three centuries later their legacy lives in stories, artifacts and in the lives of thousands of their descendants. This web site is dedicated to that legacy. The goal is to gather together at one location as much information as is possible about this family.

Much of the information in this web site is the direct result of the extensive research of one remarkable woman - Marijane "Johnnie" Zerphey. Johnnie spent years traveling all over the United States and Wales, visiting libraries, historical societies, and archives. She tracked down and corresponded with hundreds of JOHN "cousins." Her research was aided by the earlier work of others, among them Donald D. John, and Georgiana Holland Binkley. She gathered diaries, historical documents, letters, photographs, and more.


THE BOOK HAS BEEN COMPLETETLY SCANNED. As of today, 15 July 2012, for the first time the entire book is online in pdf format.  It is also available at

Griffith JOHN:
His Ancestors and Descendants

Marijane (John) Zerphey

In 1995 Johnnie published Griffith John: His Ancestors and Descendants. The 500 page, hard-bound publication contained details of more than 10,000 Griffith JOHN descendants. After she published her book she continued to gather updates and corrections with the idea of a 2nd edition in her mind. I worked with her on the concept of making the 2nd edition an e-book. Unfortunately Johnnie joined her JOHN ancestors in 2004. Fortunately, she left her work in my hands.

Now that the scanning has been complete work on the 2nd edition can begin. If you have contributions, please send them to me ( But wait until after the 2012 holidays. We are in the middle of downsizing and moving to a retirement community. I hope to be settled in enough to start work by the beginning of 2013.


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