Entertained In Honor
Of John Meek,
An Army Private

Mr. and Mrs. John Nungesser entertained seventy-seven relatives and friends at Sunday dinner in honor of their son-in-law, Pvt. John V. Meek.

The table was beautifully decorate in red, white and blue. The centerpieces were two large cakes with white frosting and lettered in red and blue.

Pvt. Meek entered the service in April, 1944, and received his basic training at Fort McClellan, Alabama. He joined the expeditionary forces in September, 1944, and was wounded twice during his overseas service: the first time on December 3, while at the front near the Rohr river, and the second time during the battle of Cologne. Pvt. Meek has participated in two major battles with the First Army, under General Hodges and is the wearer ot the Purple Heart and the Oak Leaf Cluster.

Those attending the dinner were Mr. and Mrs. John Nungessor. Jean, Grace, Bertha, Marie. Rolland and Harry Nungessor, Carl Carper, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Crawford, Betty, Helen, Eva, Charles and Carl Crawford, James Jarret, Beulah Nawrer, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Beiber, Donald, Jear, Rolland, Joyce, Nina, Lee and Hazel Beiber, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Betz, Dorothy, Hannah, Billy, Gladys, Jean and Janet Betz, Mr. and Mrs. John Meek, Barbara and John Meek, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilson, Bonnie, Ronnie and Frank Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Meek. Mrs. Elizabeth Weaver, Rolland Temple, Mrs. Robert Fritz, Mrs. Foster Stamn and Sadie Rose Stamn, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lyons, Gloria and Eleanor Lyons, Velma Meek, Raymond, Edna, Ellen and Celia Mae Meek, Mrs. Boyd Laycock, Jr, and daughter, Eileen, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Simons, Mr. and Mrs. James F. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zimmerman, Mrs. William Long, Mrs. Isaac Long, George Hartzel, Daniel Albertan, Eugene Long, Ray Kresler, Mrs. Walter Deemer, Eleanor Long and Ruth Haas.