from an old Kansas newspaper clipping, much of which is unreadable:

Peter Nungesser
From a Liberty correspondent of the Journal

Peter Nungesser was born in Columbia County, Pennsylvania, December 3, 1816. At the age of 26 was united in marriage with Mary Ann Klingaman, November 13, 1843. In 1846 he emigrated with his family from Columbia County, Pennsylvania to Auglaize County, Ohio, remaining in that State eight years, moving from there to Tama County, Iowa, from which place he came to Liberty County in 1863, having been preceded by some of his children(?) buried in Kansas. He passes away 7:31 Saturday morning January 7, 1888. A funeral service was held at the house on Sunday by Rev. James Hunt after which the remains were placed at rest in the North Sugar cemetery. His death leaves a void in the hearts of his family, part of which they sympathy of many friends can fill. He was the father of six sons and three daughters. Two of the sons have already been called to swell the great majority which never grows less. His son Stephen was for many years one of the leading citizens of Liberty township and enjoyed the ~~~ and friendship of all who knew him and whose sudden and unexpected death threw a wave of sadness of the entire community. His devoted wife, who shared in the cares and toils, drawing hope and comfort from his manly courage and cheerful temp~ which lent a serenity to every turmoil. made a rift in each lowering cloud of trouble is left to mourn the loss of that affection which none but an indulgent husband can supply. When 21 years of age he joined the Presbyterian church and remained a faithful member for fifty years. He was an earnest reader of the Bible, and in his declined days drew much comfort form the promises contained in that sacred book. He remained rational up to the last, and although his suffering ~ intense, he bore it meekly and patiently, ~~ when the cold waves of death were breaking at his feet, and he realized that the grim messenger had arrived with the summons ~~~ many shrink, but which all must obey, he ~~~composed and resigned. and while those who surrounded his bed looked only on the ~~~dark clouds at sun set his faith seemed to pierce through the veil which bides the ~~~ of the border land and he ~~~