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For those avid (O')Hanlon researchers who check back regularly, here are the latest updates and changes to the site. Most recent changes shown first.



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16 Aug 2005 : Irish Directories

A new page has been added for Hanlons and O'Hanlons listed in Irish Directories such as Pigot's Directory of Ireland (1824), Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837), Shaw's Dublin City Directory (1850) and Porter's Guide to Dublin (1912).

6 Mar 2005 : Hugh Hanlon 1846 - 1933

The page for our hanlons has been shortened and a new page created for the Civil War veteran Hugh Hanlon, 1846 - 1933 and descendants.

12 Sep 2004 : O'Hanlon History References

To reduce the length of the O'Hanlon History page, the O'Hanlon History References now appear as a new page. The O'Hanlon History page was also updated with new data collected from this year's trip to Ireland. Three new illustrations were added, some accompanying text, and a corrected family motto (with thanks to Martin O'Hanlon of Canada). New illustrations are:

11 Aug 2004 : New York Famine Immigrants

A new page has been added listing over 600 Hanlon Famine Immigrants Arriving at the Port of New York during the Irish Famine years 1846 - 1851.

09 Aug 2004 : US Civil War Soldiers

A new page of US data has been added to the census section with over 500 names of Civil War Soldiers.

30 Dec 2003 : US WW1 Draft Registrations

A new page of US data has been added to the census section with World War 1 draft registrations.

28 Apr 2003 : Flax Growers List 1796

A new page has been added to the section on Irish census substitutes: Flax Growers List 1796 includes records from Counties Donegal and Louth.

27 Apr 2003 : Immigration Pages

The immigration page was too long, so has been split into four new pages:

26 Apr 2003 : Contact Form

A new page has been set up with a Contact Form to send email to the author. The footer on every page and the site map have been updated with a link to the contact form.

12 Dec 2002 : Our Hanlons Updated

The page for Our Hanlons has been updated with the results of our last trip to Ireland (26 Oct - 3 Nov 2002). New information has shown the family lived on Rutland Island in the 1700's, and records were found to support this. Additional church records and 1901 census info provided some more names and dates.

16 Nov 2002 : Parish of Templecrone Added

A new page of vital records has been added for the Catholic Parish of Templecrone. This parish in the town of Dungloe, County Donegal, Ireland has baptism records starting from 1876 and marriage records from 1877.

08 Nov 2002 : New Search Engine

The Hanlon Homepage's index page was updated with a new search engine, with thanks to SiteLevel. The new search engine's customised results pages now integrate into the design of the site. Improved search capabilities have allowed for a new search box on the immigration page which has the option of searching only immigration records.

19 Oct 2002 : Hanlon Headstones Update

The Hanlon Headstones page was updated with 60 new images: all headstones listed now have thumbnails and full size images.

18 Oct 2002 : Site Update

12 Oct 2002 : Hanlon History Update

The Hanlon History page has been updated. We now have new information about the death of Sir Eocha O'Hanlon (1600), the exile of his son Oghie Og O'Hanlon (1605), the O'Hanlon tomb of Letterkenny, County Donegal (1725) and the O'Hanlon tomb in Newtown Cemetery, County Louth (1759). The section on O'Hanlon heraldry has been expanded. There are also several new images on the page, with thanks to the following for their kind permission:

Rearranged homepage to start with Hanlon History. Updated site map and navigation at bottom of every page to reflect new order of pages as listed on homepage.

15 Sep 2002 : Code of Ethics

Some things are best put in writing. Read our new Code of Ethics page for the site purpose and policies on ethics, copyright and privacy.

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03 Sep 2002 : Hanlon Genealogy Message Board

By popular demand we now have our own Message Board. So come on folks, get posting!

01 Sep 2002 : Awards 4.5

Having won our first AS level 4.5 award, the Private Eye Excellence Award, we added a new page for AS level 4.5 and AS level 5.0 in our awards section. All the awards pages were updated to include a link to the new pages.

26 Aug 2002 : About The Author

There is a new page about me. Hopefully this will answer the two most common questions I've been getting lately, and cut down on the email. The homepage and the site map have a link to the new page.

26 Aug 2002 : Site Map

A new Site Map page was added.
Every page's navigation bar has been updated to include a link to the site map.

25 Aug 2002 : Awards Page Split by AS Level

The Awards page was split up into separate pages: one page per AS Level. (AS Levels are award ratings defined by awardsites.com.) Our original awards page now holds an index of all awards won.

New arrangement of awards pages:

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23 Aug 2002 : Civil Births Donegal Added

A new page was added of Civil Birth Registrations in County Donegal covering the period 1864-1875.

22 Aug 2002 : 4 Awards Won in One Day!

Well, knock me down backwards with a feather: four awards in one day! I'm delighted to receive the FAN-tastic Site Award, The Fartown School Award (Grade B), Joschi's Family Site Award and the Pegasus Best of the Best Award. These are rated 3.5, 3.0, 3.0 and 3.0 respectively by awardsites.com and give us a total of seventeen awards since we started applying last month (July 2002).

View our awards page.

Thankyou to all the webmasters, webmistresses and other evaluators who took the time and effort to review our site. You have done us proud!

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21 Aug 2002 : What's New Page

This page is new!
Every page's navigation bar has been updated to include a link to this page.

17 Aug 2002 : Navigation Upgrade

A navigation menu was added to the bottom of every page. It is now possible to access other pages within the site directly from any page, without going via the homepage. (See bottom of page)

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