I would like to acknowledge the following individuals and institutions for their generous assistance

I would like to acknowledge the following individuals and institutions for their generous assistance.

  This information is offered partly as fact, partly conjecture and remains a definite work in  progress. 
   The information I present is as factual as I am able to find. I invite anyone interested in this history to 
   participate and add your knowledge.  If you have more information to share, please contact me via email.

Institutions who have provided information and assisted in research are:
National Museum of the American Indian - Smithsonian Institution
Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center
     Orange County Genealogical Society - Goshen, New York
     RLDS Archives  formerly Re-organized Latter-Day Saints  now Community of Christ
  Danny Jorgensen PhD - University of Southern Florida - Department of Religion Chair
     Biloine Whiting Young - author

     LDS Church Historical Department
     Brownhelm Genealogical Society
     Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society
     Placer County Archives
     El Dorado Historical Society
     Lee County Genealogical Society
     Lee County Historical Society
     King County Library System - Seattle, WA - Chris Kernick-Fletcher - Interlibrary Loan Librarian and staff
     National Archives

I would like  to credit the following list of people for assisting with my research.

Gwen Pouillon, LaRee Pehrson, Janice Robinson, Wilma Newberry, Thelma Newberry, Cheryl Turner,
Larue Olson, Liz Bonita, Sherman Boivin, Sue Gardner, Femi Roecker, Edith Tweedy, Marlene Barnes,
Beth Tingey, Mary Lou Harline, Florence Tate, Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Kurtz, Julie Martin

Janice Adams, Ken Benedict, Barbara Bernauer, Carmel Barry, James Clearwater, Carol Damerval, Erma Derosear,
Barbara Di Munno, Al and Gloria Donnel, Paul Fancher, Jeff Farquhar, Mike Foley, Ginny Tupa,
Ray Gunn,

Lil Hesselton, Danny Jorgensen, Christine Kernick-Fletcher, Mary King, Clovis LaFleur, Kent Buckner,
Suzi Mickus, Beverly Boileau, Peggy Mortensen, Hazel Murray, Bill Newberry, Dale and Betty Newberry,
DonnaMae Powell, Ron Romig, John Sly, Stacy Smith, Leigh Ann  Stiehl, Marilyn Terry, Sally Youngquist,
Sheri Zingmark, Dan Sommerfeldt, Laura Jensen, Linda Felton,
Doug Atterberg, Susannah Brockway.
Stephen Hough.

Special Thanks to

Dr. Donald R. Nicholson

Without all your kindness, friendship and in many cases financial assistance,
this work could not have been completed.

 Iím sure there are some I may have missed, but they are no less appreciated! Many thanks to all!