Newberry family in New York

Newberry’s in Orange County - New York

John Newberry and his brother Eddy Newberry moved from the home of their parents in Duchess Co. and took
up land in Orange County between Bellvale and Warwick around Wickham Pond.  The land was purchased from
Thomas Welling. See next page for more details.

When the Newberry’s first entered Orange County, John’s brother Eddy stayed in Orange county long enough to
win the heart of Ruth Burt. Ruth Burt was also the granddaughter of James Benedict. They returned after
their marriage to Franklin, Duchess County to live in the same town as the Elder John Newberry.  Through many name,
county and boundary changes the area ultimately became Patterson, Putnam Co., N.Y.  Eddy Newberry and Ruth Burt
Newberry were buried in Patterson N.Y. Recent information seems to indicate that their graves were moved
to Ulster Co.

Ruth (Burt) Newberry was also one of the first signers of the First Baptist Church in Patterson. All the New York
people appear in these places in the United States Census of New York for 1790.  Elder John Newberry died in
Franklin in 1808.

Eddy and Ruth Burt Newberry's children were  - Joel, Sally, Mary, Alonzo, Bolivai (sic?),Esther and James.  There
are records that indicate that Eddy refused service in the Revolutionary War, as did his brother John Newberry. There
is more information on this in papers written by Colonel  Hathorn to governor Clinton regarding the People of Warwick
and their reticence of fighting in the conflict. For more info
click here.

By the 1840's all the Newberry's had either died, moved or married into other families.

For more information about the people and area of Orange Co. and Warwick visit the Albert Wisner Library web site.

John Newberry and Jemima Benedict Newberry

John Newberry b. 1746 died in 1818, Warwick, N.Y. Married  June 1770
Jemima Benedict Newberry  b. July 25, 1749  Ridgefield, Conn. lived until June 1, 1843   She died in Herrick, PA.
Jemima's father James Benedict was the Baptist Minister of Warwick, N.Y. Her motherwas Mary Blackman of Green
Farms, Conn. Both of whom are buried in the old burying ground next to the site of the original Old School Baptist Church.

Their children:

1. Mary (Polly) born 1771 married John Fitzgerald 10 children died Sept. 11, 1857
2. Phebe born  1774 married James Smith 7 children. died Nov. 30, 1865
3. Annie born 1776 married James Demerest his second marriage  (James was also married to her sister Sophia).
    died Nov. 30, 1865
4. Zilpha born 1778 also called by some Sophia which is confusing because of her sister Sophia's name. Married to
    Thomas Sly moved to Ohio in early 1800's.
5. Martha  born 1779 Old School Baptist Church member 1808 records married Jesse Smith has five children.
    died Oct. 22, 1853
6. Sarah born 1781 married to Benjamin Scofield, died Sept. 28, 1838
7. Hannah Maria born 1783, Old School Baptist Church records member 1789 died 1828  married Joshua Bridgeford?
8. Elizabeth born 1785, Old School Baptist Church – baptized 1813  died 1817 Married Hozkiah Breffet
    (said to be the son of Mary Mapes who was also married to “a” Sam Smith whose sons were married to Phebe and
9. Sophia born 1787 married Thomas Sly moved to Ohio in early 1800's  Married James Demerest was his first wife,
    her sister Annie was his second wife. Eight children from this union.
10 John born 1789 married Sally Fancher moved to Ohio in early 1800's. Large family. died in Brownhelm, Ohio.

11. James  born 1791 married Mary Smith in 1811 in Mill?  moved to Ohio in early 1800's. Large family.
          James Newberry and Mary SMITH Newberry were the parents of Hannah Maria Newberry.
          Three or four marriages.  died July 10, 1880 in Pottawattamie Co., Iowa Buried in the Old Mormon Cemetery
          in Wheeler's Grove, Iowa. Second marriage to Elizabeth Haskins third to Sybil Pulsipher. Another marriage
          rumored in his final years. First wife Mary died Nov. 20, 1842 in Nauvoo, Illinois. (See Iowa page for more
          information.) Mary Smith’s mother and father were Jane Stevens Smith and Samuel Smith. 
      Jane’s parents are said to be Ebenezer Stevens and Elizabeth Holly. See next page for more. 

12. Joshua born 1793 – shown in Old School Baptist Church records of 1836. Married Elizabeth Stephens. They
      had 2 children. Possibly moved to Missouri.
13. Arcenith born 1794 or 95 – Member of the Old School Baptist Church with her mother. Married Daniel Durand

More Information on the Newberry family in New York

The information about the Newberry children in N.Y., was left to us in the
 Predmore Collection at the OCGS  (Orange County Genealogical Society) in Orange  County, N.Y.
Some additional information available through the  Whitcomb files also at OCGS.

John Newberry continued . . .
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