Brick Walls for the Newberry Family Research Group

Brick Walls for the Newberry Family Research Group

Shed some Light on the Subject . . . and may the walls come tumblin' down!

Annette Carroll would like to find more information about Amanda Celeste Newberry of

Janice Robinson and Mary King would like to get Lucinda Williams' family line worked
out back through parents and older generations.

  Where did Albion Newbery come from?

Who were the parents of: ALBION/ALBIN/ABRAM, born abt. 1811 in PA or NY, died Nov. 27, 1868, Charleston,
     Lee, Iowa.

What was the surname of his wife,   SARAH ______, born abt. 1810 in NY?

    *William, born abt. 1834 in OH
    *Amanda Celeste/Celeste Amanda, born Mar 13, 1838 in OH, married Lafayette Wasson Reid, Jan 2, 1857,
      Clark Co., Mo. died, Jun 20, 1910, Ames, Cloud, Kansas   (She is Annette
's ancestor)
    *Lucretia, born abt. 1842 in IA
    *Orpha M, born abt 1845 in IA
    *Albion Jr., born abt. 1848 in IA
    *Olive, born Apr. 25, 1855 in Charleston, Lee, Iowa, Married Thomas F. Pickard, Oct 3, 1871, Charleston, Lee,
       IA, died  Apr   10,1908,  Littleton, Schuyler, IL
    *James, born abt. 1858, IA

  What happened to John Smith Newberry and Lucinda? [new info says Lucinda died in Wisconsin between the 1855
       census and 1858 when John is shown as a widower in selling property purchased just six months before the sale. So
       did she die in that six month time frame?  This information was provided by Mary King.  Thanks Mary.]

   Who were Lucinda Williams Newberry's siblings and parents?

  What was Amanda Newbery's maiden name? She was the fifth wife of James Newberry whom he married after the death       of Sybil in 1870.

  Who was the father and mother of Serastus Newberry Williams?

  When was the rock house said to be built by James Newberry built in Independence, Missouri? [new info says that the
       house was not built on the property owned by James purchased in 1833 and sold in 1838.  Need more information
       about the turn of the century newspaper known as The Observer in order to determine anything more about the house.
       Historical record does not show a newspaper of that name before 1967.  This information was provided by Sue
       Simonich - after hiring a researcher to search Jackson Co. deed records.]

  Where are all the photos that were taken by Joseph Newberry and John Marshall Newberry - professional photographers?

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