Compromised Genealogy and Mysteries
Compromised Genealogy and Mysteries

Newberry’s and Collateral Families before 1710 may be incorrect

In recent months it has come to my attention that there are some parts of the Newberry genealogy, along with collaterals, that are
probably incorrect.  The John Newberry genealogy has been published by amateur genealogists time and again, and with the power
of the Internet, the inaccuracies have been perpetuated again and again.  This problems are glaring, and the inconsistencies appear
to have begun two generations ago when my grandmother and her cousins did their histories for the LDS Church. 

The people who have done this genealogy had the intention of finding  the names of their ancestors in an effort to baptize those
people in their lines who were not already LDS, in order to help them in the afterlife to achieve a higher plane.  Their zeal to know
their roots may have put them on the path to inaccuracy.

In looking at my grandmother's undocumented genealogy, I have begun to try and document the history that she has written. 
In doing this, I am finding a lot of historical inconsistencies that are unexplainable.  The fact is, these inaccuracies keep mounting,
the further I look back into the history.  These are things that can be verified with early state and town histories.

As pointed out in another section of this website, this Newberry family seems to come out of nowhere.  All the Newberry
genealogies that I have read, never have connected the John Newberry b. 1710 up with the English folks who were out of Windsor,
Connecticut.  Just recently, I have been in contact with another genealogist who concurred with me on this. 

*Samuel Smith
The first of these that I found was for Mary Smith Newberry's father, Samuel Smith.  In the history provided by my grandmother,
and that which is posted on the LDS Church's genealogy website for the family, we find that Samuel Smith's history is fairly
sketchy.  It does however say that Samuel's parents and siblings  born in Chatham, Georgia - and died there.  The only child in
this family who was born outside of Georgia was Samuel, who was born in N.Y.  He was purported to have been born in 1766.
There is no firm date.  He was however married around 1791 to Jane Stephens in Warwick and died in 1811 at the family farm

As it turns out, Samuel was not born in Georgia as grandmother's history stated.  He was probably born in N.Y.  We have found
that his father was probably Isaiah Smith.  Little more is known about Isaiah at this point in August 2006. 

Impossibility of Georgia

After checking the Chatham, Georgia historical references.  It was found that this family could not have been part of the area,
simply because there were no colonies there at the time.  Many people wrote to tell me that the first settlers there could not
have been this family, nor was the time frame correct.

*Stark Family
The Stark name is also connected to the Newberry family.  This family may still connect, but another recent search of the
history of New London, revealed, there were
NO COLONISTS in residence in New London during the early dates that our
Stark group supposedly were born there.  The following is from the New London county website showing the first settlers in
New London.  Note the dates.

 "William Cheesebrough from Rehoboth, MA   was the first actual settler of New London in 1649,   followed immediately by
 Thomas Stanton of Hartford, Indian interpreter, [I have found Stanton arrived in 1637 in Hartford] and in the next ten years by
 the families of:  Walter Palmer, George Denison, Thomas Miner; James Avery,  Johnathan Brewster,  The Rev. Richard
 Blinman,  John Picket,  Lion Gardiner,  John Hayes,  Robert Hempstead,  John Gallup, John Stebbins,  John Winthrop,  
 Peter Harris,  John Chennery,  Cary Latham,  Robert and Thomas Park(e), Obadiah Bruen, James Rogers, Thomas Hewitt,  
 Matthew Griswold  and others." 

As stated above, the first settlers to New London didn't arrive until 1649 and the genealogical history states these Starks were
 born in
New London as early as 1582! That's 67 years earlier than the first whites were known to have colonized New London .
 The only people who were in New London , and most other parts of Connecticut at the time were the Native people. In the
 New London area the tribes would have been the Pequots and Niantics.  Only the third Stark entry below appears to be
 correct for our Newberry family, although I have not personally confirmed it.

 The LDS genealogy website shows the information for Aaron Stark as follows:

*Aaron Stark
  B:  Abt 1582
        of New London, New London, Connecticut
  M. Abt 1604
        of New London, New London, Connecticut
* Aaron Stark
B: Abt1606/1608
                 New London, New London, Connecticut
            D: 1685
                 Groton, New London, Connecticut

                  ***John Stark***
B: 1652
New London, New London, Connecticut
                     D: 8 Sept. 1703
                          New London, New London, Connecticut
                     M: Abt 1686
                          Groton,  New London,  Connecticut
                          To: Elizabeth Packer
                                 B: 1670
                                      Greenland, Rockingham, New Hampshire
                                           Child - Elizabeth Stark b. 1686 -  married John Newberry in New London
                                                      April 5, 1707
Their son was John Newberry born 1710.


Additionally, there are other folks listed on these lines in New London, which could not possibly be correct, unless they were
Christianized Native Americans - which is a possibility that I intend to investigate.  These are the Packer, and Friend families.

There was a Stark Family in New England - in New Hampshire. I found that John Stark was a Tory commander. See -
  Perhaps it was the relatives of this Revolutionary War player who were related to our Starks
in New London.  The information is so inaccurate as to make it impossible to figure out without a lot of effort at this point.

Settlement of New England by the English and Dutch
What follows is the beginning of a time line to show the period of settlement in New England and New York.  I will add to this
as I continue researching. I began with reading the history of the Pilgrims and followed it forward.  It is helpful in figuring out
the time frames of settlement in various parts of Connecticut.

1613 - The Dutch explored Connecticut and settled on the Connecticut River .
1633 - The English pushed further up the Connecticut river (to the exasperation of the Dutch) and established an outpost in
, then one in Saybrook.   The Indians asked the Plymouth Puritans to settle the land in Windsor and open a
           trading house.  
1636 - English settlement spread to Withersfield on the Connecticut River . The same year Hartford began with some 50
           Mohawk warriors taking up residence alongside the whites.   Block Island was overtaken by white settlers as retribution
           for the death of a white settler in the same year.
           Roger Williams treats with Narragansetts and lives with them for a season, after being banished from the colony. 
           Boston Magistrates regard the Pequot as the enemy.

1637 - Thomas Stanton arrives and speaks the Indian language.

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