Cutlerite Membership
  Cutlerite Membership

Cutlerite Membership 1853 by Danny L. Jorgenson PhD. University of South Florida
(permission granted by author for transcription and internet use to Sue Simonich)

This is the only comprehensive list known to exist of the people who followed Alpheus Cutler.  Jorgensen
believes that there may well have been others who belonged to the group, not listed in the sketchy extant
records.  These people lived mostly in the close knit organizations that resided at Farm Creek, Manti and
, all within Pottawattamie Co.  However, it is quite possible others scattered over the
countryside, who were left without a nuclear group, also belonged to the organization. Spelling is as was
present in the original record.  Birth dates are not added to this record but many are known by author. 
Additional information about relationships is provided and where detailed head of household information
is available, it is also transcribed.

ANDERSON - John  59, Lydia (Kellogg) 61, Henry  21,  Buckley Burnham 34, Sally Ann (Cutler) 34
Envira M.  [m. Oscar Cutler], Amos (died as infant), Zina Diantha, Jerusha Lavern [m. Jackson Burdick,
Jeddidiah Richmond  [.m Ellen Amanda Murdock], Adney  (died as infant?),Edwin [m. Emma Lucine Whiting].
Richard [m. Eliza Sherman], William  (died as infant), Eliza A. {Eliza Sherman?, William W. 23, Jane  16,
Henry  21

BADHAM  - Samuel  38, Mary 32, James R. 12, Angon, Violet, Elvyra

BALDWIN - Wheeler  60  b. March 193, Albany Co., NY. Bapt. 1831 in Kirtland by Salom Hancock
and John Whimer, Elder and high priest. Endowments in Nauvoo. Probably son of Caleb and Nancy (Kingsbury)
br. Of Caleb C. Baldwin,
Lusanna (Luana Hart Beebe – also Rockwell, Cutler, Perry, Boyd) 39 Nauvoo
Endowment - Jan 2 1846, Olive Luana Baldwin  [Cutler’s daughter], Charles Taylor15, Mary [Spouse of Wheeler?]
Jacob Boyd  (Boid; Cutler; Perry) – son of A. Cutler and Luana Hart Beebe, Russel  P. b. 1815-20 Scobania Co.,
N.Y. bapt. 1831 Huron Co. OH.  Seventy, [m. Eunice M.] Eunice Mary  b. 1820 Cuyahoga Co. , OH bapt. By
L. Wight, John

BAXTER - Samue

BEEBE -  Calvin b. 1800, Paris , Oneida , N.Y. [m. Submit Starr 1823 , Geauga Co., OH.],  Sister, Luana Hart
Beebe.  Endowments in Nauvoo.  Excommunicated from Zarahemla , IA stake. (Re-instated as some point.), 
Traveled with Morley family  from Mo. to Ohio . Zion ’s Camp.; Submit R. (Starr) [wife of Calvin above],  Calvin,
Angeline C.,  Isaac,  Lucy, This whole family came from, Cuyahoga , Ohio , went to Jackson Co., Clay Co.
Caldwell and Clinton Co. Mo.  Nauvoo? to Iowa , trek, settled in Silver Creek , IA.

BEXTED - Simon, Mary

BUNKER - Lucy (see Richards), Gary Burdick  58,   Mary Burdick  53, Augenett  22, Jesse  16, Jackson   25,
Jerusha  12

CALKINS - Luman Hopkin [m. Mehitable Russell] father Israel m. Hannah - Bros. Chauncey
, Israel Jr. William  [Hannah Calkins m. Pliny Fisher 1848],   Mehitable (Russell), Lucinda S., James, W. R.,
Sarah, Sylvaneus, Eliza Jane, Elizabeth, Mr. Calikins, N.K. Calkinds, Charlotte Ann, Hannah, Mary B., Mary R.,
Olive, M., Frederick, Elle

CHAPMAN - Mark J., Marce, Martin            

CORBIN - James

COTTON - James, Mary Sarah, Jessee, Fanny, Lucretia

COX - Amos, Philena, Amelia C., Charles F. Cox, Eveline Rozetta,  Mary                 

CUTLER - Alpheus , Lois, Abraham Alonzo (Kimball), Emily Pratt, Sarah Murdock, (Luana Hart Beebe Rockwell
Cutler Baldwin Perry), Abigail Carr (Cutler), Margaret Carr, Sally Cox, Disey Caroline McCall, Henrietta Clarinda
Miller, Osker (Oscar) F., Mary M. Erastus F. Martha Jane Whiting Cutler, Tadeus Cutler, Lemira, Joseph L, Maria
M. Syvia Cutler Webb, Thadeus, Eliza J.

DAVIS - Lehi, Caroline A., Henry            

DENNA - Lewis, Mary  

DOBSON - Sarah       

EATON - Eunice, Edmund, Melvin  

EGGLESTON - Squire, Caroline, Zina Uriah            

ELLSWORTH - Benjamin Clapon, Sarah, Alma, Elizabeth, Sarah J. Sildon, Benjamin, Caleb  

FISHER - Edmund, Cornelia Jane (Sherman), Lyman L. Aseanth Ann, Sara E.  Eliza C.  Pliny, Asenath Sherman
Hannah, Mary, Willard.

FLETCHER - Calvin G, Mary Amalia, Sarah C. Joseph E. Calvin E., Joseph, Armilla, John, Sylvester, Seth, Rachel,


FROST - Mccasslin, Peniney, Samuel, Nancy Felwood, Isabell Vandike, Fereba, James, Martha McKinney,
Mary Ann, Margaret Elizirah  

GODDARD - Daniel, Mary Adaline

HALL - Caleb, Julie Ann, Asbey, Emma            

HAYWARD - Sarah Ann

HOUGAS - Daniel, Mary Ellen, John, Daniel Jr.

KELSEY - Silva Elizabeth, Didama Amanda

LEBARRON - Charles L., Martha Elizabeth

LACHENBY -  Mariah (Maria)

LANG - Laura

LEDINGHAM - William D., Alexander, William D. Jr. C.S.M., Hanah , Lucy J.

LILE - Alexander, Florence Ann, Harris, Elmone           

LYNCON (Lyncoln) -  Eliza T.

MASON -  Thomas L., William

MATTHEWS - William C., (Maria) Amanda M. (Maria?), Charles, W., S.N.

McINTYRE - Benjamin, Christianna, Joseph, Rebecca

McCONUGHY - Hulbert, Marcia, Augusta Eliza, Nancy Mecanmish

MILLER- Edward, Clarisa, Mary, Isabel, Maroni, Edward, Clarissa, Helen, Francis                           

MUIR - James, Julia N., Mary E. Sarah L. Eliza Anderson, Sarah M. Fletcher 

MURDOCK - Hiram, Rachel Rozilla (Kelsey), Martha Francenia, Charles Ervin, Caroline Elzia, Hiram Alva,
Sarah Emily, Ellen Amanda, Didama Amelia, Lois Mariah, Orison Evelyn, Lyman Edward, Almon Lurette,
Rachell Roziilla, jr.

OAKES -   Eliza (Murdock), Hyram James Oakes


OSLER - Moses

PATTEN - Charles Wetherby, Peggy, Sidney Maroni, William, Charles W., don Carlos, Margaret (Peggy Ann),
Harriett, Wyman, Willard.

Olive Martin Fisher Children:  Wallace, Foritta, Joseph Madison, Rufus Piny, Francis Murry, Olive, John, Eliza
Stephen, Willard Fisher

PEIRCE - Henry L.

PERRY -  Isaac Perry, Asahel Perry, Hiram Perry      

PRATT - Hiram Franklin, Mary, Franklin Pratt, Emily M. Pratt  

PRUETT - Mary Jane


RAYMOND -Clarinda – Clarinda Cutler

REDFIELD - William, Mary Ann (Scott), George Zina, William Jr.  5 March 1878, William Jr.  4 Sept 1846,
Hiram, Trifhena, Rebecca Ann, George, Franklin, Emogene, William

RICHARDS - Fr anklin , Elizabeth, Newton, Harriet A., Francis, Lucy Bunker,  

Laury Ruyonls

SHAW - Marquis

SHELLEY - Joseph

SHERMAN - Lyman Royal, Almon Worthy, Lois H. (Cutler) Sherman, Zeruah M., Cutler Alma, Ellen D., Hyrum,
Jane Ann, Asenath, Lois A.

SMITH - Abraham, Hiram, Sarah

SPERRY - Jay, Charles, Loren Dewitt, Mary, Ellen

STAFFORD - Abraham, Martha, Thomas

STILLMAN - Dexter Alpheus, Barbara, Dexter, Mary, Elizabeth, Clark, Amelia N., Harriett L.  

TALCOTT - Edwin, Sarah Jane (Jennie)

TAYLOR - Nicholas, Olive E. Charles, Rebecca Elizabeth, Olive Almira, Albert  

TOPHAM -William, Melina, Malinda, Mary Jane, Nathan, William    

TURNER - Hannah Franklin Redfield

WAY - Henry, Ione

WHITING - Chancey, Editha Ann (Morley), Isaac M., Carmelia, Warren, Alonzo, Lurett, Chancey, Almon,
Lucia L. Lydia (Furbush) Francis Lewis, Ann Jannette (Burdick)  Emma L., Lucia, Edmund (Edmond William)
’s half brothers are Charles and Simon English, Augusta, Sylvester, Abner, Mary, Martha Jane Whiting,
Cordelia, Elisha Charles, Rebecca, Martha



YOUNG - Alphonzo, Nancy   

-END- known members of Cutlerites

Other people who were or probably were with the Cutlerites that are not on a 1853 Membership List.

Luana Hart Beebe (Rockwell; Cutler; Baldwin, Perry)  (plural wife of A. Cutler; also m. to
Orrin Porter Rockwell, Wheeler Baldwin; Isaac Perry (Boyd?) – see Baldwin .

Clarinda Cutler – Clarinda Raymond

Mary Deuel – Mary Whiting

Nancy E. Elliot

Rufus Fisher

James Newberry

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