John Newberry
     Genealogical  Table of Newberry Family

Newberry Genealogical Table for three generations - from Connecticut to Iowa
Copyright© Sue Simonich 2005

Ü John Newberry ( i )  of Connecticut and Duchess County, N.Y. b. 1710 Groton , New London , Connecticut  
d.  Franklin, Duchess Co. (now Putnam)  N.Y. 1809 
Married:  Zerviah Burch  Nov. 26, 1739 of Stonington , New London , Conn. John is purportedly the son of John or
James Newberry
and Elizabeth Stark.
Zerviah Burch and John Newbury were married in the town of Westerly , Rhode Island on
Nov. 26, 1739 by Elder John Maxon

    Their children were  Ð

    1. Jonathan   b. Sept. 3, 1740  Groton, New London, Conn. d. Sept. 23, 1798 Northumberland, Saratoga Co. N.Y.
           married Elizabeth Knapp   January 12, 1766  b. June 18, 1748  m. Margaret Smith daughter of  Deliverance

Children:  Hannah  b. Sept. 27, 1766,  b. Jonathan  July 17, 1768 d. June 10, 1789, Joshua  b. June 30, 1770,
                                       Elizabeth  b. Nov. 21, 1772, Zurviah b. January 25, 1775, Anna  b. March 25, 1777,
                                       John  b. June 28, 1779, Sarah  b. Sept. 9, 1781, Nathaniel  b. Dec. 14, 1783, Joseph b. April
                                       27, 1786, William  b. April 23, 1788, Esther  Nov. 6, 1790.
          Note: The forgoing information was obtained from the Jonathan Newberry Bible, currently owned by Sherman , Boivin. 
The names of the children are similar to all the other Newberry children in the Newberry family. The Newberry name was
          variously spelled in this document Newbery/Newbuery, Newberry.
          The Newberry brothers were variously engaged in different pursuits durin the Revolutionary War.  The Newberry family
          participated in obstructing the Hudson River via a huge chain stretched across the rivers course.
    2. Joseph   b. 1741  (Records show him in the Rev. War.)

     3.  Edy   b. 1843  d. May 12, 1818  Frederickstown, Putnam Co. N.Y. married Ruth Burt daughter of Daniel Burt and
            Hannah Benedict
pioneer of Warwick, N.Y. d. April 16, 1818  Frederickstown, Putnam Co. N.Y. (Frederickstown became
            Franklin and then Patterson.  The county was originally Duchess Co., and became Putnam.

                      Children:  Joel, Sally, Mary, Alonzo, Bolivai (sic?), Esther and James.

           Edy and Ruth were buried in Patterson, but on Oct 25 1921 the bodies and headstones were moved to Catskill , New York
           where they were placed beside their children, Joel and Sally Squire “Newbury”.

            Hannah Benedict was the sister of Elder James Benedict father of Jemima below.
            The Benedicts, Burts and Newberry traveled together from Conn.
            Daniel Burt helped his brother-in-law erect the first Old School Baptist church.

            Edy Newberry and his brother Jonathan bought land in Warwick , and sold it to their brother John, who raised his family on
            the land.  Edy and Ruth went back to Duchess Co., to raise their children. 

            Source:  Transcribed deeds showing all the above.  Goshen Court House, Goshen , N.Y.
          Morris Pitcher, Logan , Utah.
             History of Orange Co.  Eager – see 
and )

  4. John   b. 1746  d.  Jan. 4, 1818 in Bellevale , N.Y married Jemima benedict   June 31, 1770  daughter of James Benedict
             and  Mary Blackman    See detail of children below.
     5.  Elizabeth   b. Sept 13, 1749   married Benjamin Lowe  Nov. 30, 1771  Danube, Tryon , N.Y. Vol. XVII  pg. 28
              (Tyron Co. is now Herkimer)

     6.   Zurviah    b. 1751

    7.  Joshua  b. 1753  d. Feb. 1828,  Patterson, Putnam Co., N.Y. (formerly Frederickstown, Duchess Co.)

                        Children: son, Joseph  (Source: intestate document)

    8.  Mercy  b.  1755

    9.  Zilphia  b.  1757

These dates come from the Jonathan Newberry bible owned by Sherman Boivin.  The Newberry data from 1710-1900 is taken from various
records.  Family search records were proved against records from the Orange County Genealogical Society written by Helen Roe Predmore.
Duchess Co. Genealogical Society.  Not all info is verified through first sources where it has come from the ancestral file  The Predmore
files were the only sources available for John Newberry, but they are considered fairly accurate.

John Newberry born 1746 in N.Y.
The following information is from various source, all of which are noted.  The only family that has been personally proven by my research
is that of John Newberry II and  James Newberry his son. 

Ü John Newberry (II )  of Orange County, N.Y. b. 1746  in Connecticut or Duchess Co. N.Y. d. Bellevale, N.Y.
         Jan. 4, 1818  son of John Newberry and Zerviah Burch Married: Jemima Benedict  Sunday June 31, 1770 presumably
         by her father, Elder James Benedict at Warwick, N.Y. She was b. Ridgefield , Conn. July 25, 1749 to James Benedict and
         Mary Blackman.
 Jemima died in. Herrick , PA , June 1, 1843. She sold her property in Warwick , and moved with her youngest
         daughter and familyAsenath and Daniel Durand.

          Jemima’s father James Benedict established the first Baptist parish west of the Hudson River in 1762.  The Church was called the
          Old School Baptist Church.  All the children listed below were born in Warwick , N.Y.

          There is one record that stated that Jemima was actually born in Romulus , Seneca , N.Y. This is a possibility, but the only written
          record is in the Benedict’s of America , and is not verifiable via other sources.  There was a Benedict Bible at one time, that has
over the centuries, and was known to have been owned by Fannie Benedict, and later by Edith Pusey Durand.

          If someone should read this and knows where the Bible is at this time, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Their children were  Р

                     1.   Mary (Polly) Newberry  b. Oct. 17, 1771  d. Sept. 11, 1857  m. John Fitzgerald July 26, 1795  b. Warwick Oct. 28,
                           1774 d. Boston , Sept. 28, 1861

William Newberry, Pauline, David Maruice, Sidney Smith, Albert, Joshua, James Benedict, Martha, John,
                                                        I. Nelson.

                     2.   Phoebe Newberry b. Feb. 20 1774  d. Nov. 30 1865 m. James Smith James Smith was the son of Samuel Smith and
                           Mary Mapes
 of Monroe, N.Y. The above Samuel Smith is thought to be the son of Claudius Smith, and not the same as
                           the Samuel Smith shown on #11 below.
                                     Children: Jemima m. Elbert Howell 1798., Charles, Elizabeth, John, Katie, Maria, Malinda, and Johanna.
                                                      This list has not been documented with other sources. (source: Predmore, Helen Roe – OCGS files,
, N.Y.

                            (Predmore notes that Mary Mapes above  may have also been married  to Ezea Holbert in her entries to this family.)

                     3.   Anna Newberry b. Feb. 3, 1776   d. Nov. 30, 1865  Herrick, PA. m. James Demorest circa 1833 b. April 22, 1791
                           d. August 7, 1835  Anna, was James Demorest’s 2nd wife his  1st wife was her sister Sophia. There were purportedly
                           eight children in each union. 

                                     Children: (Anna’s) were: Harriett, Harvey, Edward E. Lois, Emma, Pauline, Henry and David. 

                           This list has not been documented with other sources. (source: Predmore, Helen Roe – OCGS files, Goshen , N.Y. )

                    4.   Zilpha Newberry  b. Jan. 8, 1778 d. Sept 20, 1853 Brownhelm , Ohio . m. Thomas Sly ca 1803  b. February 15, 1784 
d. August 27, 1843 Thomas Sly was the son of Conrad Sly and Anna Ward  Sly

                                  *Children:  Daniel b. 1804, Elizabeth  b June 6, 1805, Ana b. 1807, Zilpha b. 1808, James Newberry Oct. 7,  1809,
                                      Maria b. 1811, Catherine b. 1813,  John Dolson b. Sept 1, 1814, Jemima b.1815, William B.  b. 1815, Julia b.1819.

                          (Source:  John Sly genealogy. *More complete record available.)

                    5.   Martha (Patty) Newberry  b.  Nov. 24, 1779   d. Oct. 22, 1853  Chester, Orange, Co.,  N.Y. m. Jesse Smith circa 1804
b. Oct. 17, 1782   d. Oct. 12, 1842 Jesse Smith was the son of Samuel Smith and Mary Mapes  of Monroe, N.Y. The
                          above Samuel Smith is thought to be the son of Claudius Smith, and not the same as the Samuel Smith shown on #11 below.

                                    Children:  Amzi Lewis, Jesse, William F., Stephen, Ira

                         This list has not been documented with other sources. (source: Predmore, Helen Roe – OCGS files, Goshen , N.Y. )

                    6.  Sarah (Sally) Newberry  b. Sept. 12, 1781  m. Benjamin Scofield migrated to Strongsville, Cuyahoga Co. Ohio .
                                *Children: James, Sally Ann, Patty, Elizabeth, Hannah Marie, William Benedict, Harriet,  John Newberry,
                                    Benjamin Burt, Jane, Julia, Lucinda, Mary.

                          (Source of children, by Cathy Marasco [email protected] *More complete record available. )

                    7.  Hannah Newberry  b. Oct. 6, 1783  d. 1828  m. Joshua Bridgeford

(source: Predmore, Helen Roe – OCGS files, Goshen , N.Y. )

                   8.   Elizabeth (Betsey)  Newberry b. May 24, 1785  d. Nov. 14, 1817  m. Hezekiah Breffett (son of Joshua and Mary
                         Mapes)  lived in Monroe , N.Y.

Children: Samuel, Sarah Elizabeth
This list has not been documented with other sources.
                           (source: Predmore, Helen Roe – OCGS files, Goshen , N.Y. )

                   9. Sophia Newberry   b. April 7, 1787  d. 1823  m. James Demorest (1st wife)  circa 1809 (see above  #3) b. April 22, 1791  
d. Aug. 7, 1835

                                   Children:  There were purportedly eight children in each union.  Sophia’s children were purportedly:  James Benedict,
                                   John Dill, George W., Jemima Ann, Keturah,William K.  Elizabeth . This list has not been documented with other sources.

                        (source: Predmore, Helen Roe – OCGS files, Goshen , N.Y. )

                10. John Newberry b. Sept. 23, 1789 d. Nov. 19, 1851  Brownhelm, Lorain Co. Ohio m. Sally Fancher  August 24, 1810
                       daughter of Sylvanus Fancher and Sarah Smith Fancher b. October 24, 1790; New London, Conn. d.  April 18, 1876
                        Brownhelm, Lorain Co., Ohio  Seven children.

                               *Children: William, Rebecca, Sylvanus Fancher, Harriet (or Laura), James, David, John
(Source of Newberry children, Durand Family Genealogy, Edith Pusey Durand McColl)
                        *More complete information available on this family.

   11.  James Newberry b. May 29, 1791 d. July 10, 1880, Grove Township , Pottawattamie , IA. Was said to have fought in
                        the War of 1812,  m. Mary Smith  Aug 14, 1811 daughter of Samuel Smith and Jane Stephens Smith  b.  June 11, 1792 
d. Nov. 20, 1842, Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.  They went to Pennsylvania ca 1819, Ohio 1826-27 , Missouri 1832,  Lee, Co. Iowa
                       1838,  Nauvoo Illinois 1839, S.W. Iowa 1845-46 

                      *Children:  Jane, John Smith, Abraham Benjamin, James Washington,  Sally (Sarah) Ann,  Hannah Maria, Harriet, Electa
                                Louisa, Esther, Martha Patty.
*See family page and entry below for more complete information.
(Source:  James Newberry family journal and other in depth research.)

                12.  Joshua Newberry  b. Nov. 2, 1792  d. Kirkwood , N.Y. Jan. 20, 1863 m. Elizabeth Stevens Feb. 6, 1816    b. Mar. 14,  1791 
d. Kirkwood , Broome Co. N.Y.  Feb. 4, 1869.  Fought in the War of 1812 as per published record.
*Children:  John, David  d. 1918, Elizabeth (grand daughter of Sylvanus Fancher and heir to the Fancher estate.)  Joseph,
                                Eleanor b. Aug. 6 1829.

                      (source: Predmore, Helen Roe – OCGS files, Goshen , N.Y. )

                13. Asenath Newberry  b. Feb. 9, 1794  Bellevale , N.Y.   d. June 13, 1877 Herrick , PA. Married:  Daniel Durand April 22, 1815 
b. Nov. 7, 1793 Middletown , N.Y. d. Jan.20, 1870 Herrick , PA.   First two children were born Bellevale , N.Y. – next three at
                        Minisink, N.Y., next two at Camptown , PA. and all the rest at Herrick, Bradford Co., PA.

                             *Children: Joshua Newberry Durand, John, William David, Henry, George W., Hannah Jane, Betsy, James B, Mary,
                                Silas Horton, Warren, Rosina, Infant daughter died at birth.

                       (Source of children for the Durand family, Durand Family Genealogy, Edith Pusey Durand McColl)
                       *More complete information available on this family.

All the above newberry siblings were all born in Warwick , N.Y.    The sources for the above are primarily from the
Orange County Genealogical Society, Helen Roe Predmore’s work.  Other sources were utilized when found and noted.

Ü James Newberry 
b. May 29, 1791 Warwick, Orange Co. N.Y.  d. July 10 or 11, 1880 Wheelers Grove, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa .[2] son of John Newberry
and Jemima Benedict. 

Marriage history overview: James was a polygamist after the death of his first wife Mary Smith.  He married Nancy Brown and apparently
divorced her or they went their separate ways. It is possible James was married secretly to Nancy as early as 1838. Nancy went with her
brother Capt. James Brown to Utah in 1851.

James married two other women.  Elizabeth Haskins and  Sybil Pulsipher.  He lived exclusively with Elizabeth Haskins in Kanesville.  When
she died James moved to Mills Co. where he is found living with Sybil Pulsipher.  When Sybil died in 1870, James was in his 80’s, but it was
rumored that he married one last time to a young Native American woman. She is mentioned in a biography written by one of James’
sons.  In August of 2004, Donna Mae Powell discovered her name while researching in Pottawattamie County Iowa when she found an old
deed where James sold a parcel of land, and his current wife Amanda signed away her dower rights on the piece of property.
Her surname
and family are still unknown.

Religion overview:  James was brought up as a Baptist.  His grandfather was a pastor for the Old School Baptist Church , in Warwick ,
he was the first pastor west of the  Hudson River in 1762.

James became a Mormon in 1831.  He was baptized by Edson Fuller, in Brownhelm , OH.  He first a Priest in the church, and later became
a High Priest and then a Seventy.  His first wife Mary died in 1842 and he remarried Nancy Brown in 1843. In 1845 before leaving Nauvoo he
married Elizabeth Haskins and took his endowments.

Between 1848 and 1851 he became disenchanted by the leadership of the church and refused to move to Utah.  Something happened to
change his mind after 1848, because James was known to have resided at Winter Quarters with those who planned to go to Utah.  It was
there that James married Sybil Pulsipher.  He was married by Brigham Young and the marriage was witnessed by Parley Pratt. Nancy Brown
 moved to Utah by 1851, leaving her husband behind.
Her brother was a leader of the Danites both in the Midwest and when he arrived in
.  Life between  1843 and 1848 found James as a man with plural wives.  Interestingly, Sybil Pulsipher left her first husband Roswell
Prindle while he was away from home, and told her step-sons that she was heading to California .  Perhaps she was motivated to go there
by herself, but when she reached winter quarters she found and married James Newbery, with whom she spent the remainder of her life.

Those people who refused to move to Utah were dropped from Church rolls.  It is thought he joined Alpheus Cutler who was
excommunicated from the church in 1851.  Cutler lead a schismatic group of Mormons called the Cutlerites.  James later joined with the
and was re-baptized by Charles Derry in Aug. 4, 1861.  He was ordained a high priest by Joseph Smith (son of the original
prophet) and W.W. Blair April 6, 1863.

By 1853, He put aside polygamy when he moved to Wheelers  Grove, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa and he split with the LDS church faction
lead by Brigham Young

His family ties to the general authorities are impressive.  His son Abraham Newberry married Eliza Ann Duty, who was a second cousin to
Joseph Smith.  James’ marriages were impressive in their importance to leaders in the Church. After the death of his first wife Mary Smith
Newberry, he married two ladies who were from families of the earliest pioneers in Independence , Missouri .  The Haskins family and the
Pulsipher family were to give him Elizabeth Haskins and Sybil Pulsipher.  Sybil’s brother was a general authority in the Church under both
Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

His Marriages:
æ  (I) Mary Smith  Aug. 24, 1811 Warwick, Orange Co., N.Y. b. June 11, 1792 died Nov. 20, 1842  in Nauvoo , Illinois of black canker and
is buried in the old Mormon Cemetery there.Mary is the daughter of samuel smith  and Jane Stephens Smith  of Warwick , N.Y.

Mary Smith was sealed to James Newberry by proxy on Feb. 7, 1846. 6 p.m. solemnized by George A. Smith, witnessed by J.W. Fleming and
Zebedee Coltrin [3]

                   Their children were  Р               

   1.  JANE NEWBERRY b. Oct. 17, 1812 Warwick , N.Y. d. Panama, Shelby Co., Iowa Baptized 14  March 1831 by Heman Basset  
m.  James Jacob Crandall in Clay Co. MO. December 5, 1833,  b. 1800 in New Paltz , N.Y. and died in Iowa. 

                                 Children: Benjamin J. William, Abraham, James, Patty, Roseanna, Sally and Mary.
                        Saints’ Herald, Obituaries 1917, page 1199 (contributed by Michael Marquardt)
                        Saints’ Herald Obituaries, 1892, p. 659 (contributed by Sabrina Peart)

                       (Other  Sources:  Hazel Murray, Sumner, WA. and Billy Crandall)

                 2. JOHN SMITH NEWBERRY  b. May 22, 1814, Warwick , Orange , N.Y. d. Lee Co. Iowa after 1860  m. Lucinda (Elizabeth)
Dec. 24, 1837 in Clay Co. Missouri. Lucinda Williams was from Clinton Co. Mo.  They were married  by Joseph
                       Holbrook.  Lucinda died in Blanchardville, Wisconsin probably in 1858.  John Smith Newberry’s final resting place and death
                       date are not well documented It is said that he died in Lee Co., but cannot be proved.  There is no grave known. for Lucinda
                       Later, in life Lucinda and John Smith Newberry went to Illinois and to Wisconsin
.  Not much is known other than John was
                       ordained a seventy in the Zarahemla  Stake during the April conference in 1853 in Argyle, Wisconsin. In the conference of
                       October of 1853, he was sustained as a member of the Quorum of Seventies.[4]  John Smith’s original Book of Mormon resides
                       in the RLDS Archives, in Independence , MO.

                                Children:  unknown _____, William, John Marshall, b. Feb. 14, 1844 m. Vesta Curtis; Edward T.  b. 1850 (also known as
                                Deadwood Ed – homesteaded in South Dakota married to Nellie ______; Charles

                        After the death of John Smith Newberry, his young children were farmed out to his brother Abraham, his sister Jane and his
                        father James A. Newberry

                       ( Source:  Janice Newberry Robinson,  Kahoka, Mo.  & Mary King )

                3. ABRAHAM  B. NEWBERRY b. March 31, 1816 Warwick, Orange , N.Y. d.  August 1898   Lee Co., Iowa  m. January 1, 1842
                       to  Eliza Ann Duty b. Oct. 24, 1824 in Newberry, Orange Co. Vermont daughter of Israel  Duty and Mehitable  Sawyer. 

Eliza Ann took her endowments in the Nauvoo temple December 24, 1845 at the same time as her father-in-law James Newberry
                       and his wife Elizabeth Haskins Newberry.  This is shown on the Nauvoo Temple Record.

                       At some point, Abraham stood aloof from the Church for reasons unknown,  Eliza Ann joined the RLDS in String Prairie.

                                 Children: Rosaline (Rosa) b. Nov. 2, 1844; Orson O. b. Feb. 14, 1845, Charles W. b. May 20, 1850.
                Saints’ Herald Obituaries, 1898, p. 564

                     History of Eliza Ann Duty Newberry.  Eliza Ann was related to Joseph Smith as a second cousin through Moses Duty her
                     grandfather via his sister Mary Duty. Mary Duty married Asael Smith who was the father of Joseph Smith Sr., who was the
                     father of Joseph Smith Jr. – the founder and prophet of the Mormon  Church.  Israel Duty didn’t follow Brigham
                     Young, but rather followed James Strang to Wisconsin, as did Martin Harris, the man who funded the first printing of the
                     Book of Mormon. Ditto William Marks, William McClellin Ira Patten (Bro. David Patten), Otis Shumway,  and some of Joseph
                     Smith’s remaining family, brother, mother and wife and children, Samuel Williams, and Whitmers.
                     Abraham and Eliza Duty Newberry were divorced. She joined the RLDS in 1861, and while living in String Prairie, Lee Co. IA.  
                     [Now Argyle]

 (Source:  Marlene Barnes, Ft. Madison , IA.   Source information on Joseph Smith relationship originally from D. Michael
                       Quinn, and follow up research by Sue Simonich )

                 4. JAMES WASHINGTON NEWBERRY b. December 9, 1819 Warwick , N.Y. m  Edith A. Benedict Sept. 19, 1847 b. Sept.
                       1830  d. October 9, 1911 daughter of Ezra and Edith A. Parish Benedict.  Edith Benedicts family were related to James A.
                       Newberry's mother Jemima Benedict.  They were from Canada.  These Benedict people were second cousins.

Children: Washington b. 1848;  West b. Feb. 29 1856; Ella (Luella Dale) b. April 15, 1862; Alta M.  b.  October 3, 1866;
                                  Fred Devere  b. March 30, 1870;  Charles D.  b.  March 30, 1870  (twins);  Smith Benedict  b. October 27, 1851, Moline
                                  b. unknown.  (Marlene Barnes' info)

                       Saints’ Herald Obituaries, 1911 p. 1103
                       Saints’ Herald Obituaries, 1895, p.  192

                  5.  SALLY ANN (SARAH)  NEWBERRY b. June 19, 1821 Hanover , Luzerne , PA. d. January, 24 1907  baptized June 30, 1832  
m. Calvin Pendleton who was born August  25, 1811 in Hope, Knox Co. Maine. d. April 21, 1873. They lived in Parowan ,
. He was a gunsmith. He was the son of  Job Pendleton and Betsy Crane.

                         Calvin Crane Pendton was a polygamist
(1) Sally Ann Seavey  died leaving one daughter

                                   Children:  Sarah A.
                         (2) Pheobe Bowley 1847 Winter Quarters 
                         (3) Sally  Ann Newberry bore him nine children.
                                   Daniel C. Pendleton, b. abt. 1847, Phoebe Pendleton , b. abt. 1848, Calvin David Pendleton  b. abt. 1850,
                                   Sarah E. Pendleton, b. abt. 1851, Jane Pendleton,  b. abt. 1854, Freeman W. Pendleton, b. abt. 1855
                                   William Pendleton, b. abt. 1857, Luvina Pendleton (Twin), abt. 1859, Luvone Pendleton, (Twin), abt. 1859

                     In Utah Pendleton became a polygamist and had two other wives

                          (4) Sarah Melinda Alexander m. 1856
                          (5) Mary Jane Coombs m. 1861

                          ( Source:  Online information posted by Jesse Bulkley on )

   6. Hannah Maria Newberry  b. March 13, 1823  Strongsville, Cuyahoga, Ohio, d. Nov. 6, 1893 in Salt Lake City, Utah
                      m. George Morris  Aug. 23, 1843, in Nauvoo Illinois, officiated by Newel Nurse.  Their endowments were taken on
                      January 30th 1846.  Sealed  February of 1846. Family went to Utah in 1848. Hannah was baptized September 30, 1840

      George Morris was from Durkenfield , England . He had twelve children with Hannah see family page. George married
                      Jane Higginbotham before he left England , but she died there along with their infant daughter. Hannah was his second
                      wife. George was a polygamist. 

                           (3)  Maria Allen who was a young woman who crossed the plains with a handcart company. She was very ill when
                                 she arrived in Salt Lake. She died the day of their marriage. 
                           (4)  harriet newberry George was also married/sealed to Harriet Newberry,
                                 Hannah's sister  (see next #7 below ). This marriage was performed after Harriet's death as a posthumous
                                 marriage. She had asked to marry George before he and Hannah left Iowa , but she was discouraged by other
                                 family members and married Seth Palmer shortly after Hannah and George went to Utah.  She died in 1849.
                           (5)  Annie Matthews bore him many children, six of them died before adulthood. George's marriage to Annie Matthews
                                  occurred when Hannah was pregnant with her 12th child, Ephraim. George went to live with Annie exclusively for eleven
                                  years until the U.S. Government intervened in polygamy.  He was forced into bachelorhood after that.
                                 (George Morris' several journals )

                                 (Sources:  George Morris Journal, LDS Church ,  Newberry Journal,
                                 Community of Christ, Independence , MO. , Women of Faith and Fortitude, Family research. etc.)

              7.  HARRIET NEWBERRY b. Nov 24, 1825  Brownhelm, Lorain, Ohio,  d. July 27, 1849 in Montrose, Iowa  m. Seth Palmer 
March 8, 1847 b. Feb. 22, 1824 in Medina Co. Ohio - son of Ambrose Palmer an Lettice Hawkins.  Harriet was Seth's
                   second wife by whom he had two children, names unknown. They were married by Johnston Meek who was a Justice of the

                           Seth’s other spouses were:
                          (1) Daphne Roberts who died in 1844.
                          (3) Sylvia Goldsmith in Harrison Co., IA.
Children: Edmund A., and Valens A. Landowner in Little Sioux Township, Harrison Co. IA. 

                          Sylvia is buried at Little Sioux, Ia., Seth Palmer is buried at Greenwood , South Dakota in an unmarked grave
Seth settled in Little Sioux, IA with about three hundred acres, more or less,until 1900. He sold his land and moved to
                         Charles Mix Co., S. Dakota. with his sons, Edmond and Valens. I think the reason they moved was for the homesteading
                         factor. Edmond and Seth remained in Charles Mix and both died there and are buried at (Seth) Greenwood and Edmond
                          is buried at Wagner.  Valens moved to Cooper, S. Dakota. and ended up at Sturgis. He also had land in the Sturgis area.
                          He is buried at Sturgis, along with his wife, Eva, and several of his children.

   Ambrose Palmer was an important figure in the LDS Church in Kirtland , Ohio.  He was a member of the council of High
                         Priests & Elders of the Church of the Latter Day Saints in 1835.  At his death, Lettice married Samuel Bent, who also was
                         a member of the council of High Priests.

                          (from 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa and, Lee County Genealogical Society. Family info from
                           Linda Felton, Casper, Wyoming)

              8.  LECTY (ELECTA) LOUISA NEWBERRY  b.  April 4, 1827 Brownhelm, Lorain Co., Ohio         d. Feb. 13, 1888, San Francisco ,
                   CA. married

                          (1) Robert A. Lee,  m. March 7, 1845 Lee Co. Iowa , by Samuel B.  Ayers, Justice of the Peace. Robert later married
                          Rebecca A. Needham December 27, 1849, officiated by John Evans.
                                    Children:  Martha A. Lee  possibly one other Sarah A. born in Utah
(2) George John Wixon  b. August 14, 1810, son of Barnabus and  Lydia Wixon.  Wixon married Electa Newberry
                          while crossing the   plains to Utah with Smoot Company in 1847.  She was his third wife. They settled in Placer  Co.
as hotel owners in Township #9, Auburn-Folsom Road , California . Owners of Franklin House also called Miner’s
Martha A. Wixon (Lee), Sarah A. Wixon (I suspect this may be a child of Lee as well), Mary F. Wixon, Almon Wixon,
                                   Helen Jane Wixon, John Wixon (he is buried on the old Franklin House property), William H.Wixon

                          (3) Horace Mansur m. January 2, 1872, d. Oct 19, 1900. Mansur was Electa Newberry's widower neighbor. When Electa
                          married Horace Mansur, they blended their families.[7]
                         History of George John Wixon:  George John Wixon was previously married to

                          (1) Mehitable Chase  who was born June 10 1815 and was married to Wixon  in Harwich, Barnstable Co., MA on
                          August 11, 1832. A child was born to them in 1832. 

(2) sarah kelley b. June 20 1806 m. Dec. 26, 1833 in Harwich, Barnstable  Co. He left Sarah to follow the Mormons.
                         (3)  Electa Louisa Newberry m. Wixon in 1847 on the plains.

                          John Wixon left California , returned to Mass. around 1860 and died there  May 1863 of diabetes at the home of Sarah
                          after his divorce  from Electa  Newberry.[6] He was a sea captain and is buried in Dennis, Barnstable  Co., Mass. Wixon
                          was descended from Native American ancestors from Cape Cod.  His modern descendants are presently distinguished
                          members of the Wampanoag tribe, which was associated with the great chief Massasoit.
The Chases of Massachusetts
                          are also known to be from Native American ancestors. Wixon missed his home so much, when he was in California, that
                          he went back to Massachusetts and removed and old building to bring west.  He stripped it down from the foundation
                          piece by piece and loaded it on a ship, then sailed it around Cape Horn to San Francisco and freighted it in from the
                          coast to serve as a hotel in Placer Co. during the gold rush days.

(Info gathered from original family record, Marlene Barnes, Cheryl Wixon Gocken, Darell and Dana Mansur, and the
                           Placer Co. Archives, Lee County, Iowa Genealogical Society.)                 

            9. ESTHER NEWBERRY b. June 7, 1829 Brownhelm, Lorain, Ohio d. March 29, 1891, Coloma, El Dorado Co., California 
                m. Edward O. Beebe  29 June 1849  b. Mar. 4, 1827, Ohio.  d. Oct. 18, 1869 Lamoni , Iowa -  son of Calvin Beebe.
                Esther and Edward were successful fruit farmers in El Dorado Co.   He was also a wagon maker.  He died while on a trip back to
to settle the estate of his father.  Little more is known about the family.
                          Children:  James b. Iowa , Julia b. Iowa , Mary b. Utah , Emma b. California, Sarah, Eda, Flora, Edward, Philip. 
                          July 28, 2006, it has been determined that the Beebe family was likely of Native American descent.  Don Kelly has
                         shared with me the stories that his grandmothers and great grandmothers shared with him about the Indians. They
                         passed down many share stories of legend and myth.  As of today the hunt is on to figure out what tribe they belonged
                         to.  It is notable that their history is similar to the Newberry history, and that they were some of the first to join the
                         LDS Church and embark upon the mission to Missouri in 1832. Don has a website for the stories that his grandmothers
                         related to him as a child.  The native people always pass their history down orally, and continue to do so to this day.

                          Don wrote the following to me:

                        "I had about 60 years of going over her stories and cross checking for similar references quite removed from Iowa.
                          For one thing the Indians seem to have known what went on far to the east.....Indian attacks, British forts in the
                          Ohio Valley, how white people came in, what their abodes were like (not teepes for sure), and how those Indians
                         could be associated with the five tribe Iroquois alliance, and how those Indians of the great lakes could be related
                         to the Cherokees of TN, VA and GA. 
                   The Indian lore I found quite compelling. I am happy I had the desire so young to write down what my grandmas
                         told to me.
Ggrandma Williamson born about 1858 personally knew soldiers who fought at the Little Bighorn.
                         History tended to suggest they were all killed in the fight, but evidently untrue. 
                          I am pleased you enjoyed grandma's I did.
                   I think you will like my grandma's Indian stories. Ggrandma Beebe was the first to tell me these stories.
                         Grandma Beebe Pruitt told the same stories with slight twists.

                         Don has a website dedicated to the Beebe family  at:

                (Sources:  Census,  and Sheri Zingmark, Don Kelly )    

         10.  MARTHA (PATTY) NEWBERRY  b. August 20, 1832  Brownhelm, Lorain , Ohio d.  Sept. 23, 1917 in Parowan, Iron Co.,
                 Utah m. John Smith Hyatt Jan. 2 1854 in Parowan, Utah b. August 12, 1832 Hudson, Columbia, N.Y.  Pattie lived as
                neighbors with her sister Sally Ann in Parowan.  In 1874, she lived in Panaca, Lincoln Co., Nevada but moved back to
Parowan  (From old letters.)  10 children. 

                Note:  Birth information Newberry children, comes directly from the family journal written by James Newberry.
                Microfilm copy is in the Community of Christ Archives, Independence , Mo. This journal is thought to be a copy of
                the original written by James A. Newberry, as information doesn't completely compare with what earlier researchers
                have written.
               -End details of children for James Newberry and Mary Smith Newberry      

Ü Continuation of Wives of James Newberry  b. May 29, 1791

æ  (II) Nancy Brown b. May 29, 1792 Lick Creek, Rowan Co., South Carolina  d. Dec.24. 1770   Ogden , Utah.
Nancy is the daughter of James Brown and Mary "Polly" Williams. James divorced or separated from Nancy

about 1853.
Married: October 3, 1843, in Nauvoo[8] .  A civil marriage is recorded.[9]  No children known Nancy took her Endowments
Jan. 30, 1846, it appears that at that time she was using her maiden name. 

She went to Ogden , Utah with her brother Capt. James Brown in 1851 and remarried late in life to William Critchlow. [10]

It is thought that a division in their religious beliefs may have caused their split.  James didn’t approve of Brigham Young as leader
of the faith.

æ  (III) Elizabeth Haskins b. March 9th 1815 Loch, Cayuga Co. New York d. February 28, 1855, Kanesville, Pottawattamie Co., IA. 
is the daughter of Lincoln Haskins and Experience "Peddy" Paine.

Married:  November 17, 1845 in Montrose, Lee Co., Iowa , (family journal)  civil ceremony. Dec. 22, 1845  Nauvoo Temple Endowments,
 Feb. 7, 1846 sealing. [11]  The sealing was solemnized by George Smith, and witnessed by J. W. Fleming and Zebedee Coltrin at 6 p.m

           Their children were  Р 

SECRATUS  Stepson - parents unknown, born March 1845 see complete info at the end.*
          1. ALMARONI (Alma Moroni) born December 25th 1846 Des Moines Township, Lee Co. Iowa.
           2. JOSEPH HYRUM born at Trading Point, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa February 14, 1848
           3. HEBER born at the Precinct of Kanesville, Pottawattamie County Iowa.   August 26th 1849,
              m.  M.A. Winegar on July 4th 1871 by Levi Graybill[12] Baptised in the RLDS Church in June 19 1866
               by his father James Newberry[13]

           4. MARY ELIZABETH born in Kanesville Precinct, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa December 2, 1850  d. December 7th aged five days
           5. JOLANA E. born June the 5th 1852 Kanesville, Pottawattamie Co., Iowa
, m. Henry Winegar August 3, 1871 by D. Hougas,
               minister of Gospel.[14]

           6. DANIEL died in infancy, probably when his mother died.

æ  (IV) Sybil Pulsipher  b. March 29, 1793 Rockingham, Windham , Vermont d. January 6, 1870, Indian Creek, Mills Co., IA. [15]
Daughter of John Pulsipher and Elizabeth Dutton Pulsipher.
Sybil was married

            (1)  Roswell Prindle  m. 17 Mar 1845 in Sagamon Co., Illinois  He was previously married to Lydia Judd who died in
                      who died in 1844 in Lee Co. Iowa.  They had four sons. 16] Prindle died in 1859.  Prindle was James Newberry's neighbor
                      in the Far West days prior to 1838 in Caldwell Co. Mo. before he married Sybil.  Prindle was also close to the
                      Pulsipher and Roundy families in Sapfford, Onondaga Co., N.Y.  They were Free Will Baptists.[17]

           (2James Newberry  m. April 22, 1848 in Winter Quarters Nebraska. Officiated by: Pres. Brigham Young in Recorder's
                      Office in Winter Quarters.  Witness:  Orson Pratt, Wilford Woodruff.

It is assumed Sybil was married even before her marriage to Newberry or Prindle, but we haven’t so far discovered to whom this
might have been. She was in her 50's when she married James Newberry.  They did not live in the same house, but were always in
the same neighborhood. After the death of Elizabeth Haskins, Sybil Pulsipher moved in and took up the duties of raising Elizabeth’s
children.[18] She lived with him until she died January 6, 1870.
Sybil was sister of  Zerah Pulsipher  a prominent Mormon leader who was member of  First Council of Seventy 1838-62  under
Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.  James was also member of the Council of Seventies.  Zerah Pulsipher and his family were also
pioneers in Independence , Jackson Co. Missouri when Joseph Smith declared it to be the new " Zion" or Center Place.

Also Elizabeth Haskins’ family were part of the first contingent of Saints to go to Independence in 1833.

Saints’ Herald Obituaries, February 1871, p. 96

æ  (V) Amanda unknown woman said to be a Native American girl of 16.  She moved to Harrison Co. sometime before or after the
death of James in 1880.[19]  She signed away her dower rights to a piece of land owned by James in Grove Township, Pottawattamie Co.
when part of it was sold (43 acres) September 16, 1873. 

-End listing of known  wives for James Newberry

James Newberry’s Step son by unknown parents
* Secratus Newberry (Williams) was James' stepson or adopted son. b. March 24th 1845. Desmoine Township, Lee Co., Iowa.
d. August 15, 1882 in Pottawattamie Co. Secratus lived with James and  Elizabeth and later Sybil. He married Esther (Stiddam)
 ( Bratton, Denton ) Williams  on Nov. 3rd 1878 and they were married by Levi Graybill.

Children: Anna and David.

Secratus died sometime before 1900. There may have been more children. It is unknown who Secratus’ parents were for certain.
However Elizabeth Haskins may have been his mother with another man, who is unknown. Secratus changed his name to Williams
in later life so we assume he knew who his real father was.


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Died: at Indian Creek, Mills County , Iowa , January 6, 1870, Sr. Sybil Newberry wife
of James Newbery, aged 77 years, 10 months and 23 days. She was among the first to embrace the gospel in the old organization;
was with the saints in Caldwell County , Missouri , when they were persecuted. And joined the Reorganization on August 4th 1861. 
She lived a devoted life before God.  She died a very calm and easy death, and without a struggle.

[16] Illinois Marriage Records.  (2) Jane Prindle Szymanski verified this marriage. Unpublished letters detailing Sybil’s estrangement
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James Newberry instead. Prindle possibly had Huntington’s disease.

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(info extracted from Family Journal, Nauvoo Temple Endowment Records
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Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude for Nancy Brown marriage )

Mccoll Document - unpublished source in files of author - given to me by Wilma Newberry


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