Hannah's Children by George Morris

  Hannah at the time of her marriage
   to George in Nauvoo.

     George Morris in Old Age

  Hannah's Children by George Morris
  The following was written in George Morris' journal circa 1880's documenting his children by Hannah Maria Newberry
  Morris. Hannah was his second wife. All total he was married five times.  The information in italics is added to indicate
  marriages and death dates by transcriber. His spelling is left as it was transcribed. In this journal there is also a list of his
  children by Annie Matthews Morris.

George Morris' Journal - Record of children
I will now make A Record of the children which the Lord has given me. This is taken verbatim
from George's journal regarding his children.  No spelling correction has been done.

  1st  The first one was A Daughter we Named her Lavina Newbery Morriss
  – Newbery being her Mother’s Maiden name. She was Born July 13th 1844
  at Nauvoo in Hancock County Illonois she was Baptized May 21st 1853 in
  Salt Lake Citty utaw teretory and marriad November 20th 1862 to Nathan
  Davis, Bishop of the 17th Ward of S Lake Citty (died in child birth
  September 2nd 1879)

  2nd  Julia Ann Newberry Morriss Born August 28th 1846 in Lee County
  Ioway Teretory and was Baptized September 23rd 1855 in G S Lake Citty
  UT  (married November 23 1867 to Thomas Golightly.  Julia Ann died
  November 17, 1921)


  3rd  Rozilly Newberry Morriss Born March 29th 1848 in Lee County Iowa
  Teretory and was Baptized on March the 7th 1858 in G S Lake City UT
  (Married November 25, 1870 to John Jenkins there was also an earlier
  married to Lucius Peck.  Rosella died July 1, 1930)


  4th  George Vernon Newberry Morriss  Born May 15th 1850 in G S Lake
  Citty utaw Teretory and was Baptised on March the 7th in 1858 in G S Lake
  Citty UT  (Married Catherine Davis November 3, 1869 she died June 22,
  1882 and George married again  to Agnes LeCheminant - no date known. 
  George died November 8, 1922)

  5th  Maria Jane Newberry Morriss  Born September 17th 1851 in G S Lake
  Citty utaw Teretory and was Baptized May the 2nd 1860 in G S Lake Citty utaw
  Tertory. (Married Edward Scrace April 20 1874.  Maria Jane died April 6,

   6th  Joseph Newberry Morriss Born April 15th 1853 in G S L Citty utaw
   Teratory and was Baptized September 4th 1862 in G S L Citty Utaw Teretory.
   (Married Sarah Ann Grow, Nov. 8, 1871. Joseph died May 29th 1924)

  7th  Mary Ann Newberry Morriss Born June 29th 1855 in G S L Citty Utaw
  Teratory and was Baptized April 4th 1865 in G S L Citty  Utaw Teretory
  (Married Alford Joesph Ridges February 13, 1871. Mary Ann died July 9, 1938)

  8th  James Newberry Morriss Born May 3rd 1857 in G S L Citty Utaw Teratory
  and was Baptized April 4th 1865 in G S L Citty Utaw Teretory. (Married Hariett
  Louisa Elliott and Betsy Scholes. First marriage November 14, 1878 - James
  died prematurely  February 16, 1913 when he was murdered over water rights
  issues by Mary Loree Cobia's brother. Mary Loree Cobia was married to James'
  son  James William Morris. )

9th Ellen Newberry Morriss  Born Febry 20th 1859 in G S L Citty Utaw Teratory
and Died on Febry 20th 1859 in G S L Citty Utaw Teratory (Died as an infant)

  10th  Franklin D. Newberry Morriss Born March 21st 1860 in G S L Citty
  Utaw Teretory. (Married Elizabeth Ann Mitchell July 28, 1879. Franklin
  died June 25, 1936 in Alberta, Cardston, Canada)

  11th Harriat Newberry Morris Born April 10th 1862 in G S L Citty Utaw
  Teretory (Married October 12, 1887 to Calvin David Pendleton October 12,
  1887.  Harriet died April 8, 1923)


  12th  Ephram F. Newberry Morriss Born July 25th 1864 in G S L Citty Utaw
  Teretory (Married Harriet Ann Harris March 11, 1885.  Ephraim died
  September 26, 1898)

These children were from his second wife Hannah Maria.  His children from Annie Matthews were also included in his
journal, however, since this web site is dedicated to Hannah, I have chosen to leave those children for another historical
account. His first wife Jane Higgenbotham also had a child. Both died before he left England. George was also married to
Maria Allen who was a convert.  His marriage to her was only a technicality.  She was very ill when she requested to be
sealed to George.  Hannah stood proxy for her on her death bed for this purpose.  Also, George married by proxy Hannah's
sister Harriet, many years after she had died.  George's daughter Lavina stood proxy for her, as Hannah was extremely ill
and unable to stand for her sister. The last two women never lived with George Morris.


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