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     The Newberry Family - Saga of a Clan

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Dear Newberry Researcher:
      Many genealogists are studying the Newberry surname. Some are curious, distant descendants while others are "present generation" members of the clan. This project is designed to be inclusive for both groups. Below you will find a project summary. If you know other researchers who would be interested, you are encouraged to forward the information. Ultimately, this effort could help determine how global NEWBERRY lines are linked. This study begins with the . . .


        English emigrant, Thomas Newberry began a new chapter in life when, in 1634 he stepped from the ship Recovery of London, onto the headlands of Dorchester, Massachusetts. Appointed selectman for the new government of the Massachusetts Bay Company, he died suddenly in 1635, leaving his wife and seven children to colonize the new world in his stead. 
     During the same period, the mysterious Richard Newbury arrived to plant his flag not far from Thomas' at Weymouth , Massachusetts 1630-38. Nothing is known about Richardís roots, or prior life in England . He married Sarah Robinson in 1649 and reared four children in Puritan society. He died in 1685.
For generations, researchers who have attempted to identify Richardís English roots have been largely unsuccessful. However, strong circumstantial evidence points to kinship with Thomas' family whose roots are documented. As early planters in New England, they were the original founders of the family in America .  Studies of the first Dorchester colonists reveal tight-knit family groups. Most were interrelated by blood, marriage and social standing with strong ties to England 's
Dorchester Adventurers and the Puritans. 


        Partnering with DNA Consultants of Scottsdale, Arizona, the first goal of the project is to find modern male descendants of THOMAS AND RICHARD NEWBERRY/NEWBURY. 

        *Thomas Newberry's 
three sons were prominent land owners in Windsor, Connecticut.
BENJAMIN made a name for himself in the Indian wars. 
JOSEPH returned to England in 1648 to manage the family estate at Marshwood Vale;
JOHN  supposedly was hung in 1647, but no proof of the execution exists. If you descend from John we
are especially interested in hearing from you.  It is possible he may have escaped to England
with his brother Joseph and returned home.*

        *Richard Newbury's
sons were born and raised in Weymouth, Massachusetts.
TRYAL was involved in the Indian Wars and his descendants found in Montville, Conn.
BENJAMIN - Little is known about this son
JOSEPH - Little is known about this son.

**Note the similarities in naming patterns**

THIS BASELINE STUDY BEGINS IN NEW ENGLAND, but will expand to include other lines such as Walter Newbury of Rhode Island, who arrived from London circa 1670; and Samuel Newberry of Virginia who immigrated from Ireland. Some of the southern U.S.  lines are thought to have descended from these men. As we go forward other more global lines will fall into place.


          As you are probably aware, the Newberry line began in France as the BEAUMONT family, who were aligned with William the Conqueror and became feudal barons in England . One of the Beaumont sons changed his name to de Neuburgh also known as de Novo Burgo. Spellings evolved through the centuries depending on the conventions, literacy and phonetics employed by each family. In England there are dozens of name derivations such as Newberry / Newbery / Newborwe / Newburgh etc. Newberrys are currently found in Australia, England , IrelandCanada and America.


         Participation is encouraged whether you descend from Thomas and Richard, or hale from another branch of the global tree, each family line will require multiple participants for reliable results. Test subjects must be male, descend from father to son and currently bear the surname of Newberry or a variation thereof.


         For more information, or to request participation, please contact Sue Simonich, P.O. Box 6305 , Kent , Washington , 98064-6305
or via email: DNA Moderator. See more info. about DNA Consultants at their web site DNA Consultants,

**Personal information will be held in confidence.**
Project discounts available.

      A new web page is in the planning stages and will include the DNA project.
If you wish to be included on the mailing list for future communications, please send an email to DNA Moderator

*It is the opinion of this researcher that reports of John's death in 1647 are unproven and suspect.