Jonathan Newberry Bible Record circa 1769 Original family from Groton

Jonathan Newberry Bible Record circa 1769
Original family from Groton, Connecticut
Migrated to Dutchess, Orange, Putnam Counties in New York State

The Bible originally belonged to Jonathan Newberry

son of John Newberry
and Zurviah Burch Newberry
Ownership passed to Jonathan’s son, Nathaniel Newberry. 
The Newberry Bible is currently in the care of Sherman
of Santa Rosa, California.

This HOLY BIBLE was originally . . .
Published in Edinburgh 1769, Printed by Alexander Kincaid –
His Majesty’s Printer MDCCLXIX
Rebound at Saratoga Springs, N.Y. in 1826
The Bible contains the Old and New Testaments
The inside cover contains the notations that the book is

Newly Translated out of the ORIGINAL TONGUES And with the former
TRANSLATIONS Diligently Compared and revised. By HIS MAJESTY’S special
command. Appointed to be Read in CHURCHES.


The Births and Deaths in the book are as follows (Note: the variances in spelling
of the surname are consistent with the document written in the original hand)

Jonathan Newberry born  September 3, 1740 Said Jonathan Newberry died
September 23 1798
Elizabeth Newbery born June 18, 1748

Jonathan and Elizabeth Newberry married January 12, 1766
Their Children were:

Hannah Newbery  born September 27, 1766
Jonathan Newbery Junior born July 17, 1768
     Said Jonathan Newberry Junior died June 10, 1798

Joshua Newbery born June 30, 1770
Elizabeth Newbery born  November 21, 1772
Zurviah Newbery born January 25, 1775
Anna Newbery born March 25, 1777  m. Gideon Rathbone
John Newbuery born June 28, 1779
Sarah Newberry born September 9, 1781
Nathaniel Newberry born December 14, 1783
Joseph Newbery April 27, 1786
William Newberry born April 23, 1788
Esther Newberry born November 6, 1790

Nathaniel Newberry was the next custodian of the family Bible

Photo courtesy of Sherman Boiven

Nathaniel Newberry born December 14, 1783
Said Nathaniel Newbury died February 5, 1849
Jane Mack Newbery born March 9, 1790
Said Jane Newbery died January 9, 1852

Nathaniel and Jane Newbery married February 8, 1810

Their children were:
Peter Mack Newberry born December 14, 1810 at 5 o’clock
William Newberry born January 14, 1813
Maryann Newberry born November 4, 1815
Nathaniel Newberry Junior born December 6, 1818
John Newbery born December 21, 1821
Nelson Newbery born December 19, 1824
Alzina Newberry born  March 13, 1828
Phebe Jane Newberry born July 2, 1833


Transcribed from photographic copies of  the original document supplied
by owner, Sherman Boivin. Additional written history by Sherman Boivin.
Transcribed by Sue  Simonich for Internet use with permission of Sherman

Western Family History –

Sherman Boivin’s great grandmother, Phebe Jane Newberry, was born in Saratoga,
N.Y. the youngest child of Nathaniel Newberry and Jane Mack Newberry.

Phebe Jane married Franklin Sherman in Michigan and migrated west to California
in 1864. They traveled with two girl children. The youngest daughter Mariam, died
enroute and is buried in Soldier’s Cemetery at Ft. Douglas in Salt Lake City. The
oldest daughter was Sherman Boivin’s grandmother Ida Jane.

They followed Franklin’s brother, John Sherman to the California gold fields as 
49’ers during the Gold Rush Era.  They had good success in the gold fields. The
family bought land and settled in Santa Clara County. In 1875 they moved to Sonoma
County, settling in the Lakeville area where they were farmers. 

Phebe Jane’s older sister Alzina married Daniel Dunn, a native of Vermont. They
went west by train about 1872.  They carried the Bible with them to California.
Sherman Boivin became heir to the Bible when two of Alzina’s daughters
(never married) died in about 1950.  Both Julia and Viola Dunn lived to their nineties.

Nathaniel’s oldest son, Peter Newberry settled near Quincy, Michigan – just a
few miles east of Coldwater, Michigan.  The property is still owned by descendants. 
There are a number of Newberry descendants in the immediate area. Peter Newbery
was considered an early settler of the state.