Photo Comparison

Photo Comparison

Dear Family:

I am working on the photo section of the Newberry book that I have been compiling for two years, and I believe I have discovered something that may be quite exciting. Some time ago, several pictures were added to the photo section our Newberry family site, of a man thought to be Abraham Newberry with his wife Eliza Ann. See: figures 1. and 1a. below.

After sifting through some other photos that I have of the family, I ran across one of Edith Benedict Newberry, that was positively ID'd by Ray Gunn, some years ago. (Note the necklace is similar if not the same!)  Because of seeing this photo of Edith Benedict Newberry, I now think that Figure 1. is incorrectly marked on our family site, and this is actually a photo of James Washington Newberry with his wife Edith.  This would make sense, because, Abraham Newberry and Eliza Ann, were divorced at some point.  Also the photo is taken by John Marshall Newberry, he is son of John Smith Newberry, and if I am not mistaken he  lived with his uncle James Washington after the death of his father. So figure 1. is actually James Washington Newberry and his wife Edith Benedict Newberry.

OKAY . . . now the exciting part -
The old photo in figure 2 was supposedly a photo of James W. Newberry. The photo in figure 2a is cropped from the
photo in figure 1.  This is where it gets exciting. . . 

I don't believe, (because of the apparent age of this photo) that we are looking at James W. Newberry.  Note the face is thinner, the eyes are much more deeply set, and less round, with a slight droop.  The cheek-bones are more well defined.  The mouth is slightly different and the nose is perhaps a little broader.  Very close in resemblance, but the clothing is of a much older vintage, more like what we might see in some of the old Mormon photos. Figure 2b is W.W. Phelps, and old Mormon leader of the same generational vintage as James Newberry Sr.

Figures 3 and 3a are photos of Abraham Newberry.


So, that would bring me to THE LAST photo, which I believe is actually Abraham Benjamin Newberry, because Wilma Newberry put a photo on the family site some time ago, that was a very small sepia-toned photo of Abraham, from her family album, and I had another photo that was marked as Abraham from Janice Robinson. Both are of the same man, though he is slightly older in the sepia toned photo. Note the slight drooping in the eyes is the same in both photos, unlike the photo of James and Edith.

   Figure 1. and 1a.


Figure 2. and 2a and 2b


Figure 3. and 3a.