The Samuel Smith Farm

                  The Samuel Smith Farm  "Fair Acres"
                                and family cemetery
                                    Bellvale, Orange Co., N.Y.
It is with great appreciation I dedicate this page to Femi Roecker whose selfless passion for history
and a good mystery brought her to locate Fair Acres and record these pictures for our family. Femi
is a volunteer at the Warwick Historical Museum and Albert Wisner Library who heard of our
quest to find the Smith family.  She has been incredibly helpful. We appreciate her immensely.



Buildings on the farm today.  The house is original late 18th century, as is the barn. Great condition
for their age.  They knew how to build them back then.


The following pictures were taken by Femi in November of 2001

There are known to be approximately nine graves in this cemetery.
These are the only stones that were visible easily the day she went
to the cemetery to look.  Others may be submerged in the decades
of mulch deposited over the years.

Records indicate Samuel Smith, Nancy Smith his daughter, Samuel
Smith Jr. and possible Jane Stephens are buried at this site.  There are
other unknowns there as well.

    These are footstones

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