Thomas Harney & Mary Finneran

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From the research of Linda Harney MacDonald

ROTMF1.IRE                                        CHART 1
Curraghaleen, Drum, Rosc. Ireland
Boston, MA; W.Australia, New Zealand              ?Michael? HARNEY, Drum parish, Creagh
Nov 1999                                           Mrs.
                                                  Thomas HARNEY
                                                  b.n/a, Creagh  d.unkn
                                                  m. Feb 1818
                                                  Mary FINNERAN  /FENERAN
                                                    |     (all born Drum parish, Ireland)
Ann          Daniel       Catherine  Michael            James       Denis           Thomas    Catherine   Malachy                Darby HARNEY
ch.Nov 1819  ch.Apr 1820  b.1823     b.8 Jan 1825       b.1829      b.29 Feb 1832   b.1836    b.1837      b.c.1840               b.c.1845
             m.Sarah      d.infant   m.Ann                                                                See CHART 6            m.Bridget NAUGHTON
             NAUGHTON                FALLON                                                                                      See CHART 2
                                      |  of Taughmaconnell
Thomas           John         Catherine       Catherine        Jane or Joanna  Michael         Daniel         Malachy      Mary HARNEY
ch.22 Jan 1865   b.14 Feb     ch.16 Apr 1871  ch.20 Apr 1873   ch.23 Aug 1874  17 Dec 1876     ch.1 Aug 1879
d.               1867         died                                                             m.Hanah McMANUS
m.                                                                                               CHART 5
 Patrick          Thomas              James                John M., Nurse      Kathleen "Ciss"    Michael J., Attorney   Mary 'Mae' HARNEY
 b.unkn           b.unkn              b.unkn               b.unkn d.1993       b.unkn             b.1 Jun 1908           b.7 Jun 1909
 d.before 1993    d.before 1993       m.Rose McMANUS       m.Julia             m. Patrick         d.3 Nov 1997 Boston    Curraghleen
                  m.Bridget McMANUS   (sister to Bridget)  McMANUS             HIGGINS d.1991     m.1934, Boston, MA     d.before 1993
                    of Nure                                  of Ardnanure                         Eva R RODREQUES        Sister Tutor
                                                                                                                         Nurse at Kings
                                                                                                                         College Hospital

References: (ROTMF1.IRE)
Correspondence with Edward Egan, Athlone, Ireland.
Ireland parish records, St. Peter's, Drum.
Obituary of John Harney, 1993 (printed in HU29).
Griffith's Valuation, Michael Harney, Drum parish, Creagh (1e)

Kathleen or Kathrine 'Ciss' (Harney) Higgins, of Drum, owns the 200 year old altar cloth that is used in the annual Open Air Mass in Drum.  
The cloth was woven from flax grown in Drum and has been kept in the family for generations.

ROTMF2.IRE                                             CHART 2     (continued from Chart 1)
(Formerly RODBN1.IRE)
St. Peter's, Drum parish                               Darby HARNEY     (Also called Dermot)
Oct 1999                                               b.unkn  from Mihanboy, Drum
                                                       Bridget NAUGHTON
     Thomas        Mary           Patrick "Patsy"         Bridget         Denis            John J. HARNEY
     b.8 Feb 1875  b.13 Aug 1877  b.11 July 1880          ch.13 May 1886  b.15 Mar 1889    b.7 May 1893 Co. Rosc.
     ch. 21 Feb    ch. 2 Sept     ch. 25 July             m. John         chr 31 March     d.28 Feb 1980, Somerville, MA
     m.28 Feb 1916                m. Mary                    MCMANUS      Creagh           m.1919, Mary Loretta 
     Mary LENNON                  LENNON                                  d.6 Nov 1914     "Lottie" KEENAN  
       | from Moore                | from Taylors-                        France, in war     |  b.c.1894, PEI
no children                        |      town, Drum                                        5 children
                                   |  (all born Drum parish)
      Delia      Annie             John   Tom    Joe     Gerry     Dennis
      m.Joe      Sr.Helen          b.unkn                             
      MANNION    (a nun)           d.8 Jan 1999 Sydney             
                                   m.Teresa ---

        son        son           Sean HARNEY, horse trainer          dau       dau
                                 b.28 Oct 1954 Freemantle, W.AUST.
                                 d.29 Sept 1994, Perth
                                 m.Vicki LOVIS
                              2 children

Correspondence with Edward Egan, Athlone, (10 March 1992).
Ireland's Memorial Records 1914-18, Denis Harney, Priviate, Irish Guards, killed in action.
Ireland parish records, St. Peter's Drum. Military grave record of Darby Harney, Ypres Memorial, Belgium.

Refer to articles in "Harney Update" Issue 26 & 31.  Newspaper articles about Sean Harney, trainer of the winning horse 'Jack Morris'.
Note: Another John J. Harney married a May Kean in Boston, 1906.
He was the son of John Harney & Anne Kelly from Kilcloony, Ballinasloe area.
Care must be taken not to confuse the two Johns when looking at records.
Information about living descendants has been deleted to protect their privacy.


ROTMF5.IRE                                                  CHART 5      (continued from Chart 1)
Curraghleen, Drum, Ireland
July 1993                                                   Daniel HARNEY
                                                            b.1 Aug 1879
                                                            m.Hannah McMANUS
                                                            |  of Ardnure, Drum
                                                            |     13 children                                                                  HARNEY
Ann        Winifred 'Ciss'   Jane      Kathleen   Norah       Michael     John      Thomas   Maureen      Frances      Malachy       Bernadette  Philomena
b.         b.                b.        b.         b.          b.          b.        b.       b.           b.           b. (twin)     b. (twin)   b.? d.2002
m.Richard  m.P. CONNAIRE     (twin)    (twin)     m.T.        m. P.       m.Bridget  single  m.Paul       m.Tom        d.unkn        m. P.T.     m.C.O.
GREENE          |            single    died       O'CONNOR    TREACY        HOGAN            MADEN        FAHY         m.Mary KERIWS    SHINE    DRUMM
                |                                  |             |           |                 |            |                            |        |
            2 daughters                           11 children  6 children  3 child.          6 children   3 child.                   4 children  to USA

Edward Egan, letter and chart, June 1993.
See Drum Cemetery No. 2

ROTMF6.IRE                                        CHART 6         (Continued from Chart 1)
New Zealand
Nov 1999                                          Malachy HARNEY
                                                  b.c.1840, parish of Drum, Co. Roscommon, Ireland
                                                  d.13 May 1916, New Zealand
                                                  m.1. 1871, Temuka RC Church, NZ      (see Chart 8 for 2d marriage, Julia Walsh)
                                                  Johanna McCABE
                                                     | Leighton, Carlow, IRE                 (all born in Temuka, NZ)
Tom (of Ashburton)       Michael         Daniel           John              James         Maryanne         Patrick        Malachy HARNEY
b.10 Jun 1872 Temuka     b.20 Sep 1873   b.12 Oct 1874    b.15 Dec 1875     b.8 Apr 1877  b.11 Jul 1878    b.8 Feb 1880   b.11 Aug 1881
d.12 Oct 1962 Oamaru     d.24 Oct 1874   Res: Oamaru      d.unkn, Oamaru    d.1881        d.U.K.           Brother        Waitohi Flat
m.1. 1898, Waimate       single          m.Kate GORDON    m.Kitty O'CONNER  single        m.James FALLON   Nazarries      no children
Margaret DOWLING                          |                                               Oamaru
m.2.c.1939, May PASHLEY                  See CHART 7
 |  (children from 1st marriage)
Sarah             Patrick      Agnes Kathleen    Mary 'May' B    Margarita 'Rita'  Thomas          Sabina           Malachi John      Leo Lawrence     Mollie
b.unkn            not married  b.unkn, Oamaru    b.1904 d.1992   b.unkn            b.unkn, Oamaru  b.unkn           'Jack'            b.unkn
m.c.1929, Oamaru               Thomas Wm         m.Robert        m.David ARNOLD    m.Josephine __  m.Gilbert        b.unkn            m.c.1944, Scotland
Thomas PHELAN                  MILLS             BEGGS              |                                BEAUFORT       m. Jean ---       Jean CUTTEN
                                |                  |                |                                |                 |               |
---------                      -------         --------        --------                           ----------       ----------         ----------
son                             9 children    8 children      13 children                         6 children       3 children         4 children

Note: Tom Harney (of Ashburton) said he had a cousin in America, and also and uncle and cousins in Australia, per May (Mills) Willetts of Oamaru.
Correspondence with Graeme John Legg, email, 2001.

ROTMF7.IRE                                         CHART 7     (continued from Chart 6)
Oct 1999
                                                  Daniel HARNEY
                                                  b.1874, Temuka Res: Oamaru
                                                  m.31 May 1905, St. Patrick's Basilica, Oamaru
                                                  Kate GORDON   b.Ardgowan
Johanna                 Kathleen                  Patrick Francis        Madge                Fay HARNEY
b.unkn                  b.unkn                    b.4 Feb 1918           b.unkn               b.unkn
m.St. Pats, Oamaru      m.St. Pats, Oamaru 1973, accident   m.Jack JOHNSTON      m.St. Pat's, Oamaru
Patrick REILLY          Todd PATTERSON            m.Evelyn 'Peg' ----       |                 Patrick BOLAND
    |                                               |              |
6 children                                            |                  3 children 
                                                  4 children

Note: Dan Harney used to write to a cousin in America, according to May (Mills) Willetts, Oamaru, NZ.

Phone directory of New Zealand from the Internet.
Letter from Evelyn 'Peg' Harney, Oamaru, New Zealand (1997)
Correspondence with Edward Egan, Athlone, Ireland.

ROTMF8.IRE                                         CHART 8       (Cont'd from Chart 6)
Oct 1999
                                                   Malachy HARNEY
                                                   b.c.1840  d.13 May 1916, Waimate, NZ
                                                   m.2. Julia WALSH, c.1886      (See Chart 6 for 1st marriage)
                                                     | d.Waimate, NZ
William              Sabrina                 Michael                 Katherine 'Kate'       James HARNEY
b.16 May 1887        b.7 May 1888            b.1890                  b. 1892                b.12 Aug 1895
not married          d.22 Dec 1981           d.12 May 1948, Waimate  d. unkn                d.unkn
                     m.St. Pat's, Oamaru     m. unknown                                     m. Kate ---
                     James McKANE               died in childbirth
James              Mary               Patrick         Cryil            John          Kevin McKANE
b.unkn             b.unkn             b.unkn          b.unkn           b.unkn        Rev. Father
d.1942, in war                                                                       Catholic priest

Letter from May (Mills) Willetts, Oamaru, New Zealand, (1997)

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