Hauber Family Research


My name is Harold Shrader and I am researching the Hauber family history.


Joseph, my great-grandfather was born in Germany on June 22, 1846. He came to the U.S. around 1864. He worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad in Pittsburgh, Pa.

He married Magdalena Oik in Pittsburgh on Dec. 4, 1870. The went to Chicago, where he continued to work for the railroad.

He became a citizen in Chicago on April 3, 1880, with and Adolph Olen being his sponsor.

He operated a saloon in Chicago. In his citizenship application, it states he was from Wuerttenberg, Germany (a province).

He then moved to Tremont, Ind., and farmed near Lake Michigan. He retired to Chesterton, Ind. on Oct. 1, 1928. He became ill and passed away in a hospital in LaPorte, Ind. on Oct. 10, 1933.

He was buried in St. Patrick Cemetery in Chesterton, Ind., on Oct. 13, 1933.

Survivors: son Joseph of Melrose Park, Ill.; son John of Detroit; 12 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.

My roots search has Joseph coming from the small village of Eichishof, Germany.

This is based on a hard-bound emigration list of persons leaving the Crailsheim area of Germany.

In May of 2002 I visited Eichishof to verify my search. I went through parish records in 5 Catholic churches

and the the town archives of Stimpach and turned up no information on Joseph or his father, August

Hauber. Stimpach governs over Eichishof.

This website is posted in hopes that someone may help me

continue my roots search. I have worked with the L.D.S. people in Griffith, Ind.

If you have any further information about the Hauber family, please email me at