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The section of this book that has been identified in the Table of Contents as "Ancestor Data" is quite large. To incorporate such a large section into this electronic version of the book would result in excessive down-loading time. To overcome this disadvantage, the "Ancestor Data" has been broken into 18 separate electronic "pages" (not to be confused with the paper-printed version page numbers that appear throughout the text). This breakdown was done primarily for the convenience of the user of the electronic book. It permits access to the data which has to be downloaded from the Internet or the CD, without having to wait for long downloading times.

The "Ancestor Data" section of this book is organized to correspond, approximately, with the "Composite Family Tree" diagram. That is, families that were most closely associated together by marriage, are shown in close proximity on the Composite Family Tree chart. By breaking the data into 18 separate electronic "pages," this organization of the most closely associated surnames is better preserved. Each electronic page roughly collects and identifies family lines that were associated together through marriage.

In the list below the family names that appear on a single line corresponds to one of the 18 separate "pages" in the electronic version of this book. Each line also roughly corresponds to the families that were more closely associated together in our family tree. The point should be made that while perhaps almost all of the names in this list are family names, there are a few non-family names that have been included because they were associated with our families and may be of interest to the reader.

The names listed below by "page" replicates the surnames found in the Index of Ancestor Data. Clicking on a name in the following list will take you to the same location in the Ancestor Data as clicking on that same name in the Index of Ancestor Data. Clicking on the first family name that appears in each row of the list below, will take you to the first ancestor surname on that electronic page.

This index also provides a site where the reader can visually see the associated surnames and can discover specifically on which electronic page any given surname can be found. Each row of the index has been ordered alphabetically by the first surname found on the electronic page. In addition, each row has been preceded by a number (example: ep3) that identifies the order (left to right) that the families of that row appear on the Composite Chart.


ep10 Aellen, Janns, Jacky, Jaggi, Baumer, Hutzli

ep2 .. Bertram, Gressen, Hunsicker, Neuhart, Knauwert, Nauert, Kochert, Schnur

ep17 Frank, Franks, Hodge, Whitacre, Whitaker, Whittaker, Bond, Deane, Hardman, Keeser, Wilson

ep11 Gander, Schaefer, Bintz, Stoehr, Heid

ep18 Hulme, Baker , McKee, Winland, Sullivan, Cather, Dries, Driess, Farnsworth, Palmer, Smith

ep7 .. Humbert, Reeb, Hatzenbuehl, Hatzenbuhl, Haff, Kastens

ep1 .. Jung, Young, Brubach, Schneider, Gangolf, Harrington, Hines, Keylor, Mueller, Muller, Smith

ep13 Kammacher, Erlenwein, Erlewein, Pfeiffer, Lempen, Reinhart

ep12 Loescher, Klein, Schwartz, Rucklos, Melchior, Hess, Unckel, Kindelberger, Landen, Schmidt, Seitz

ep4 .. Ostertag, Jost, Kirsch

ep14 Rauch, Gryser, Griesser, Steinmann, Winckler

ep3 .. Reiss, Schley, Kern, Weissbrot

ep8 .. Roth, Cuntz, Hauswirth, Fleuti, Kropfli, Siebenthal

ep15 Schaffer, Bittsch, Bitsch, Baumann, Fendrich, Bachtel, Bauer, Gassmann, Huber, Sieg

ep16 Schimpff, Auerbach, Vetter, Keller, Brunner, Quickler, Schoffer, Seyforth

ep6 .. Staupp, Schied. Minicus, Buckel, Bundt, Derss, Hohe

ep5 .. Winter, Wagner, Schoenet, Stephen

ep9 .. Wuersten, Zwallen, Russi



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