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CDs of important Monroe County record books are now available. Each page of dozens of Monroe County record books have been photographed and made into CDs. For a current list of available CDs click here.




Indices and Errata of Books on CDs



Death Record Book # 1 (1867 1891)

Death Record Book # 2 (1891 1908)

Index of Deaths (1908 1984)



Birth Book # 1 (1867 1878) (425 pages)



Indices for Monroe County Probate Court and other Important Record books


The Monroe County Historical Society (MCHS), in conjunction with R. E. Harrington, has initiated a project to photograph several of the important record books of the Monroe County Probate Court and put them on CDs. Other record books such as tax records, some church records, and newspapers are also being copied and made available on CDs.


Several of the record books have their own indices. These indices are also being photographed and included on their respective CDs. Since they are photographs of the indices that appear in the book, however, they can be read visually but cannot be computer-searched. Obviously, if the CDs had a computer searchable index (CSI), they would be much more useful to the user of the CD. As part of this project, a CSI is planned for key record books such as death, birth, and marriage records.


The initial CDs that have been made have only the photographed index. That is, they do not contain the CSI. As a service to the purchasers of these initial CDs (that is, the CDs purchased before a CSI became available) the CSI for record books will be put on-line below as they become available. Purchasers of CDs can search these CSIs on line or may copy them for use with their CDs.


Please understand that the translation of the index in the record book to the CSI format is a slow and arduous task. Please visit this page often to see which new CSIs have been added. Also, please understand that these CSIs are large and may require some time to load.


Errata to Books on CDs


In a project of this size it is inevitable that some errors will occur. Errors that are found are corrected, wherever possible and as soon as possible. Also, as errors are discovered, they will be posted here along with any correction.


Birth Book # 1 (1867 1878) (425 pages) (Click on the specific errata to access)

Page 24 missing on CD


Monroe County, Ohio Deaths Index 1867 - 1984



Since around 1800, Monroe County, Ohio, has seen the passing of about 60,000* of its citizens. Death records for the first 50 or so years are not available because of two disastrous courthouse fires. However, data from 1867 through the present are available. A project is underway to photograph all of the available death record books and put them on CDs. These CDs are available from the Monroe County Historical Society. A list of available CDs (deaths, births, marriages, tax books, etc.) are available by clicking here.


A follow-on project has been undertaken to generate a computer searchable index (CSI) of these Monroe County Record Books. Below is a list of CSIs that are currently available. These indices, although large, have been included on this website. The entire index of any single book is too large to include in a single file (they are too large for most computers to download within a reasonable time). So each index has been broken down alphabetically into several files. Under each book below, just click on the first letter of the surname you are seeking then search the index for the name which is in alphabetical order.


Death Record Book # 1 (1867 1891)

A B C D E F G H I J K L M Mc N O P R S T U V W Y Z


Death Record Book # 2 (1891 1908)

A B C D E F G H I J K L M Mc N O P Q R S T U V W Y Z


Index of Deaths (1908 1984)





* These numbers are calculated estimates based on population and death rate data. As we develop better estimates based on data from the actual records, the revised numbers will be posted.


Provided by Richard Harrington


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