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CDs of important Monroe County record books are now available.  Each page of dozens of Monroe County record books have been photographed and made into CDs.  For a current list of available CDs click here.



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Just Imagine!!  Now you can have copies of the most important Monroe County, OH, historical records for your very own.  Research your Monroe County family tree and history from the comfort of your own home.  The only thing you need is your computer and a copy of your favorite record book CD.


Click here for a list of record book CDs that are available. 


Monroe County Ohio has been home to our ancestors for over 200 years.  For most of that time, the County government scribes dutifully kept accurate records of births, deaths, marriages, deeds, taxes, legal events, and much, much more.  A disastrous fire in the courthouse in 1867 erased much of the data and information of the previous 50 years.  However, the single copy of many records of that period survived and a single copy of all of the records subsequent to the 1867 fire are available.  These books are housed in the Monroe County Probate Court record room and the library of the Monroe County Historical Society.  Until now, they were accessible to only a few people who could travel to the record room.  However, beginning in March of 2005 that has all changed.


A project was initiated to photograph each page of the most important of these records.  The records are large and contain large volumes of information.  Book # 1 of the Death Records, for example, contains over 10,500 names of the deceased and many more names of their parents and others.  The high quality photographs of each page provide unusual clarity and detail.  With the aid of the enlargement or zoom feature of your computer, these photos are frequently more readable than working with the original documents.


Best of all, the CDs of these rare and unusual books are available at low, affordable prices.


Click here for a list of record book CDs that are available.  Prices and information about how to acquire these valuable CDs are also included on the page listing these available CDs.


Many of the record books CDs are currently available.  New record books CDs are being added each week.  Return frequently to these pages for updates and new information about what CDs have been added.


For additional information about the books being copied and made available on CDs, click on the name below:


Birth Record Books

          Birth Record Books # 1, 2, 3, and 4  (1867-1908)

          Birth Record Book  (1908 – 2004)

          Birth Record Index  (1908 – 2004)

          Birth Record Book for the years 1921 – 1940

          Birth Record Book for the years 1940 – 1970


Church Records

First United Methodist Church of Woodsfield, Ohio, Record Books


Death Record Books

          Death Record Books # 1 and 2

          Index of Deaths  (1908 – 1984)

          Death Roster Index   (1908 – 2005)



          Reverse Index of Judgments – Court of Common Pleas (1815 – 1877)

          Appearance Docket – Court of Common Pleas  (1862–1868)   (Book #12)

          Appearance Docket – Court of Common Pleas  (1881–1883)   (Book #17)

          Court of Common Pleas, Monroe County, Ohio (Record Book # 2) (1822 - 1833)



Marriage Consent Record Books

Marriage Record Books



Monroe County Newspapers


                   Other Useful Books and CDs

                             Anne L. Strickling Newspaper Articles in the Monroe County Beacon

                             Lena Kahrig Pettit’s Obituary Book – edited by Betty Matson

Lena Kahrig Pettit’s Anniversaries, Births, Engagements, Marriages, etc. Book – edited by Betty Matson


Tax Record Books


Will Books

          Index of Will Books





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