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Col. Archibald Woods


This picture is located in the Mayor’s office in Woodsfield, OH


Col. Archibald Woods may have been the man after whom the village of Woodsfield, OH was named. Caldwell's 1898 Atlas states ...In 1812 Archibald Woods, George Paul and Levi Barber owned lands in the territory, and they selected the ground where Woodfield now stands...It was then a wilderness- not a tree amiss. It was properly named whether for one of the proprietors or from its location in the woods, but the better opinion is that it was named for Col. Woods. It is a tradition it might be said with truth, veritable history--that in order to get the streets or a part of them cleared out, Peter Palmer, John Baker,and John Winland suggested to Woods to get a keg of French brandy and invite all the men and boys within five miles to meet on a certain Saturday and they would clear out the Main Street. This was done. A general frolic was made of it, and the first trees were felled...


Provided by John Ogden


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