Butterflies and Moths in the Wilson Garden

Butterflies and Moths in the Wilson Garden

American Lady

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American Snout

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Black Swallowtail


Cabbage White

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Carolina Satyr

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Clouded Skipper

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Cloudless Sulphur

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Common Buckeye

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Common Checkered Skipper

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Common Sootywing


Crossline Skipper


Delaware Skipper -- one of my first butterfly photos, but not certain about the identification


Dion Skipper


Dusted Skipper


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail


Eastern-tailed Blue


Falcate Orangetip


Fiery Skipper


Gemmed Satyr


Gray Hairstreak


Great Purple Hairstreak


Gulf Fritillary


Hoary Edge


Horace's Duskywing


Juniper Hairstreak


Juvenal's Duskywing


Lace-winged Roadside Skipper


Least Skipper


Little Glassywing


Little Yellow


Long-tailed Skipper






Northern Cloudywing


Ocola Skipper


Painted Lady


Pearl Crescent


Peck's Skipper


Pipevine Swallowtail


Question Mark


Red Admiral


Red-banded Hairstreak


Red-spotted Purple




Silver-spotted Skipper


Sleepy Duskywing


Sleepy Orange


Southern Cloudywing


Southern Pearly-eye


Spicebush Swallowtail


Summer Azure


Swarthy Skipper


Variegated Fritillary






Wild Indigo Duskywing


Zabulon Skipper


Zarruco Duskywing