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Dörffler Family

Anna Maria Dörffler was the daughter of Simon Dörffler and his wife, Anna Martha. Simon was from Linz in Upper Austria and he was a stonecutter or stone mason. He was Catholic but Anna Martha was Lutheran.

Simon's birth date is unknown at this time. Records show that he died some time after his youngest daughter Barbara died in 1690 at age 4, but before his daughter Maria Martha was godmother to Maria Martha Zettelmeyer in 1700. Anna Martha [surname unknown] was born about 1642; she died on 27 Mar 1688 at age 46 in König.

Much of this information comes from the baptismal record of their son Matern, who was born 14 Aug 1680 in Gross Umstadt, Hesse. The godparent was Matern Koop, a shoemaker and keeper of the Bachthor gate at Gross Umstadt. This is about 250 miles west of Linz. For classical music buffs, this is the same Linz that is associated with Wolfgang Amadeas Mozart's Linz Symphony.

Matern's marriage record is found in Brombach, Hesse, not far from Gross Umstadt. It tells that Simon was a master mason in Umstadt. Matern married Elisabetha Margaretha Lauter on 19 Sep 1715. Her father, Georg Alexander Lauter, was a mason from Otzberg. They had a son, Johann Adam, who was christened on 13 Aug 1716.

I wonder about this name, Adam. It appears in Jacob Zettelmeyer's family in PA. Perhaps it might be the name of Simon's father. Hopefully further research will lead to more information.

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