Eichelbauer Family

Anna Margaretha Barbara Eichelbauer was the daughter of Johannes Eichelbauer and probably his first wife, Barbara [surname unknown]. Johannes married twice more, on 12 Apr 1712 to Margretha Lang and on 19 Nov 1722 to Susanna Maria Heyl. He was a carpenter and a miller by trade. Johannes was born about 1660 and he died 22 Apr 1723 in König at age 63. Barbara, the first wife, died at age 40 on 14 May 1711. Margretha Lang could have been Anna Margaretha Barbara's mother, although if so, Anna Margaretha Barbara would have been about 13 years old or younger when she married. That would not have been out of the question and it may help account for the gap between her marriage date and the first record of a child born to her. Since we have not been able to locate the marriage record for Johannes and Barbara nor the birth record for Anna Margaretha Barbara, they may have married and had at least one child elsewhere before moving to König. Records reveal that Catharina Elisabeth Eichelbauer was godmother for the child of Georg and Catharina Nickel born 22 Aug 1739 in König, and she might have been a sister of Anna Margaretha Barbara who was also born somewhere else. Further, Johann Nicolous Eichelbauer, son of Johannes, died in König in 1758 at age 59. If this were Anna Margaretha Barbara's brother, her birth date would have been close in time to that of Jacob Zettelmeyer and would help establish her mother as Barbara. Likely birth dates of the other two Eichelbauers are:

Anna Barbara Eichelbauer b. 26 Jan 1698 [identified as son of Johannes by her marriage record]

Nickel [Johann Nicolaus] Eichelbauer b. 9 Dec 1699 [identified as son of Johannes by his marriage record]

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