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Zettlemeyer/Settlemyre Family Resources: lines about Lloyd Rote Zettlemoyer about John Zettlemoyer Jr. about Catharina Reinhardt Zettlemoyer about Solomon Zettlemoyer about George M. Zettlemoyer of Des Moines IA lineage of Settlemyer family of Texas lineage of Settlemyer-Ainsworth family of Johann Jacob Braun, including Elizabeth Phelan who married William W. Settlemoir

Email Addresses for Various Surname Researching:

Adams,McMullen,Anderson,Burgoon,Connery,Donaughe,Logan,McCloskey,McDermitt,Monahan,Settelmire. Lois Eckenrode Stafford [email protected]

Bender,Cantwell,Coons,Eck,Eckenrode,Jury,Henrich,Hines,Gardner,Gorey,Kohl,Lambing,McGuire,Settlemeyer,Stahl,Stevens,Wanner, Wolf Brian Cartwright [email protected]

Monahan,Behe,Quartz,Mayer/Myers,Kuhn/Coons,Noel,George,Maxwell,Settlemyer,Hagey,Decker,Sweeney,Trunk,Bradley,Daisy...Dave Monahan [email protected] about Stamey-Settlemyre family of Haywood Co NC about Settlemyer family about the Settlemoir family of Clay Co AR of Jacob Zettlemeyer of Mrs Shelby J. (Settlemyre) Powers, Reigelwood NC about Andrew James Settlemoir Co AR land record for John W. Settlemire for Zettlemoyer family

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