German Research Resources

German Research Resources:

For German research sources, particularly for Hesse, click here.

Here is another source for information on German archives.

More resources for Hesse, particularly concerning Hessian soldiers.

Here is a link to Hesse that contains links to additional regions and towns. (In German)

For the address of the Lutheran church in Darmstadt, Hesse, click here.

Click here to see pictures from one family's trip to the Odenwald in 1999. This page will take a while to load.

This German site provides an outline map of the Odenwald plus links to several sites.

For access to towns and communities of the Odenwald, click here.

To visit Odenwald's rural districts and its towns, click here. (In German)

This is another link to places in the Odenwald.

Click here to view a road map of the Odenwald.

For information on Erbach, the City of Ivory (Elfenbeinstadt), click here. (This site is in German, It includes a history of the city as well as a view of the castle of the Erbach family.

For another site on Erbach, written in English, click here.

Click here for yet another Erbach site.

If you would like to see what day a certain date fell on, or when Easter Sunday was as far back as 1550, click here for a perpetual calendar site.

Here is a site for German genealogy.

For links to German history, click here.

Interested in German mythology and legends? Click here.

Click here for Kraig Runkel's Palatine and Pennsylvania Dutch page.

Click here for the Palatines to America homepage.